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The computer is...

Despite the fact that the computer is a device for search, collecting, storage and transformation of information, eight years ago I was absolutely sure that it is created for decrease in a self-assessment and sophisticated mockery at women with a humanitarian warehouse of thinking.

Of course, since then my views were changed radically, but evolution was long and painful. It is difficult to call my first attempts to come into contact with this device successful: the printer greedy choked with paper, and having incidentally touched with a hand the keyboard, I with horror found changes in the text which I did not plan. Even the magic strelochka which is thought up, probably, for such as I, not always helped out. Out of female solidarity the skrepochka - the assistant tried to help me: did terrible eyes, fought in convulsions, and then, having weakened, did not pay attention to my tortures any more. At first I even talked to the computer. I think if somebody heard my monologues, precisely would begin to doubt in my sincere health.

the annoying - could not agree with this car, it is impossible to convince importance of arguments that it is necessary for you that it worked. And, at last, the computer is absolutely indifferent to compliments, unlike representatives of a strong half of mankind. The praise “You the best of all Pentiums which are known by history“ could not melt his iron heart at all. My way to the computer reminded the road on a scaffold - I slowly, having hung the head, went with confidence that now at me again nothing will turn out. And the computer always met my expectations. It was impossible to me again and again.

the opinion that the best technique of development of this car is by means of tests Exists, but I am not a supporter of such approach, especially, when the computer is a state property. I read special literature, but not all also not always suited me though my views began to change. I felt considerable improvement when I had a house computer.

On the warehouse of character I am a person who likes creative work, be it the abstract of occupation (I work as the visual impairment specialist in kindergarten), the scientific article, a competition of advertizing slogans or booklets (this my hobby). When once again I did purely symbolical attempts to make a hobby an additional source of the income, I consciously every time excluded point on level of proficiency in the computer from the summary. To write that I own it at the level of the experienced user, I was disturbed by not false modesty, and belief that this level has to be confirmed both actually, and legally. This belief also brought me on the state courses on decrease in information inequality.

I came to these courses not the absolute beginner, but it was interesting to me to systematize my knowledge and to obtain additional information which our teacher willingly shared with us.

from the moment of the termination of courses passed

slightly more than a month. Yes, during this time I did not make a meteoric career. But concerning success, there is a good saying of Washington: “The success is measured not so much by that situation which the person reached in life, how many those barriers which it overcame on the way to success“. I think, it is hard to say better. Uncertainty, indecision is what often disturbs us, what gets in the way to success. And I took the step in this direction. The confidence in it gives me the successful termination of courses (on total testing I gained 100 points from 100 possible.)

Now, making the summary, I will safely write “knowledge of the computer at the level of the experienced user“.