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Philosophy of a hardening of children. Whether part 1

to Put on a warm sweater the child? Whether to allow to eat ice cream on the street? Had wet feet - means ached? Draft - the artful enemy? And many other questions are asked to themselves by mothers and grandmothers who are sincerely preserving the children is not dependent on age of the last.

to Live in harmony with environment does not represent work for the person strong and strong by nature. He will not complicate the life uncountable questions, and will solve problems in process of their receipt. Had wet feet - changed clothes of dry footwear; froze on the street - houses were drunk by hot tea; it is necessary to air the room - safely cracked a window in frosty day, greedy inhaling fresh air streams a full breast! Freedom of action and psychological comfort, isn`t that so? And that the most important - strong immune system... “Healthy everything is healthy!“ - popular wisdom says.

But in life occurs so more often: the compassionate grandmother pulls two sweaters on the kid, ties to him an attractive face a scarf, and during walk constantly shouts: “Do not run, and that you will get sick!“ Home she brings the child who sweated in several layers of clothes did not splash out energy on the street - he reluctantly and without appetite eats, then turns and cannot fall asleep... And as a result gets sick from the fact that breathed on a frost damp air (it was wrapped up in a scarf - and it is a remarkable way quickly to get cough!) .

Mechanisms of immune protection are object of the deserved attention, they are difficult and various. We look forward with hope to save the child from serious infections when we conduct him on a preventive inoculation - it is formation of artificial immunity. And here often we forget about factors of natural immunity.

One of the most important factors of natural immunity is barrier function of skin and mucous membranes. Considering the anatomist - physiological features of mucous membranes of the top airways at children, we will note that unlike the adult, they are more vulnerable for penetration of viruses and bacteria: ability in time “is insufficiently developed to give battle“. The hardening comes out on top here by a real opportunity to strengthen these barrier functions and to protect the child from wet handkerchiefs, long cough and blue under eyes.

Being one of sections of hygiene of physical culture, the hardening became the major ozdorovitelno - preventive action in medicine. The organism only tempered is capable will learn to react to influence of solar radiation, fluctuation of ambient temperature, change of atmospheric pressure, a stress adequately. Advantage of carrying out the tempering procedures it is difficult for p to overestimate

. But, owing to various circumstances, methodically it is possible to be engaged in this useful business in the far little. That mood improper, there is no time... It is difficult for some people to decide. Others, with ease accepting any novelty in the life, also easily lose to it interest and stop further attempts of fight for themselves.

Let`s remember the basic principles of a hardening, having arranged them in process of the importance and since the most important.

Considering direct dependence of the end result on a psychoemotional spirit, we will deliver the first psychological readiness of the child for a meeting with new concept in the life - care about own health. The invention with the compulsory beginning of the tempering procedures is doomed to a failure - it has to be clear to the adult. Lead preliminary discussions with the child, tell “what is it“, “why it is necessary personally for him“. A successful policy stroke - safely and resolutely to show a meeting with cold water or snow on own example, without having expressed at the same time negative emotions, and by all means you will feel respect for yourself! This respect widely opened child`s eyes when you ask it to pound more strong to you a back a terry towel will shine. Desire to prove that it “too strong“ will arise in young soul - from this point you can consider that you halfway to a victory.

we Will assume

that you successfully began... And suddenly - unwillingness to continue, sharply negative reaction to already familiar procedure, tears. Well, you faced the critical moment of the period of adaptation - psychological fatigue. Try to settle a situation as follows - change the developed stereotype. For example, postpone time of carrying out procedures with morning to evening. Or buy a new, bright towel. Turn on the music, at last! Focus attention on already happened positive changes: improvement of a dream, appetite, emergence of a flush on cheeks etc. In a word - give psychological support to the child and help it to relax. If all this does not help - take a break for couple of days.

the principle of a hardening Following on the importance is the regularity of carrying out procedures providing development and fixing of reciprocal protective mechanisms. Not all children suit “a hardening according to the schedule“: here connect the observation, analytical skills and knowledge of own child. The rare child will be able to sustain the accurate schedule of procedures - it is boring. And it is similar to “performance of a task“. And it is necessary that it was similar to game, competition! If the child does not derive pleasure from procedure of a hardening, it will quickly bother it. Add adventurism - “you know how it will be healthy if water to make slightly more cold?“. Also do not forget it to praise!

Only never you say

“And you poorly so?“ - it is the pedagogical mistake beating human dignity and pride.

can Start a hardening at all seasons of the year and at any time. It is more logical if you chose morning - time of awakening of an organism in general. But to one child it will help to become more vigorous: he will not even want to pound a body a towel, and will drive on the house - naked and happy! And other child can face a problem “as if in the morning to be warmed“. Here call on the help and a terry towel, both hot tea, and warm socks, and a woolen plaid. Perhaps, it is just that case when actions for a hardening have to be postponed to evening hours. Features of reaction of vegetative nervous system of children - what it is necessary to reckon with! Do not force an event... Here we unostentatiously approached the following principle of a hardening - forward increase in force of influence. What does it mean?

