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Maternity welfare unit or private clinic?

Many cannot be defined, where to be observed during pregnancy. Having faced rudeness and turns in ZhK, think that it is better to pay. Fortunately, many have such opportunity - to be observed in civilized conditions. Besides stresses in such time absolutely inopportunely. But here are afraid of another - that will “fleece“. Or the fact that there will be problems with documents at receipt in maternity hospital. How to arrive? When I was defined, I was helped by the fact that I am the former medic (laboratory doctor), and worked both in the compulsory health insurance system, and in paid. For myself I made a choice, but about everything one after another. In advance I apologize for the long and detailed story with retreats, but, perhaps, it will give to readers food to reflection.

I Will begin

with the fact that my pregnancy began hardly. The delay was not yet, but severe pains in a stomach began. The test showed one strip. For the fourth day of pains I did not begin to suffer any more (before thought that I, maybe, was chilled, and the periods so begin), went to policlinic to the therapist. Having examined me, she appointed urgent blood test (in usual policlinic, during the lunchtime, free of charge!) and in half an hour I was already examined by the surgeon (besides the therapist urgently without turn took away, the analysis was bad). The surgeon channelized in TsRB with suspicion on appendicitis. There I with such direction stayed about an hour in a reception (the turn was from two people so I do not know, than it can be explained).

Fortunately, the surgeon who examined me did not confirm the diagnosis and sent to gynecologic office. There I was accepted quickly. As then it appeared, the manager of office accepted. After survey she told that by their part I have no problems, and sent back to policlinic to the therapist that there understood from where pains. At the same time to me in a hospital except simple survey of any inspections, even ultrasonography, did not carry out. Knowing that without sharp indications which already excluded, the therapist will just wear out me according to analyses and narrow experts to whom turn about - go - go what, I went to paid clinic to ultrasonography. Gynecologic ultrasonography showed a cyst in an ovary of 6 cm (for reference, the ovary is less), also the arrangement of this ovary was wrong that could give pain. But neither to confirm, nor it was not succeeded to provergnut pregnancy - term was still very small. Appointed repeated in several days.

Just in these several days the house test for pregnancy showed to

two stripes. I went for ultrasonography to exclude extra-uterine pregnancy (it is just followed by severe pains). There I was pleased - pregnancy uterine. But told that it is better in a hospital if I want to keep it. The city here small, and there are no paid hospitals therefore it was necessary to lay down in usual, and to it could channelize only in the state ZhK. Therefore from paid clinic I went to free ZhK. 40 min. in turn in registry, 20 min. explanations why I have a policy from other city, and otchityvaniye me for the fact that there is no registration here. It put not them at all, it is good that I accurately know the rights therefore I can defend them, I think that any other their confident tone that I am not right, would confuse, by the way, in policlinic it was not. About 2 more hours in line to the doctor (with an acute pain and threat of interruption of pregnancy). On reception the doctor looked at my ultrasonography in the last turn, and in the first - dragged me on a chair. On such term all of them equally do not feel pregnancy yet, and here at threat and a tone, it is necessary to climb as little as possible “there“. As a result wrote off diagnoses with ultrasonography and channelized.

went To a hospital already next day. Again a chair first of all, again the diagnoses rewritten to ultrasonography and the doctor who is not answering on any questions, saying that the nurse will explain everything to me when she puts drugs and to take analyses. At me even head hair began to move! How it - “the nurse will explain“? And previously does not even say what drugs appoints! Rudeness is excellent, but something happened to me. Usually I always assert the rights, even without swearing, and just persistently demanding that I was given what is obliged to give. And the doctor is simply obliged to acquaint the patient with the state of his health appointed by treatment and possible pluses and minuses of this treatment that the patient had an opportunity to exercise the right to refuse this treatment.

generally, such behavior of the doctor paralyzed my brain. I went to the nurse (well though she appeared the person), took me analyses (a half of which did to me a month ago. But nobody watched at this reference though they had no right not to trust it, I am a personnel donor and a blood type, a Rhesus factor - a factor, HIV, hepatitises are an obligatory check of all donor blood). Put a prick and gave the recipe in a drugstore that itself bought drugs there. It turned out that the part of drugs are impossible for me. Well though, I understand it. In the evening, after a full day stupor, I got savage from all this. I decided that I will not be given to this doctor more, I will check all appointments at once, without looking on any objections. With strong confidence in the decision waited for morning round. to

