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My favourite cat of

my favourite animal - a cat. I since the childhood wanted to have a cat. And, at last, my dream came true - the kitten appeared at my place. His name is Timofey, but so far for all he is Timosha, Timka, Timulka.

the Kitten thoroughbred also demands special leaving. He will grow up in a huge beautiful cat. For now it small and, as all children, very cheerful. My kitten white with greyish specks. It has small pads which he goes absolutely quietly, especially if is stolen. On pads it has small pink small pillows. They also help it to go so quietly. Minutes of danger Timosha lets out sharp claws and can scratch.

the kitten on - special Sits. He puts forward pads a little forward and so can long sit and watch closely all.

the Head at a kitten round and too white. Only moustaches black and very long. A nose at Timka black, as if satin, and at the same time always cold. Ears ostrenky and fluffy. He does not have Timokh small, two months. But despite it, it has sharp teeth and claws. The kitten likes to bite, but is not sick at all, playing. It is enough with teeth a finger and squeezes it. But when I will tell that to me it is painful, he understands and at once ceases to bite.


- the big gourmand. Most of all kitten loves fish, especially fresh. He snatches on it at once and eats with big appetite, even hums from pleasure. Having sated, it leaves a small fish on a plate to eat it then. Having got hungry, he asks to eat. Then Timka begins to run around legs and to be scratched. Eats always accurately, without pulling out pieces from a plate. Very much loves warm milk.

If Timoshka wants to sleep, he is capricious as the small child. He sleeps miraculously. Having put the head on pads, hides a nose in a pillow or covers with a tail and closes eyes. But a dream at it sensitive. The grandmother says that Timoshka does not sleep, and dozes. Once you somewhere rustle, the kitten wakes up at once. Opens eyes, lifts ears, ready any minute to rush “on the enemy“.

Hobby of Timki is a game. He, as well as all small, likes to play. Here his mischief does not have the end: that he lays down on a back and begins to play with my hands, from - for a corner rushes directly under legs. But most of all kitten likes to play with a small ball. He runs behind him and tries to bite the sharp teeth. And when it does not work well, becomes angry. The kitten begins to mew threateningly and pushes a ball with a pad. Timoshka is even able to dance. It it becomes very amusing on back pads, lifts lobbies and it begins to be turned, trying to reach a piece of paper. Sometimes, without having reached, he falls on a floor and somersaults through the head. Then he takes offense and steps aside. Eyes at it become sad - sad. Actually eyes at my friend very beautiful. When the kid gently rubs at my legs and quietly purrs, eyes at him green - green. But once he becomes angry - and eyes become absolutely dark, almost black. The hair on a back such minutes rises up, and the tail is curved by an arch. Therefore I always try to calm a kitten, to tell him something tender.

Timosha very clever kitten. Even sometimes it seems to me that he understands the human speech, just itself is not able to talk. But it has language too. When Timka is happy and full, he mews tenderly and rubs about legs. If to anger him, he grumbles as a wild small animal.

Ya tried to train a kitten, and now he is able to give a paw. He receives something tasty for it. Our Timoshka very clean. Every day he takes seat on a rug, licks a pink uvula a pad and begins to wash it a muzzle, a head and even ears. Just as person. On Saturdays we bathe him in a small tray. After bathing the hair of a kitten becomes beautiful, pure and brilliant. He rejoices to it and is grateful purrs.

I very much want

that our Timoshka grew up quicker and turned into a big beautiful cat of Timofey.