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The animal and an allergy of

of my daughter was only one and a half years when for the first time started talking about a pet. Parents on both sides were categorically against any being in the small apartment.

Doctors mournfully nodded, assuring what presently when air is at all not air, but mix of exhaust gases with emissions of the next factory pipes when cottage cheese at all not cottage cheese, and very much even sour cream, and sour cream absolutely and not sour cream even, and the fermented powdered milk concentrated by miracle, and meat and fish ran and floated when ourselves in the project were not, it is very difficult to grow up a healthy children`s organism. Any intervention in habitat can lead to a steady allergy and asthma. Suffer till 7 years, then it will be clear with what set of diseases the child will grow up, and, proceeding from them, it will be visible whether it is worth getting that bald little mouse.

As vigilant parents we decided to be reinsured by

and for 2 years presented to the baby of an interactive cat. Almost like real, the cat lived life, despite the instruction on the basis of which he had to work. Honestly reacted to motion sensors, light, at a pochesyvaniye behind an ear mournfully knocked a tail though has to was he is grateful to turn towards the owner caressing it.

everything was good

I, and the child was happy until incidentally in the elevator my baby became the witness of how the father of our neighbor, Vovka, brings a cage with the real cat to the apartment. Here - that everything also opened. It appears, live animals can live in the apartment, and not just at an entrance at the concierge, and in general all relatives were mistaken and it is softly told... The baby was in indignation. All talk was reduced only to animals, but the possibility to get an animal was not considered, at our beloved grandfathers and grandmothers after service on the North Pole such allergy at which any is not enough opened - the malsky irritant could will terminate in Quincke`s hypostasis. It is clear, that at the choice between a dog and the grandfather all family voted for the grandfather, but the child owing to age did not want to accept this circumstance. The case helped.

All family led

the baby in kindergarten on the first of September. At meeting on the same day the tutor suggested to organize a nature corner, for this purpose parents needed to bring an animal with a cage. After kindergarten all of us together went to pet-shop which reminds a zoo more. There solemnly chose a guinea pig with a huge black mane and huger cage.

of the House did not depart from a cage all family. At first rubbed a cage... “And God forbid chemistry!“ - the grandmother shouted.“ Economic, rub of its laundry soap“, - she lamented. The grandfather, choking (the allergy affected) the poilnik fastened. The daughter pushed to the animal who went crazy from such amount of attention svezhepochishchenny carrot.

christened Homkaya`s mumps in the Morning and incurred in kindergarten. From this day daily our baby responsibly goes to kindergarten because to look for Homkaya and to clean its cage is its duty.