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The toys done with loving care of

I Want to tell history of the toys made by me. While I was still inexperienced mummy of one child, I read in magazines and the Internet about hand toys much - made and understood that my soul asks something similar too. At once I will make a reservation that I never had to sewing any relation therefore my works in the technical plan are far from perfect.

the Book

Ya sewed the book when my girl was one and a half years old since in a mouth it pulled nothing any more, I used many small objects and sometimes glue for application.

Girl. the Title page is made of soft fluffy fabric on which the girl`s face is represented (from pink monophonic coarse calico). At the girl of an eye from a white imitation leather, eyelids can be closed, pupils are made of a blue flypaper, the nose is a stopper which is turned off, there it is possible to put a small surprise, the mouth is a red lightning behind which teeth are drawn and the red small uvula leans out. Hair the girl - chaotically sewed red threads, has blue bows which can be untied and tied and as the real woman of fashion at her has beads and ear rings in ears. Sideways on cover the handle with ringlets for which it is convenient to carry the book is sewn, plus touching ringlets we learn to consider.

Sea. On the first page I sewed a packing package from a toy, it at us serves as “aquarium“ for small fishes who can be released to swim for a while in the sea on the following page. Small fishes are sewed from a satin ribbon, inside - a synthetic winterizer, with their help we study colors. Except small fishes there is krabik also a turtle. The sea is a transparent folder for documents with a fastener above, I put small cockleshells, stones in the lower layer and sewed up. It turned out so that it is possible to move them fingers, and it is impossible to get. And big cockleshells can be got for studying. From above I sewed a green band of “alga“.

Boy. the Boy costs on a clearing with flowers. One of florets on a flypaper, and the boy breaks it and bears to the grandmother. In other hand it drew a basket with a button on which it is possible to hang up an apple from a tree. The face, hands and sneakers of the boy are the pasted parts of a children`s card, and clothes - application from fabric. Near the boy the butterfly flies (from a hairpin for hair), and over flowers bees (volume double stickers) are turned.

Tree. On a tree the apple hangs on a button and the birdie from a papya sits - to Masha who sometimes goes down to peck kernels (beads). On a tree still there is a small secret - a hollow with a little squirrel (application).

Window. Behind blinds the bilateral window (part from an old purse) hides in which we constantly change pictures. In the bottom of the page the pocket in which the key from a lodge on a chain hides is sewn. On a pocket the Olympic bear - for appearance sits.

Lodge. In a lodge two windows, one of which is closed on a small hook, are, behind a shutter it is pasted “3D“ - a sticker (white and black doggies). Above there is an attic (with a shurshalka inside), there live four kittens (sticker).

the hand bell hangs On a lodge if to call it, then the door will open. The door is the attached flakonchik from children`s shampoo. On a door there is number (of course, is 8 number of our apartment), and there is a lock which opens a key from the previous page. If to open a door, then the girl (from the kinder will leave it - a surprise) to take a walk in a path, to smell florets. Near the house there is a small fence (from the matches connected by a hat elastic band without sulfur) and the box. The door at the box rustles, it is closed on a button, and in a roof several beads are rolled. A doggie (the kinder - a surprise) at us planing therefore it is attached to the box by a chain.

Kolobok. On this page represented by all the famous fairy tale. All characters are the former soft puzzles with a hole in the middle which put on on the plot course on shnurochka and are fastened in pairs with bows. Kolobok on a flypaper, slides on a footpath on all page from the grandfather with the grandmother to a fox.

Who that eats

? pasted 4 applications Here - the hare, a doggie, a hedgehog and a bear. At the top of the page there is a transparent pocket in which cardboard carrot, a stone, a mushroom and honey lie. Each animal has the small pocket. Task - to distribute all their favourite delicacy.

Flowers. On this page various florets from different materials. In the center a camomile with eyes on a flypaper which can be removed. On florets the butterfly and an amusing green pussy wearing spectacles flies (both on flypapers, it is possible to interchange the position of them). Also on a clearing two ladybugs creep - it is the children`s elastic band sewn in the middle for hair, it is possible to draw one, another.

