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The Madrid vacation of

Time before the next business trip, this time to nice Spain, the city of Madrid, past quickly. Preparation for this extraordinary business trip occupied practically all working hours. But now - that we went all together. In a table air tickets St. Petersburg - Madrid for three lay. I, husband, daughter. And the most interesting that this fact on the one hand immensely pleased, and on the other hand, brought additional difficulties. I began to worry and think already in advance of how they will be 3 days for 10 hours one there. Father and daughter. Without me.

As we departed

Ahead already flight loomed. Nearly five hours. Let`s hope for good. On the fact that my baby will sleep. Well, that it is possible to hope-.

As always, day of flying away came unexpectedly. Here I was expected by the first unpleasant surprise. The test call to the company providing a taxi in our organization revealed lack of the night order to our address. I the day before specially reminded the responsible person at work about myself. Also she knew that with the child one-year-old we fly. Well, cannot be that forgot.“ Cannot be, it is precisely some mistake,“ - I thought then. - Probably, there will arrive our regular driver“.

Though it, at least, was strange

. Overnight delivery me, the ordinary employee, in the airport really looked very strange. To ring it the day off at night? It is inconvenient to disturb... God with it, we will look.

Here, at last, things are packed by

, the child is laid, on hours one o`clock in the morning. There are 3 more hours to have a sleep. Not 3, but two and a half. Well, though slightly - slightly. Only, appear, dozed off - the alarm clock rings. Already on a habit as soon as possible I switch off it not to wake the baby. Rose, put on, combat readiness. On hours 4 mornings. Time. As it is possible for Bor Lisika on hands in two blankets more gently. Mother`s treasure. With pleasure snuffles. If only the car came.

we Go outside. There is nobody. Neither taxi, nor driver. We wait for 5 minutes. Anybody. Somewhere at heart the disappointment is born. Well as it is so possible, knew that the kid on hands will sleep... What to lament. We have, probably, such mentality. The child - yes, the best. And the stranger - on a side. Besides it also has no children. Where to understand. Probably, it is much worse to forget about those who a position above, but there is nobody to eat circumstances. Stop lamenting. We try to catch the car to the airport, having come to the neighboring street. Without results. Already we begin to be late, it is good that though Lisika sleeps, does not see all this vanity. We make the decision and we get into our car. My god, where we will put it? The husband suggests to throw at acquaintances on Moscow, near the airport and to catch there a taxi or a private trader. There to make it already more really. I look at the watch - we are late. But I calm myself - when I flew to England, flight was approximately in the same time, and for registration was to very few people. Everything will be OK. Approaching our ozerkovsky railway moving, I see that the barrier is lifted. Though here it was lucky. We drive on moving, and red light on a simofor is switched on. We were in time. There are no GAI officers, again it was lucky. Perhaps also did not break anything, but any GAI officer, probably, would not release quickly in such situation, and stories about the departing plane would sound as the fairy tale.

free Is expensive to

, we go quickly. Ahead Moscow, it is necessary to decide what to do with car. We look at the watch - before the end of registration remains to time a little, and we decide to drive in the airport the car. Let`s leave on the parking at the airport. It is necessary to pay more than 3 thousand in 10 days. We come to Pulkovo - 2. It seems, were in time. We park, Lesh takes things, I am the sleeping child. A fast pace in the airport. And here we see waiting list for examination. Real multimeter turn. We watch flights to a board. There is no Madrid! There is everything! But not Madrid. The husband is enough tickets, and filters through turn. In a minute I learn that a departure from Pulkovo - 1. We had to guess it! Or to call and specify!

U me hands from powerlessness simply fall. Yes what is it! As maleficiated who. We will not be in time. But hands cannot be lowered! On them Lisika who does not know so far that for vanity occurs around peacefully snuffles. It is good that we by car! It is good that Lisa sleeps! We hurry back through the parking, we throw things back in the car, I only pray that the child did not wake up. Practically we fly to Pulkovo - 1. We run out from the car, we fly in the airport, we ask without waiting list for examination, not to familiarities here, the people askance at us, on the sleeping child and silently pass. Thanks! Having passed the first examination (it is good though the child had not to be developed from blankets), we turn to a front desk and we see how our flight is removed from registration. Leshka courageously appears at this rack practically in a second. It we! To Madrid! Child! Of course, from - for it! Did not want to sleep, did not want to go! We - never!


rescued the careless parents. We are registered unwillingly. Give lecture. They say that next time will not look at the child. Thanks, daughter! Thanks! Here again long turn, small children run, some cry. It is clear, several departures to Antalya. Velvet season.“ It was lucky“.

Pleased with the first good luck, we try to filter without turn again. There it was awfully noisy, constant announcements of flights, shouts of players or the crying children. Leshka approaches the first in turn. Shows on me with even the sleeping child and asks to pass. Two grannies chilly look at it, and one of them raises a hand and points a finger to me in the end of turn and something speaks a foreign language. It seems, it was English. Probably, something type is sent. At Leshka even the person turned pale. I took him by hand, and we went to the end of turn.

