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What is wanted by hair of

What can help out you if you did not sleep today, did not make up, did not dress up, but want that nobody noticed it? Magnificent hair! They will distract attention of the most captious. You speak, the nature deprived you of it? Or perhaps you do not give to the hair that it is necessary for them? Help the nature, the result will not keep itself waiting.

the List of necessities for hair is known for

to all: egg, onions, a burdock root, and still the thicket needs to comb hair - on hundred times in each direction. But whether so these rules are good and whether they are actual today? From eggs and onions hair awfully smell what you will not tell about modern cosmetics. The burdock root, maybe, is not so bad, but where it to take? And with impunity only lucky with a strong, dense and not oily hair can torment a head of hear with a hairbrush. However, it is time to pass from not constructive criticism to the agenda.

That at you with the head?

Hair lost gloss, split or drop out? In this case the visit of beauty shop - a competent step, but would be even better to address to the special center where the care of appearance of the client begins with definition of a state of his health. Bad hair are a signal of malfunctions in an organism, and often also the hint, what body needs treatment.

Doctors established that as the reason of a hair loss diseases of endocrine system, a gall bladder (cholecystitises) and a liver can serve.

Dryness and fragility of hair is observed by

at a nervous breakdown, overfatigue, a depression, insufficient level of hormones in blood, diseases of kidneys.

Dandruff not always develops from notorious bacteria, diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path can be its cause.

Too oily hair - a symptom of a disease of a liver.

the Seboreyny inflammation appears when the large intestine and bilious ways is inflamed.

the Early gray hair can be connected by

with diseases of a thyroid gland.

That hair well felt, their owner has to eat properly. It needs milk and dairy products, grain, bean, creamy and vegetable oil, wheat sprouts, onions, eggs, mineral water, garlic, fish, apples, carrots, a kiwi, a citrus. It is useful to accept vitamins - A, E, C, D, B1, B2, B6, B12, iron preparations.

From the beginning of a heating season air in houses becomes too dry. Hair suffer from it too. A fine way to increase humidity of air indoors - to start decorative fountainlet. It is possible to place big transparent vases with water (and to decorate a bottom with beautiful stones, cockleshells, etc.) . As a last resort usual banks will descend though the interior will not be improved. An excellent exit - to part the houseplants increasing humidity of air, for example violets.

I Am on the mend!

So, the main reason for a bad condition of hair is won. Now it is time to be engaged in treatment “outside“. Our assistants - masks and hair balms. Masks deeply get into the damaged hair root. Balms keep structure of a hair and facilitate combing. Lately all of us got used to use foreign production. But domestic analogs are not worse at all. Our scientists - microbiologists developed unique formulas of shampoos, balms and hair gels on the basis of a combination of products of the sea, vegetable components and essential oils.

extracts of a nettle, a root of a burdock, chistotel, biostimulated juice of an aloe, essential oils of mint, a lavender, basil, and also akvagomogenat calves of salmons are their part.

These components stimulate with

blood circulation, exchange processes, improve structure and stimulate growth of hair, provide permanent protection against influence of adverse factors of external environment. They are very effective at a hair loss, and also are a fine prophylactic. As a result of regular application hair keep necessary humidity and elasticity.

Carrying out by

recovery treatment, it is necessary to remember that the medical cosmetics should be changed after a while.

Yes, and still here that: if you go to the pool, surely put on a rubber hat! You watch that it hermetically closed hair.

Pure - fluffy

If hair are almost healthy

, it is necessary only to support them in a good form. Was considered earlier that it is possible to wash the head only once a week. Fortunately, now it is not necessary to hold hair in “a black body“. Experts graciously allow to wash a head of hear as much as often: it to it will not damage if, of course, quality shampoo (buy the best what only you are able to afford!) also corresponds to type of hair of the owner. At the same time it is recommended to change shampoo approximately each 3 months. As it is correct to p to wash with

the head? - Gently. At first pound shampoo in palms, and then apply on hair. Distribute it, massing skin. You do not hold shampoo on hair long, there are enough several seconds. Wash away foam warm (not more hotly!) water. It is quite good if it is boiled. After washing put a conditioner (but avoid shampoos “two in one“: shampoo and the conditioner, having appeared near, neutralize action of each other - hair both do not wash plainly, and do not eat).

When hair are washed up by

, it is necessary to dry them very carefully, not to rub, not to unscrew. It is recommended to use the warmed-up towel from smooth silky fabric (for example, linen). That right after washing hair are not combed, all know and, nevertheless, continue this barbarity. Stop, while the getting is good!


By the way, than it is better to brush the hair? Practice shows that the plastic hairbrush with rare teeth is most convenient. From metal hair split, wooden absorb fat, it is difficult to wash them (and it is necessary to do it often).

And now the reasonable question arises: what to do with this magnificence on the head is farther? We will not interfere in the area of hairdresser`s art, it is competence of beauty shops. From ourselves we will add popular French wisdom: clean hair - already a hairdress.