: the doctor accepting me went on leave, and I had already other doctor. Having looked at the card, she invited me to a chair again! Explaining it with what cannot treat me on the basis of survey by other doctors. Here the question to the manager ripened: why the doctor going on leave accepts the arriving patients? But having eaten also it, I went to viewing. Dina Evgenyevna was a doctor from God, at the same time without any requirements explained what happens to me that she appoints (she changed treatment in a root, even without my instructions for what was written out not by(with) those drugs). The only thing that she did not approve (even at first scolded me), is what I on such term already 2 ultrasonography made, but after my explanation of all situation was softened. This doctor could not only do appointments, but also hear the patient, but not treat him, as the patient deprived of own will and reason.

After my state improved, it did not begin to keep me in a hospital for secure. I apologize for very intimate detail, but you will not throw out words from a song and many pregnant women will understand me. I had problems with intestines - did not want to be exempted till several days from contents. As you understand, hospital bathrooms did not help the solution of this problem and even on the contrary at all. It was one of factors that to send me home, with the promise at once to go to ZhK and if that not so, to call an ambulance. As the person, which - that understanding in work of our organism, I can tell that it is not a so small problem as many believe, and not only for me, but already and for the baby. So, dear women, do not start this problem if it at you appeared, surely pay to it attention of your doctor - it a problem is solved most often even without medicines and enemas.

Having kept the promise, next day went to already familiar ZhK. Again problems in registry, then it turned out that the card was lost (then found), and huge line to the doctor which also for 2 hours was late for reception! On reception since my state was still weak, she offered in a hospital again, after my refusal offered a day hospital, but also there I did not want since in the mornings stirred up me, and to go where - or forces were not (I am the unemployed so release from work was not required to me). On it I heard that I am an enemy to the health that if just was going to stay at home, then I will give birth houses without doctor, and in general that I then at them do … Well, a lot of things still...

I here at me as enlightenment happened. I quietly explained that I to them came that registered that all I will lease analyses in time and houses I am not going to give birth, but without urgent need I will not go to a hospital because for my health it is worse, than to be at home. And for their (doctors) I will do nothing tranquility. It was visible that she did not expect such accurate and firm position. But having been afraid to take the responsibility, it sent me to the manager of ZhK. Again survey, again arrangements in a hospital, but all - I achieved the. Of course, signed refusal of hospitalization. To me wrote out treatment and let go in peace home, having registered.

Now I go each 2 - 3 weeks to the gynecologist to ZhK (on time it takes no more than an hour - they to pregnant women fix time and accept between patients), even a day before reception in the morning I make tests. They understood that I responsibly approach the pregnancy, but not as an illness. I in turn from them do not wait for much - I know what tests should be made, in what terms if forget to appoint, then I remind (for this purpose, by the way, not obligatory to have profile education) and I hand over them for myself, but not for them. They sometimes all - try to frighten of something, but at me as the filter on them turns on, I understand that it is easier for them to intimidate and put in a hospital to be reinsured and decline all responsibility, and sometimes “to push“ dietary supplements. At the same time they work really at a frantic pace and cannot pay enough attention to each patient therefore sometimes something is forgotten, sometimes not all explain, sometimes leave unfinished something...

Here I would like to pay your attention that it is necessary most to pay attention to what is written in your card. Surely have to write down results of analyses, all appointments. My doctor very much likes to appoint dietary supplements, at the same time to say that without them I do not take out pregnancy, but does not write to the card of it. Draw conclusions about expediency of these appointments. All your complaints have to be in the card too. Pay special attention to that in the card preparations which you cannot use (God forbid were written down, but can happen to get to an unconscious hospital, and then the doctor will be guided only by the card). I, for example, not the allergic person, but am impossible for me one medicine (not from - for allergies), and in the card there is only a column of “an allergy to drugs“. I insisted that to me surely wrote down at least there that it is impossible for me. And, by the way, they absolutely normally treated it.

Visiting ZhK, I not always find an explanation for actions of doctors. When I complained of a headache which is not connected with pressure, I was sent to sellers of dietary supplements, but not to the neurologist. Therefore I use services of paid medicine as required too. For example, on planned ultrasonography only for a fee. In - the first, in ZhK big turn and it is stuffy, in - the second, the device prehistoric - even on the second ultrasonography nobody is told a floor because do not see at anybody! What they there in general, interestingly, see? Except planned ultrasonography sometimes I go also to the doctor.