“Now us precisely aboard the plane will be put. Even will look for,“ - it calms me. And I want to cry. The next loud announcement at the airport, and Lisika opens eyes. Also looks around. At me heart fades, really now will be on one more shouting child it is more? She looks around around and looks to me in the face. I say to it that I well and kiss everything. She nestles on me and silently considers an environment. We stood a little, and then Lesh approached the second turn. Then called me. We were passed. Ours passed. On examination it was necessary to develop all blankets. It is good even that she already woke up. All the same would wake. We passed to quiet halls of the airport. It was necessary to wait for landing already not for long.

A here. Any announcement. Any inscription “To Madrid“. Persons interested to get to solar Spain skuchkovatsya in one of waiting room corners. Waited. Landing began. In 15 minutes we sat in the plane. Closely, but warmly. Lisika behaved surprisingly quietly, but it was visible that already began to be tired. And from time to time whined and began to ask a breast already. And I understood one more undoubted advantage of breastfeeding. The plane only took off, stewardesses went, carried drinks, the people made a din, and my Lizunchik sucked sisyu and quietly fell asleep. Without tears and other attributes. I was so glad that we at last flew up that all behind that the child sleeps peacefully at me on hands that already practically did not pay attention to some inconveniences: on what not to marry in a toilet from - the sleeping Lizik, not to eat because hands are occupied (the husband fed), and on the hubbub standing on the plane. At last dipped light. The plane calmed down, only a muffled silent rumble. Lisika sleeps peacefully on hands. I dozed off. And the thought was at the tip of the tongue all: and if we were not in time on that moving and a simofor was lit for couple of seconds earlier?


was Declared landing, again switched on light, but the child did not wake up. Only when the plane landed, all got up and began to gather, she woke up, began to rub eyes cams and to represent discontent. Then caught eyes my eye and looked around. Everything was so interesting that she forgot about everything soon and began to examine an environment with escalating interest. We entered the building of the airport and were stunned after our Pulkovo - 1. Not to describe words. Huge, as in London. Beautiful. Infinite. We went on strelochka to an exit, and the end was not. Ceiling of a bizzare shape. Interesting system of the reflected lighting. The farms painted yellow color no, not yellow, and it is already yellow - green. No, any more not absolutely green, already some it is green - blue. I decided that I have glitches. It was missed, but colors did not change. This design! All colors of a rainbow. And still I learned already then that under this airport 3 of metro station. So that`s that. It is a pity, at us for any.

This time at the exit everything passed

without complications, the customs officer read a name of the daughter in my passport “Elizabeth“, looked at it and... smiled. It was, probably, the first smile on this earth. One of that one million smiles which were given it by the people living in this country.

At the exit was expected by the driver with the plate of “Maria Bogdanova“. I approached and it was presented. He was surprised, having seen that I am not one. Greeted, and complained that if knew about the child, surely would take with itself an automobile chair. Its car was a minivan, all had enough place. It brought us to hotel, we warmly said goodbye, and he left.

In hotel too difficulties with the settlement of my family did not arise. Nobody asked questions and showed to us any unhealthy interest. We arrived. I had about 8 more hours to an arrival from England of my chief with whom collaboration was coming me. We planned to have a rest, sleep and to take a walk. As it was immediately realized.

In general

We everything three together have well a sleep and went to study sights and that is important, to look for the town to have a bite. Unfortunately, it turned out that in this solar country breakfasts, as a rule, are not included in the accommodation price in hotel. The hotel was not in the center - if to compare to St. Petersburg, then it would be the area of Prosveshcheniya Avenue. It is noisy, populously, but nothing especially interesting to the tourist spoiled by beauty of St. Petersburg. At first we even felt a certain disappointment - ah, Madrid, Madrid.

were Found by cafes near hotel - the place of ours to matins - dnevno - an evening objedeniye for the next 3 days. It became much more interesting to live after a lunch. We went down in the nearest metro station and were pleasantly surprised. All city was literally speckled by the subway. Fine. It was possible to reach easily anywhere. It is not our Petersburg soil. It is lucky people!


from the subway, from everything that surrounded it, was enraptured. Without ceasing, stuck with a finger into everything that interested her. And it was valid practically everything! There is the Spanish granny, Lisika tycht on her a finger and something muffledly mutters on the infantile. The granny raises on us eyes and, having stopped a look on the child, smiles. All of them smiled to it. Oh, of course, my child - a walking charm! In any case walking! Both sedentary, and creeping - a charm. But at us I did not see it. And contrast was striking. We with the husband understood that we arrived to Madrid with a small star. The subway which are in the car all already on us were seen and... smiled. Lisika as though specially long looked at a human face nearby and waited - waited for the answer. As soon as this person smiled - timidly smiled in reply and hid in my knees, timidly looking out from - for mother. Smiled again and again hid. It seemed to me that it is such game. And people around played it with great pleasure.

We arrived to historic center and did not regret about it. Here was what to look at. On hands of the child was not to hold practically. She wanted to do everything. To go especially. Escaped from hands with cries which, probably, in translation from infantile meant: “Mother, the father do not disturb me, I want there!“ And learned to go only a month ago, all of us time were afraid that it will plop down, will hit that it on imprudence will be touched. But everything was good. And here our child in 1 year and month goes the legs on a stone blocks on a main square of Madrid, makes advances to people around and furtively spies upon parents. Fantasy.

