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Listen to the body of

“From where you know what is with you? You are not a doctor!“ To us so often it was said that we ceased to trust ourselves. And the body tells the owner a hundred times more secrets, than can hear the pro!

B each of us there lives an internal doctor. The body every second reports on health and if that it not so, gives precautionary signs: “Deadlock“, “Go round!“, “Reduce speed!“ and even “Do not get, will kill!“ .

But to us usually have no time to concentrate on internal signals - are too busy with real life. In any case, we so think. Actually the majority of us, according to psychologists, - banal pants. We are afraid to learn about problems therefore we pretend to be - I see nothing, I do not hear, I do not feel. The ostrich living in us refuses to read body signals. Or treats them as the inattentive husband to the wife`s requests: not seriously.

taste Suddenly changed: what was sweet, became bitter that was strange and inedible - is desired... The woman will think that she is pregnant; the man - that the wife forgot to prepare.

A actually it. Did not know? But main - even not knowledge of symptoms, but ability to listen that the body all means available to it tries to tell you: pain, inconveniences and even nightmares.

Terrible cinema was ordered?

Almost each sad story begins

equally: “He felt bad long ago, but did not want to think of it...“ And even the inexplicable fear, a vague presentiment are noteworthy.

the Cold West

the Western medical school is dissatisfied with itself. The American doctors criticize system which takes away them from close communication with the patient, replacing it formal. Rubber gloves, the regulated treatment, a heap of papers does not leave time to consider, see and hear the patient.


the “closest“ doctor in the USA consider the dentist. Dentists often see that did not notice others, - a state mucous a mouth, skin - and send patients for inspection. Having seen, for example, pale gums, not indifferent dentist for certain will ask:“ And you checked heart long ago“?


Somehow on reception to the proctologist the young girl with a persistent request it came to make a kolonoskopiya. The doctor asked that he disturbs her whether someone had problems with intestines in a family … No, never anything and at anybody. And too nothing hurts the girl.

- Why then? - the doctor was perplexed.

- you Understand, I had a dream. As if I sit in the close room without windows and without doors, and the stomach is drawn by a barbed wire. It was so terrible and sick! Woke up and decided that it is necessary to be checked.

the Doctor tried to dissuade the patient, without seeing the objective reasons to carry out difficult and not palatable procedure. But the girl insisted on the. When the kolonoskopiya showed an intestines cancer in an initial stage, the doctor crossed:“ What happiness that the girl was such annoying! We would be late irreparably“.

Fear - it is frequent not a hindrance, and the assistant. It is necessary not to fight against it, and attentively to listen even if all are ready to make a fun of you around.

Shout and be scratched

the tennis Player was adjusted, swung and... felt sharp groin pain. Friends called special service - the doctor on the basis of the described symptoms gives advice what to do. This time the doctor was quiet: “Anything terrible. Let will put a package of ice, everything will pass“.

If at that moment the player who doubled up with pain listened not to himself, and doctors, and did not cry: “Urgently carry me to clinic!“ would remain the disabled person.

of Perekrut of seed kanatik which happened to it unexpectedly demanded simple, but immediate operation: without it genitals would begin to die off through short time, and they should be amputated. This case - one more proof of that in critical situations the best authority - you and your pain. Pain in general one of the most important indicators, actually is shout of a body. Than it is louder, those should make the decision quicker.

you Give birth? think of yourself

the Famous obstetrician - the gynecologist Michel Oden, the director of maternity clinic in the French city of Petiver, teaches women to feel and understand the body in labor. In his opinion, the main thing - to cease “to hold the person“. If the husband and other family members takes part in labor, then almost always it happens long process. The woman in labor cannot relax, concentrates on people around, but not on herself.

our expert - the gynecologist Alla of Mitino specifies: for each couple all very individually. But many husbands do not represent how to behave at the time of delivery, very much are nervous - and by that irritate wives and do not allow them to be given to process quietly.

the Most surprising that often relatives pass the moment of childbirth - the woman as if unintentionally gives birth when they leave on minute to have a bite or wash. And in it Oden sees accurate regularity: having remained alone with itself, future mother listens to the body - and helps it to finish important work.

should not restrain and try to look

courageous, obstetricians advise grown wise experience. You catch body signals - if to learn it, childbirth will take place easier and practically without pain.

the Two on behavior

Lise Burbo, the Canadian therapist, the author of the book “Listen to the Body, Your Best Friend on the Earth!“ it is sure that diseases and indispositions are a request of an organism to change our behavior and character. It is strange to hear it from the therapist who, apparently, has to register tablets and procedures. But Burbo in the improving center does not adhere to the traditional principles. Patients do not complain - and recover.

Try to present to

on several examples whether difficult will follow you to doctor Burbo`s method.

, in her opinion, the body answers with Arthritis thoughts that “all exploit you“. Stop to say to all “yes“ and if you cannot in a different way then do it with pleasure, but not with a great effort.

of the Illness of gums is signaled: you lack determination. It is necessary to learn to make decisions!

the back Hurts? Perhaps, you as the Atlas, you try to hold the whole world on shoulders. The body as if speaks: “Stop to feel responsibility for all and everything, throw off freight, straighten shoulders!“

to Crackle

a sand

To the biologist - to the nutritionist Anna Belousova the lady with an extravagant question came to reception once:

- the Doctor, at me is obsession - I dream of cocktail from sea sand and ice! In the summer on vacation prepared it and ate secretly with the great pleasure. Now there is a wish still. To me to the psychiatrist?

the Nutritionist advised the visitor to make tests - and it became clear that at that iron deficiency anemia and shortage of selenium. It - that also contains in sand which the patient wanted to crackle so. By it appointed treatment - and strange desires disappeared after a while.

the Frequent sore throat is connected by

with a habit to take offense. Are urgently reconciled with people around and learn to perceive things easier!

Cough can torment with

if it seems to you that you are crushed by life and circumstances.

are closely connected by

of the Illness of kidneys with disappointments and offenses. Any mysticism: such state of mind is capable to influence chemical processes in an organism, to break a metabolism.

Doctor Burbo, apparently, knows answers for all occasions: locks happen from unwillingness of nothing to change, a diarrhea - on the contrary, from aspiration to fast changes... The Canadian doctor is sure that very often ourselves do ourselves by patients - and we can recover. whether

Only all are ready to change? It is much simpler to look for the reasons of diseases in genetics, age, ecology, than to tell itself: “Yes, I behave badly, here the body also is indignant. But I will change at least for the sake of it!“ Many doctors believe that behind this approach the future. Also the one who is not lazy will live the future before to listen to himself.