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How many myself I remember, at our place there were always some living creatures. So once my elder brother brought a little kitten. He in literal sense rescued it from terrible punishment. Boys put a kitten in a pig-iron pipe and shot at it big stones. The brother got into this pipe from a reverse side and under loud sounds of blows of stones pulled out a cat, having hidden it in the bosom. Children noticed not at once disappearance of a kitten and when understood, in what business, began to throw stones after the brother.

we named

of the Kitten by Vaska. The rescue the cat thanked devotion for many years. I would like to tell several separate episodes from our life from Vaskaya to you. Those years when there passed my childhood, cats and dogs did not need the isolated walks. They were let out from apartments, and they freely walked where wanted. The attic of our house was the favourite place of walks. The ladder of the last floor came to an end with a door, and in the bottom of a door there was a square opening for animals.

When members of our family rose by the second floor, Vask`s cat met them, being kicked downstairs. It very much was pleasant to me, it was pleasant to exchange courtesies. When the cat needed to enter the apartment, he asked about it neighbors, all look showing that it is necessary for it, and people with understanding satisfied its request, having called our door.

the window served as storage of products In kitchen. From the face of a window the big wooden box similar to a balcony, only small was attached. Pans with food were below put, and above it was always free, and the cat with pleasure spent hours on this “bridge“.

the terrible thunder-storm burst in

Once, the window from wind was shut, and in a birch that grew near the house, the lightning struck. To me then was years eight, I was frightened of a thunder and ran up to a window to rescue a cat. Only opened a shutter as the bright lightning flashed, it passed along a wet trunk as a dragon, spreading blue feelers in fine drops of rain. From a strong roar I began to whirl the head. Then, when I regained consciousness, learned that the cat fell down the earth, he has a basin change, and I have a concussion.

was ill

Ya not for long. And here the cat ate nothing, only sometimes drank water from a pipette, and could not move at all. The grandmother treated him (she was a doctor), and I, watching procedures, got some experience, as they say, first-hand. What was pleasure when the cat began to learn to go again. We with the brother even began to think out special “crutches“ for a cat. Made a suspension bracket of a bag, placing a cat inside, it did not resist, and, on the contrary, kindly agreed and tried to move paws as could.


remembers also such case. My mother was strongly angry on me from the fact that I came from walk all in snow. She grabbed a rope and rushed off for me, swinging it and terribly keeping saying. It is daring to me to run away into the most distant room and to jump on a grandmother`s bed where Vask`s cat peacefully slept. But as soon as with a force the door from which the strong crash was distributed was opened, the cat jumped on racks, having quickly assessed a situation. In it the real animal woke up: with hissing grinning, curving a back a wheel, he got up between mother and me a live wall, protecting me shaking with fear. From such surprise mother was taken aback, was dumbfounded and submissively moved back back. As soon as it was behind a door, Vask`s cat calmed down, fastidiously stirred up in air a forepaw and settled before me, indifferently. This case presented to mother a lesson. When she tried to grab a rope, I shouted as it is possible more loudly, calling up Vaska to itself, and mother receded.

Once the cat revenged the capricious and harmful neigbour in the platform. All children, when passed by its door, looked around, anticipating unforeseen events. The cat fairly bothered it, and she wanted to scald him boiled water only for the fact that he after walk asked to call a door, well that opened for him. So that instead of to help it with such trifle, became angry and grabbed a hot teapot. Vaska, without thinking twice, rushed it on a breast, scratched till it bleeds and escaped on an attic. She came to complain then and encountered mother, but mother quickly thought in what she business, and, protecting a cat, terribly told: “He does not love bad acts!“ Also slammed a door. Again it became a shame to it from memoirs, and, without thinking twice, out of gratitude to the defender, went to look for a cat. Vaska forgave mother for a long time. He felt from far away its approach, was delighted, mewed, having recognized care of the hostess. Peacefully jumped out of an ambush and got it on hands...

my grandfather liked to listen to music on radio. The cat sat down to him on knees and faded. If the melody was rough, prompt, then it slightly let out claws and if very sad, then it was sad to look at it: it became on racks, wool rose a column, and from within a cat`s figure low was published. I was always struck by property of an animal to transfer emotions by “an internal voice“. Such sound usually appears at cats at the moment of danger: disturbing short animal sound and fast reaction of escape. But at the time of hearing of music the cat remained on the place in a compassion pose. Vaska liked to travel in a leather wattled bag. We often went in the summer for mushrooms to the wood and took it with ourselves. He with the great pleasure took part in forest walks and as a doggie - a police dog willingly made the way through thickets of bushes, branches and a grass. Sometimes chewed not only leaves or a grass - it liked dry twigs. We watched it, and sometimes it seemed to me that I read his mind. As it is surprising that animals perfectly understand us, and we are them. How it occurs?

Me, then still to absolutely little girl and now adult mother and the grandmother, it is pleasant to reflect over surprising “silent“ language of mutual understanding. So we understand children from the first days of their birth, and then only we understand on eyes and gestures... And when they are far from us, telepathic communication of communication is created. And when we feel approach to the house of the native person, mentally repeating as a spell: “Here now he will call a door, here now...“ And the miracle occurs!