Circle. On this page the turning circle consisting of 2 parts is. Both parts are filled by a synthetic winterizer, connected among themselves by a button - a rivet. The transparent oilcloth divided into segments in which there are multi-colored geometrical figures - a circle, a triangle, a square, an oval, heart, a star is sewn to the lower part. The top part turns, in it there is a window in which it is visible one of figures, thus, scrolling a circle, we study all figures, and helps the bear and the bee sewed from a children`s klenka.

Sun and rain. This page - the blue sky with clouds. One white cloudlet - very beautiful, with lace and the running eyes, it is sewn only on the one hand, under it there is a secret. On the sky on a flypaper the sun from foam rubber, and rays from the band pasted on a cardboard fastens, on the other side of the sun the cloud with the rain is attached, i.e. they can be overturned. In the bottom of the page sits begemotik (thermoapplication). When in the sky the sun shines, begemotik plays a ball, and the umbrella at it is closed on a button, from - under cloudlets the rainbow (application) looks out.

A when it is raining, the ball is removed, the umbrella is opened, and instead of a rainbow birdies under an umbrella appear. The umbrella is made of the crepe volume color paper pasted on a cardboard, and the handle from an umbrella - a straw for juice. Applications of a rainbow and birdies are connected among themselves by the elastic band fixed under a cloud therefore are taken out only in turn.

Night. This page is devoted to the night sky. Above on the one hand the elastic band is sewn, on the other hand it is clasped on a button, the moon and a star hang on it on ringlets from brelok. The moon is filled by beads, and a star - cotton wool. The star speaks: “I love you!“ Sideways pages the elastic band decorated with gloss on which goes up - down a detail from an old baby`s dummy with the drawn asterisk - a comet is still sewn. The couple of bears in love from the sewn application admires all this.


On a reverse side of the book made a pattern of buttons for “tactile feelings“. The big button on which the children`s elastic band for hair puts on is sideways sewn, and the book is clasped.

the Book was popular

with us years to 2 and a half. Now it devolved to the younger daughter who executed year recently, but also in nearly 4 senior will sometimes take and will play mother`s creation.

the Book No. 2

Then I made by

other book by means of which we learned to tell many words and to make offers. I took a photo album with magnetic sheets, pasted pictures on the following subjects:“ Food of babies“, “Bathing“, “Dream“, “Walk“, “Toys“, “Entertainments and games“, “Seasons“, “Weather“, “Transport“, “Clothes“, “Health“, “Fairy tales and animated cartoons“, “Creativity“, “Furniture“, “Household appliances“, “Ware“, “Fruit and vegetables“, “Food“, “Flowers“, “Nature“ (wood, mountains, sea, etc.) “Cats and dogs“, “Pets“, “Fishes“, “Forest inhabitants“, “Exotic animals“, “Birds“, “Insects“ and separately a subject of New year (the book was created in December therefore I decided to pay to a holiday special attention). I pasted over sheets with a transparent film that pictures could not be torn off. I looked for necessary pictures in various magazines, newspapers, catalogs, used children`s stickers, cards, etc. Material collected much, and there were not enough sheets from a photo album, I added usual files with the white cardboard inserted into them and stuck from above. One subject in the book is given 2 - 3 pages, and we at first just looked for a finger what mother told about, and then the daughter began to call objects and to describe them.

the Clown

For development of small motility I made the cheerful clown. Pasted on a plastic bottle a face from color paper, made hair of a band, and the hat is replaced by a glass from - under yogurt. For ears I cut in half a small egg half from the kinder - a surprise and inserted into small cuts in a bottle. The clown at us wants to eat all the time, I cut out to it a small mouth and we with the daughter “feed“ him, the clown eats grain, beads, pools from the gun. Just in case we feed the clown always together with mother that the temptation something did not appear to taste to the little hostess!

the Massage rug and traces

the Orthopedic surgeon advised to be engaged to us in prevention of flat-footedness. For this purpose I sewed a massage rug. It consists of five parts sewed among themselves with various fillers: foam rubber, beads, balls jumpers (diameter of 2 cm), a linen rope with a large number knotted, the children`s oilcloth cut on small pieces.

Also on two leaves of a Whatman paper I pasted multi-colored Nastina traces. On the first leaf traces are located directly, and on the second - “fir-tree“. We display all this on a floor and with pleasure we run barefoot.