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The fairy tale about a young fox by the name of Madoc of

Was necessary to sit somehow to mother having many children some time in infectious diseases hospital … one. Absolutely alone, apart from the laptop … Mine “hi“ was expressed to kids in this fairy tale. It is one of fairy tales of an infinite series about a fly I Cook (which is 5 years old), a fly I Wave (she is 4 years old), a front sight I Prick (he is 3 years old) and a fly Lisa (she is 1,5 years old, she still cannot estimate the fairy tale, but in them participates in quality of the character).

Somehow time a fly Varya, a fly Masha and Kohl`s front sights wanted to take a walk in the wood. Especially as there was remarkable weather: the sun shone, on the sky ran small cheerful white a cloudlet. They asked permissions mother, undertook pads and departed to the next Liski. There was an early fall, leaves on trees already turned yellow, but did not fall down yet. A fly Varya, a fly Masha and Kohl`s front sights began to ride leaves of the most beautiful birch. They sat down on a branch, then ran across on a leaflet, strong grabbed all six pads it, from it the leaflet was unhooked from a tree and flew down as if a small ship. It was very cheerful, especially if the leaflet picked up a breeze. The fly Masha two times went down on leaflets then she began to brag that will be able to be kept on a leaflet by two pads, unhooked other pads and began to shout, she already big and can ride a leaflet, without keeping at all. But here the breeze picked up a leaflet, started turning it and turned - the fly Masha fell and was knocked by a pad. She right there began to shout and cry very loudly, but a fly Varya and Kohl`s front sights flew up, embraced her and regretted. The fly Masha thought - thought, rubbed a pad and ceased to shout, and here all heard that someone nearby very plaintively cries. Front sights - kids right there undertook pads and departed to that party and saw a little young fox who sat at the tumbled-down tree and gradually cried.

“What happened to

to you, a young fox?“ - asked front sights - kids.

“I played

on the tumbled-down tree. It was very cheerful from it to jump, but then the tree suddenly began to creak and absolutely fell to the ground and pinched to me a pad. I sick, terribly and very much want home“, - the young fox told and again began to cry. The fly Varya looked at it, and she was so sorry for a young fox that she began to cry too. The fly Masha a little bit thought and too began to cry and is so loud that the young fox ceased to cry and with surprise looked at it: how such little fly can cry so loudly? Muschok Kohl naskovorodit a lip too to begin to cry together with all, but remembered that he is a man and looked on the parties to understand how it is possible to get out a young fox.

“Let`s remove a log!“ - ordered Kohl`s front sights and grabbed a log all six pads. A fly Varya and a fly Masha right there ceased to cry, flew up and began to help. They pulled a log very much, at them pads nearly came off and nearly wings fell off, but they could not move a log even on a droplet. For fatigue of a fly fell up pads and could not even tell anything. The young fox looked at them and again began to cry. Here the fly Masha sat down to it on a nose, embraced all six pads and told that she will sit with it until the others look for somebody more to lift a log. So far a fly Varya and Kohl`s front sights flew around that to call somebody, the fly Masha asked how the young fox is called and is far - whether he lives.

“My name is Madoc, - the young fox answered. - When I was small, all young foxes - brothers were absolutely red, and I was the lightest. I very much was upset, but mother told that there are also not really red young foxes and that then when I grow up, on me new wool will grow, and it will be light-red. Nothing that I such not really red, I - orange, as honey therefore I and am called. And still mother told that honey very tasty, but I never tried it …“

“And I tried

! - the fly Masha told. - Very tasty! What beautiful name at you! And you too beautiful, very tasty color“. Then the fly Masha began to tell a young fox about the family, told that houses are still the little sister a fly Lisa, but mother does not release it with them to walk because it can be tired to fly so far. The fly Masha a lot everything told a young fox, she is able to tell much, and the young fox listened and even ceased to long. And when the fly Masha told already everything - all about all - all the acquaintances, she began to think out the fairy tale for a young fox who listened to it, having lowered sideways one ear and having extended a tail. The young fox had a tail still short because also the young fox was still small …

A a fly Varya at this time and Kohl`s front sights saw an ant. It flew up to it, began to ask it to help to remove a log and told how they already pulled it so that at them pads nearly came off and nearly wings fell off. The ant was already old and clever, he looked at a log and did not even begin to touch it, and told that he will go to an ant hill and will call to the aid other ants. The ant was old and quickly could not go any more, and a fly Varya with front sights Kolya decided to incur it to an ant hill, but began to argue who will depart ahead, got noisy and nearly fought, and then looked back and saw that the old ant left itself, without waiting for them. Varya and a front sight Kohl it became a shame to a fly, they quickly reconciled and departed to catch up with an ant. The ant left already quite far, it was necessary to apologize to kids and then they took him for pads and quickly departed. The ant only also managed to show the way to them. Once he ordered “behind a tree to the right to turn“, but Kohl`s front sights still badly understood where the right and where left therefore it departed not to that party and painfully pulled an ant a pad since they with a fly Varya departed in different directions. Muschok Kohl was upset and decided to learn surely where he has right pads and where left.

