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The developing rug for Vikusi of

When I sewed the soft book for the daughter Nastya, at me many ideas and ideas collected, not all from which at me managed to be realized. When I became pregnant for the second time, decided to find for these ideas application since already we have a book, for the second daughter Vicki I conceived to sew a rug. For work left month two. And here what from this turned out.

For a rug I used the children`s blanket cover which is zipped sideways into which I inserted a blanket that on a rug it was comfortable to creep. Conditionally the rug can be divided into several sectors: the sky, the house with a court yard, the small river and the sea, the island, the beach, the road, a glade and the wood.

the Sky


the Train


On border between heaven and earth paved the railroad. Rails are made of a band, and cross ties are executed by a line “zigzag“. On the road the train goes. The engine and the last car are the pasted thermoapplications, and the second and third cars are made in the form of pockets with windows. The giraffe (the pasted application) goes by the second car, and in the third car it is possible to put any passenger.

the Lodge and the yard

the Small river

  • In the small river little small fishes (buttons, the sewn former stickers) float.
  • Through the small river will throw the bridge - it is the “Moscow points“ which are put on hat elastic bands from fur fabric. The bridge needs to be thrown - to clasp on buttons.
  • Near the bridge mother the duck learns to float the ducklings (application).
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    It is expensive

    the Beach


    U us draw balls, a bucket with a shovel, a burro of News agency and a figure of a children`s pin.

    the Sea

    the Island

    the Glade

    the Wood

    On a rug various characters on a flypaper, as a rule, it is thermoapplications. For convenience of their storage from a reverse side of a rug I made a pocket with the lightning.

    In a rug are played by both of my daughters. Younger I showed it for the first time in 5 months. At first it touched fingers the details which interested her, learned to creep up to them. Now to it year, she is able to open sekretik, shows a finger that mother asks to find, removes animals on a flypaper, etc. The oldest daughter is three and a half years old, but the rug is actual also for her. She brings on it still the toys and plays on it whole syuzhetno - role-playing games. Generally, the toy at mother turned out multipurpose!