As before, and on this trip especially, me was very much helped out by a baby sling. I just do not know what I without it would do. It was the only way though somewhere to promote on walk. On hands mine “the child who is worn out on hands“ refused to sit, she was ready to run all the time. And in a baby sling she sat. Sat and that is more important - very well in it filled up. Was to wear it where enough - nibud in a silent public garden of minutes 15. Just a stick - a lifesaver with the small child on a trip.

the People there of baby slings never saw

. I responsibly declare it. With the sleeping or awake Lizik glanced at me with a great interest. When we waited for the train to go to the most beautiful local suburb of Toledo, one couple from Brazil even asked me the question “What Is It“. The girl was in the family way. They waited for the girl by January too and told that, unfortunately, “such convenient piece“ was not seen earlier.

In general I want to tell

that the trip was successful. My husband just grew up in my opinion after three-day watch with the child. Every day for 12 hours! When I crawled to number in the evening, it was full, acquired and slept. In good mood. Such abundance of new impressions, of course, played the positive role, and mother`s absence was taken not so painfully.

And Lisa woke up not as at home. It opened eyes when I tried to leave on tiptoe number, and probably, it was the heaviest on this trip. They with Lesha stood and considered machines on the street. At first white, then red, and mother slipped out number at this time and ran down to the taxi standing at an entrance. I kept thinking that it is only three days. And they can be worried. And then we will have the whole week of holiday. And we will be only three together. And mother will not need to leave already anywhere.

In the last day I returned a bit earlier. My family was already discharged from hotel, and they waited for me at an entrance. We with the chief approached an entrance to hotel. And here I see the husband sitting on a bench, and on hands at him Lisika peacefully sleeps. We took away things and, having said goodbye to the administration, went to other hotel in the downtown where we also planned to spend the real holidays. Everything passed just perfectly. Good hotel. Silent cozy number. It is not necessary to go anywhere to see the city. It is necessary just to leave hotel and to cross the street.

the Way home

the Return flight was test too. Got into the plane late, already at one o`clock in the morning our way. Respectively, and the child fell asleep only in minutes 40 after take-off. Compatriots saddened the road already - it was connection flight from Barcelona to St. Petersburg. Through Madrid. Everything is so familiar. Breastfeeding came to the rescue and this time. Lisa sucked a breast, calmed down and quickly enough fell asleep. Unless there is a big pleasure for mother, than quietly sleeping child. The little boy, Lisa`s age-mate, sat with the mother through a row. The kid obviously “peregulyal“, did not want to calm down and was capricious. The slap and a little hysterical voice of mother ordering to the kid to fall asleep was distributed. Through some time she looked at our sleeping princess and complained: “What child, quiet at you, was lucky, and to me not to lay the in any way!“

Ya was so tired that swallowed evil thought:“ And you give still a kick, probably, then will fall asleep quicker“. But, naturally, kept silent. The husband only twisted a finger at a temple. Perfectly I understand it. Of course, my child the most quiet and peaceful. Because mother understands it.


how the same phrase was told to me by the neigbour in chamber in maternity hospital. Where to me was to understand her raising the voice and abusing the two-day “nepomimayueshchy“ child. The baby cried out from 11 in the evening to 5 in the morning, probably, to spite preventing the young mother to sleep and me with Lizik in the first night after the delivery too. Just that mother decided that the child will wait for arrival its chest a piereye. And it was not. And to doctors was not to convince her to give mixes to the hungry child. It seemed to mother that after that the baby will not take a breast. And she shouted till 5 in the morning. So far mother was not convinced. When next day the doctor came, it turned out that the “uncomprehending“ child for last days lost 300 grams.

“Here strange mummies“, - I thought, already filling up. With what these children will grow up then?

Of course, unfortunately, things which saddened rest were p>

. Probably, does not happen differently. Our baggage on the return flight with us did not arrive. Having arrived at 5 in the morning, we spent three hours at the airport, “settling formalities“ in this respect. The baggage was not found, it remained in Madrid, and there were all our warm things. We had to get into the holodnyushchy car and on all traffic jams long still to go home. Houses fell asleep instantly, it was worth going to bed. All these events in night of flight were not for Lizik in vain. In couple of days she got sick. Besides there would be a taxi - though in the warm car we with Lizik would jump at once and home. And the husband would remain to deal with baggage. Therefore when the child choked with snivels at night, could not suck a breast and could not stop from - for it a hysterics … I still, forgive me My God, I cannot quietly look at that which just forgot to call a taxi. Knowing that I will be with the child and that it will be night.

ten and when they passed Stayed with snivels of days, at once forgot about all troubles. Rest was successful. It is the fact. I was once again convinced of correctness of the decision to go together with family. We have just perfectly a rest. Lizik shone, and we even joked that if to collect all smiles presented to her to one line, then it is possible to reach the moon.

A if for everyone were given at least ruble... We would become millionaires!