  1. the Area of influence
    • is begun with small parts of the body (hands, feet).
    • increasing the area of influence, systematically we reach a back and a breast.
  2. Time of influence
    • is begun with the short periods (several seconds), and we define an optimum time interval for preservation at the child of feeling of comfort;
    • increasing influence time, we estimate reciprocal physiological reaction (dynamics has to be following: pulse becomes frequent, the frequency of breath increases - it testifies to adequacy of influence and the answer).
  3. Intensity of influence (depending on the chosen type of a hardening)
    • temperature goes down or increases;
    • the speed of the movement of air increases.

time to talk about an individual approach as the following principle of a hardening came Now. Each child has the right to apply for an individual approach. Besides - any other approach is essentially wrong. And any mistake reduces efficiency and postpones achievement of the objectives. Beginning, for example, the tempering actions in kindergarten group and acquainting children with cold water, you have to pay close attention to many nuances: whether

the Task incomparably becomes simpler if you independently are engaged in a hardening of own child: all of you know about it, a lot of things can be foreseen, having relieved it of disappointments, and itself - of mistakes. And still - let`s divide children into the following groups conditionally:

Almost healthy
  • the Having functional violations
  • the Having chronic diseases
  • the Weakened children (the recovery period after long diseases, injuries)
  • the Children having contraindications to concrete physical impact (sunshine, cold, damp air)
  • For children 3 - it and 4 - oh groups temperature of factors of influence has to be higher than

    1. , than for children 1 - oh and 2 - oh groups: according to different authors - on 2 - 3 - 4 degrees. Respectively, the principle of forward influence is observed as follows here: the area and time of influence increase twice more slowly, and intensity of influence considerably decreases.

      we Will return for a while to physiology that with its help to understand - what we wait, carrying out regularly tempering procedures... At a meeting with biologically significant influence the organism includes a certain stereotype of reaction - it is a so-called unconditioned reflex. It is fixed hereditarily, and is a formation basis conditionally - reflex communications. The conditioned reflex which is so necessary for us is change of a vascular tone in response to action of a physical factor (cold water, heat, sunshine, wind), i.e. reduction adequate to influence or expansion of vessels of integuments, or mucous membranes (when carrying out local procedures). It provides balance between processes of a thermolysis and heat production, and respectively - protects the child`s organism from overcooling or an overheat.

      Here we also approached

      the following principle of a hardening - need of carrying out procedures for the supporting mode, i.e. constantly, or with infrequent breaks (no more than 10 days). The matter is that regularly carried out procedures have effect of training. This effect supports “life“ of a conditioned reflex, precious for us, - adequately changing tone of vessels. If to take a break more than 2 - x weeks - we will start everything anew. And children are younger than 6 years can lose the achievements much quicker. Therefore in our interests this principle of a hardening to call simpler - a way of life. All of us manage to develop a habit twice a day to brush teeth, isn`t that so at the child? Or to wash hands before food? Or to take a shower before going to bed? Or to tell “thanks“ and “hello“? And does not come to none of children to mind that it is possible to forget to do these usual things!

      the Following principle of a hardening is complexity of the applied means. Here it should be noted that it is expedient to apply each factor of influence in various forms (the general and local). For example, cold water: douches, cold bathtubs, rinsing of a throat... Or snow: walking barefoot on snow, grinding by snow... It significantly diversifies process that is especially important for children since we need to keep interest in the carried-out procedures for long time. Let`s repeat once again that against positive emotions conditioned reflexes are developed much easier.

      Many authors, telling about the principles of a hardening, identify the concepts “regularity“ and “systematicity“. Allow us not to agree with it.

      From Encyclopedias...
      Brockhaus : “Regular (Latin) - correct, constant“.
      Distance :“ Systematic - the course something, in a consecutive order, reasonable, correct, considered, gradual“.

      we already talked About a regularity. And the concept of systematicity of a hardening becomes as if uniting all aforesaid. Allow to offer the following definition: systematicity in a hardening - is observance of all principles of its carrying out, with obligatory alternation of the general and local influence, dynamic selection of forms and means, a combination to physical activities.

      Non-compliance with systematicity in a hardening and the amateur performance based on ignorance and levity involves exhaustion of mechanisms of immune protection - i.e. effect exactly the opposite.

      By the principles of a hardening, we hope, questions you did not have. And we will talk about forms of a hardening and of advantage of their combination to physical activities next time. These are the extensive subjects deserving close attention from parents.

      Even if today you know nothing

      about hardening forms, for a start suggest the child to wash in the mornings so: after toothbrushing to rinse the person 4 - 7 times with the real cold water and not to rush at once on searches of a saving towel! Let the child will stand 5 seconds with the wet person, and you ask it: “However, it is healthy when after washing by cold water on cheeks warm droplets run?“

      you have to trust

      I in it... And if you do not trust - try!