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All of us the Wonderful golden time - perhaps, the happiest and carefree in life is from the childhood of

. Coming back to it in memoirs, you inevitably remember favourite toys, a hobby and everything that surrounded you then, in the far childhood.

For every time it. But now I want to tell that were close to children of the ninetieth years of already last century to whom belong I and my younger sister. So, of what we dreamed what we played and what liked to be engaged in?

B one of warm (be not surprised, in our city it is solar, warmly and yet there is no snow) on us were rolled winter evenings by waves of memoirs …

“And is remembered how we played dolls how built for them houses how collected inserts from a chewing gum of “Love is“? - in eager rivalry we asked each other.

Of course, I remember! We still dreamed to have the house for Barbie, however, it to us did not present … But, when to me was years 14, the father`s friend brought to me from the abroad the beauty - a doll which and staid in a box because I already grew up by then from such toys. But there were others - the game console, a tetris behind which I could stay for hours, balls - lizuna. I remember, mother very much swore on us when they stuck to a ceiling, but all the same bought. And then, there was my first love already later - series “Elaine and Children“. To me was then years ten, probably, and I dreamed to be similar to the main character. Even decided to grow long hair for this reason. And then the series were unscrupulously interrupted … I remember how I cried then.

I Had also one more telelove - “Just Maria“. As I adored watching this TV series. Especially to me two brides of Jose Ignacio - Laura and Isabella for some reason attracted.

Well it is fine, god with them, with series. Still I very much liked to walk. It is remembered, we always, speaking the modern language, hung out in the yard all amicable company. Together played “Cowboys and Indians“, “Ringlet“, “Wedding“: and in “Candala“. Cannot be that you did not remember it if you, of course too were born in the mid-eighties - the beginning of the ninetieth. There was such game. Participants were divided into two teams and joined hands. Then participants of each of teams had to run up and break a ring of hands: Eh! How many memoirs!

A first computer games? You remember “Prinze of Persia“? I, apparently, did not reach the end. Perhaps, there was not enough persistence or maybe just interest in game new attachment - “Mario“ forced out?.

Oh, and you remember self-made questionnaires which girls allowed to fill in each other and sometimes - to boys? They remained with me still, and many light memories are kept in them.

A hobby for counters? I remember, them was at me much - the most different: and with Aladdin, with the Snow White … By the way … You remember, there were albums and packings with stickers? I had still then an album “Elaine and Children“. Eh, we with the sister so rejoiced to each pack. Especially, when came from giving and found packings in the most unexpected places. Went with happiness just crazy!

By the way, giving is separate history too. It is remembered, we spent with pleasure time there. Played a game of tag, sat on a tank with water, walked along country streets. But most of all I liked evenings when we with the little sister watched how to sit down the sun, and then had supper and till late evening sat also on a bench near a lodge. Still then near us the uncle often sizhivat, smoking a cigarette. Still I remember one of its expressions which became in our family to winged:“ I go to the dacha - I pay, from giving I go - I laugh loudly“. And still we liked to help the grandmother and the grandfather. For example, to weed a grass, to gather apples, strawberry, raspberry. I remember, I was so proud of myself that I do adult things! And once with us on the dacha, apparently, for the first time, there went mother, and the hail right there went. We then all day over sew a mammon were kidding, and still infinitely long played cards and flooded the furnace that it became warm. It was so good, cozy and warm that autumn day! Eh, what a pity, that it is impossible to return that time and again to become children … Though at several o`clock! But, alas, it is impossible …

Is interesting to

and what children play now? What are fond of?