At last, the big ant hill in the distance seemed to

. The old ant ran inside, and soon from an ant hill the whole ribbon of the ants hurrying to the aid of a young fox seemed. A fly Varya and Kohl`s front sights picked up an old ant and departed ahead of a system of ants, showing the way to them to the fallen tree. Still they published heard a loud voice of a fly of Masha who told a young fox already the third fairy tale. Until ants reached the tumbled-down tree, they managed to become interested so in car in the fairy tale that it was necessary to cease to tell and to promise to finish to a fly to Masha the fairy tale later. Ants everything amicably grabbed edge of a log, kids - flies caught too and at the command of an old ant all together raised a log so that the young fox could get the pad. All very much were delighted! Then the fly Masha dorasskazat the fairy tale. Ants attentively listened and then told that never such interesting fairy tale was heard. Then the fly Varya told all the fairy tale too, and Kohl`s front sights thought up the small fairy tale too. Ants so liked fairy tales that they invited kids - front sights to arrive to them on a visit and still to tell fairy tales. Then ants told that at them there are a lot more affairs in an ant hill and it is time for them to come back. A young fox and front sights - kids once again thanked ants and those were behind trees.

Here a young fox Madoc looked at

on the pad which was pressed down by a tree, and began to cry.

“You what?“ - asked front sights - kids.

“The pad hurts me …“

“And why did not cry earlier when got a pad from - under logs?“

“To me was to listen so interestingly to fairy tales that the pad did not hurt at all, and now hurts …“

“Give to

I still the fairy tale I will tell“, - the fly Masha right there thought up.

“Is not present

, so will not go“, - the fly Varya told. - “The young fox needs to get home, but not to listen here to the fairy tale till the evening. Let`s apply a plantain leaf to a pad, the pad will cease to hurt and the young fox will be able to reach the house“.

“It is correct

- correctly! - cried Kohl`s front sights, looked back on the parties and saw a plantain bush directly near the tumbled-down tree. - And how to us to tear off a leaf, it is such big?“

“Nothing, I also will be able“, - the young fox Madoc told, limped to a plantain and bit off the biggest leaf. He applied it to the sore pad, but the leaf did not want to keep on a pad in any way. The young fox even licked a leaf, but it all the same fell from a pad.

“Should bind a leaf!“ - the fly Varya thought.

But only than? Front sights - kids thought, consulted and decided that a fly Varya it will be necessary to tell a young fox the fairy tale, Kohl`s front sights will hold a leaf on a pad, and the fly Masha will depart to look for some string to tie a leaf to a pad of a young fox.

the Fly Masha decided to fly up above to see more. It began quickly - to rise quickly up, but it was interesting to it to listen to the fairy tale of a fly of Varya and therefore she looked not there where she flies, and down - on a fly I Cook. Oh! Oh - oh - oh! The fly Masha flew, without looking, and got to a web to a big and terrible spider. The spider right there left from - under a leaflet and got to the got confused fly to Masha, rubbing terrible hairy paws.

“Oh - oh - oh! - the fly Masha for fear even closed eyes … But the mouth at it opened itself and cried so loudly that the spider was frightened and stopped, but did not cease to rub paws. Its loud shout heard Kohl`s front sights, looked up and saw a fly Masha in a web and a terrible spider. Muschok Kohl right there grabbed a big stick with all six pads and, strainedly hooting (the stick was big), departed to help out a fly Masha. It with such resolute look flew to a spider that that even hid under a leaflet.

“It is my sister! Also it is impossible to eat it!“ - declared Kohl`s front sights, having flown up closer.

“And I also did not gather, - the spider from - under a leaflet justified himself. - Look at itself what in it to eat? Yes wings, probably, house soup badly eats pads, here and such thin. Still I will choke … And what it you do in the wood here?“

the Fly Masha told

to a spider as they departed to walk as rode leaflets as they saw the pressed-down young fox as ants helped them and even wanted to tell those fairy tales which she told a young fox, but the spider told that he does not love fairy tales, but will help a young fox to tie a plantain leaf to a pad. The spider unhooked a fly Masha who all the same awfully was afraid of him and gradually peeped while the spider was near. And Kohl`s front sights too did not release the stick in any way - the spider had painfully terrible look. Then the spider went down on a spider line, ran across on a pad to a young fox and began to run around a sore pad, stretching a spider line and primatyvy a plantain leaf to a pad. The fly Varya considered that the spider ran all over around a pad of 15 times, the fly Masha counted 14 times, Kohl`s front sights was still small and did not begin to consider at all. Flies Masha and Varya right there began to argue which of them correctly counted and while they argued, the spider already managed to climb back to the web a thin spider line on which he also went down. And thanks - that to it was forgotten to be told! It was necessary to front sights - to kids fast to fly to it upward and to thank him, but this time all were very accurate and attentively looked that in a web not to get entangled with it. And the young fox Madoc cried out “thanks“ from below.

the Pad ceased to hurt

a young fox, and he ran home since already was late and very much he wanted to eat. Front sights - kids wanted was it to see off, but saw that already soon evening and mother will worry if they arrive too late therefore they said goodbye to a young fox and went home. All of them so made friends that all of them decided to meet under the most beautiful birch tomorrow morning and to play together, and can be even to descend on a visit to ants … if mother resolves. For now front sights - kids flew home, all remembered what was long and good day, and decided that even it is not important how many time the spider around a leg of a young fox - ran all over the main thing that they helped Medk`s young fox out of trouble and found to themselves the good friend.