After the first trimester my state sharply improved so there are no occasions to go on doctors. But all the same, questions which doctors of ZhK do not answer collect (once, do not know or are reinsured). It is sometimes important to hear the second opinion on the course of pregnancy. Therefore I write down all the questions, even small and silly. And when they collect enough or there is even the minimum occasion, go to paid clinic. For example, after visit of the stomatologist it became clear that at me several teeth “departed“. When I told about it to the doctor in ZhK, it to me in addition to polyvitamins wrote out a calcium preparation. Since surplus of calcium is harmful as well as its shortcoming, and excess of the vitamin D which is a part of an additional preparation in general can cause anomalies of development of a fruit, I decided to recheck this appointment.

Went to the paid doctor which wrote out the direction on analyses. By results it turned out that calcium at me is normal. Of course, moving to other climatic zone and pregnancy is a stress for an organism which could affect including on teeth. But correction from calcium is not required. Still example. Dear pregnant women, pay attention that in the card write down your pressure on each reception. It is correct to measure it on two hands (at first on one, then on the second). Personally to me it was always measured on one, and in the card wrote value and in skobochka “both“. It is clear, that they have no time, but it turned out that at me on one hand 120/70, and on another 90/60. With such different pressure to you it is not necessary just like that, to drink for prevention Magne`s preparation - B6. This preparation really very good therefore it is also written out all to pregnant women it is universal. But there are also exceptions as I in whom it can cause undesirable by-effects. After its cancellation I stopped awful headaches (it can reduce intra cranial pressure at those who have problems with pressure). So the paid doctor in many respects helped out me. Not to mention that with a great patience and understanding listened to my silly and not really silly questions and answered them in detail that too is important. Of course, it has time for attentively to examine the patient, to listen and answer questions.

For certain you are surprised to

now why I all - go to consultation and only sometimes to the paid doctor if at it everything is so healthy? I answer. Because

  1. of V ZhK to me will be given the birth certificate. I plan paid childbirth, but man proposes, God disposes, especially, now crisis and it is unknown how it will be reflected in finance of my family therefore it is necessary to make secure, and the certificate in consultation is given if you are observed not less than 12 weeks there.
  2. In spite of the fact that I have an opportunity to go to the paid doctor, it is all the same absolutely expensive pleasure - messages at it pregnancy. Especially as many necessary analyses rather expensive, and in ZhK do them free of charge, and time for it is not required much more - tests are made in the morning, wetting in general without turn, and on blood turn too much less, than in policlinic.
  3. On reception at the doctor I do not lose self-control - I behave soberly therefore intimidations of doctors do not affect me, and I, without losing nervous cages, I go to ZhK (especially impressionable, hypochondriac and inspired, there, of course, it is terrible).
  4. When everything goes well, excess attention to anything too, at once relax and begin to listen to itself, at such moment something is obligatory not you will hear and will run that the doctor (such all attentive and kind) calmed you.
  5. All - all doctors overcautious persons, but in paid medicine it costs not kopek, at the same time there are thoughts of “bubble scheme“. In a month after planned ultrasonography I was on reception where confirmed that I`m fine. I in general went with the purpose to consult whether it is possible to go to the pool, in ZhK it do not approve. And so on this reception to me suggested to pass ultrasonography once again, on my direct question what indications to it, answered that, in principle, any, but for secure it would be advisable. I refused it not from economy - time everything well, why to interpose in the matter of the nature? And still argue on harm or harmlessness of this inspection.
  6. too not all people are rather benevolent and competent
  7. Of paid medicine. When I in paid clinic took a blood test, to me picked open a vein, having told that I have bad veins (at the donor-!) . Then blood badly went. The nurse told that, probably, pressure very low. But, without having measured pressure and without having offered at least some sweet to tea, it me quietly released, hungry (on an empty stomach tests are made), the pregnant woman, with allegedly very low pressure. She did not know that the car waits for me, but did not take any human and professional part, and I really nearly fainted … In paid clinic where there is no stream, and take big money, such relation is similar to rudeness.
  8. Courses for future parents in our city are only at ZhK.

Anyway where you were observed, the main thing is your personal positive spirit. Ourselves there are more all doctors, combined, are responsible for the health.