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The beach menu for big and small

In hot summer day you for certain will go to the beach and want to remain there longer - the whimsical summer infrequently gives such serene day and the kid likes to lap at the coast. That on the beach of the kid hunger did not torment, we will collect a food bast basket. We will surely put in it:


By all means we will wash out

in warm water and we will take with ourselves tomatoes and cucumbers. In them there is a lot of liquid, and they do not create weight in a stomach. And to your peanut to crackle a fresh cucumber will give indescribable pleasure.

By the way also. Contained in it a beta - carotene positively influences health of cells of skin and helps it to resist to the sun. The beta - carotene and in apricots therefore they will appear in our bast basket too, as well as others is a lot of...


not to do on the beach without apples or pears. It is good if they are sweet as sweet fruit satisfy hunger better - they are digested in a stomach longer and at the same time do not create heavy feeling. And here such convenient in food on the street bananas can lie heavily in a tummy of the kid. The food has to go on nature easy, and it is better for child to move more, than to sit sadly near the sunbathing mother. On the way to the desired vacation spot it is better not to stop near disorder with water-melons as in July and even in August naturally the ripened water-melons do not happen. Children till 5 years can eat water-melons only of September collecting.

the Sweet grapes eaten in hot day can become the abdominal distension reason. Therefore we will take with ourselves others...

of Berry

of Berry which we will put in our food bast basket will be without stones. No, stones, of course, will be, but very small, such with which especially lively child could not choke. Instead of cherries or plums we will put in plastic “home - food“ the container or in bank strawberry, currant, blackberry, bilberry. Before it, of course, properly we will wash out them in a colander. It is always convenient to eat fruit and berries if they are a part...

can be Taken

of Dairy products with themselves on the beach both yogurts, and kefir, and milk, but only if they are hermetically packed - small 200 - millilitre bags of milk, kefir or fermented baked milk of straws, yogurts in packing of 1,25 ml, milkshakes, small on volume. It is better to transport them in portable refrigerators of the size of a basket. But, as we have no such refrigerator yet, will try to keep these packings in a shadow, out of reach of direct sunshine. After packing with milk was open, it is edible only within 3 hours. And as we are going to the beach for a long time, we will better take others...


the Most convenient and useful will be juice in packing 0,2 liters with straws. Big packages of juice are not really convenient, and it is not recommended to store them out of the refrigerator also. Freshly squeezed juice, compotes and fruit drinks have real chance to turn sour in 3 - 4 hours of stay on a heat therefore we will leave them at home. It is better not to take sparkling water too if your kid is not five years old yet. From these drinks in hot weather the child can have very severe allergy.

your peanut likes to eat

well? Let`s take for it...

of the Roll


Rich rolls without fillers, cookies, propechenny (not fried) pies or the simple cut black or white loaf it is quite possible to take with itself. But, if you wanted to take rolls with butter or cream cakes, we hurry to warn you. Such products cannot be stored without refrigerator, to take with itself in the road and the more so on the beach. If your child the sweet tooth - offer him well washed out dried apricots or fruit jelly. We will not put cheese, sausage, ham, meat, fat sandwiches, and also chicken and eggs in our food baggage. All these dishes have annoying property very quickly to spoil and cause at the same time severe food poisonings and allergic reactions. Remember that on a heat the organism of the child is much more sensitive to allergens and is capable to react to, apparently, habitual products absolutely unexpectedly.

That impressions of an outdoor recreation were exclusively pleasant and joyful, and after visit of the beach it was not necessary to run to the gastroenterologist, we will take care of hygiene of food. At all the kid should not wash hands with water from the small river, a pond or the sea. Water of very many reservoirs teems with bacteria, including colibacillus. For washing of hands use hygienic napkins with antiseptic impregnation (they can be bought in any shop of goods for children). Very opportunely there will be also filtered water. Firms - producers of household filters for water created special filters - the cartridges capable to clear and disinfect water from natural reservoirs.

we dealt With food, now we will take necessary things: Panamanians - on tops, dark glasses - on noses, and forward, towards to the sun!