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We eat, we grow, we get fat

“There now... At you as always not as at all...“ - the father is distressed, to give birth to me it is lucky, - “Well, all right, at least 38 weeks reached with the study, doctors, probably, will be frightened - the woman in labor in a camouflage directly from a parade-ground...“ I shrug shoulders - the senior is right, I and march - throws ran with automatic machine on the 5th month and participated in competitions and what to do? At military of an excuse “is pregnant“ do not pass! Especially - the cynologist! How dog? All right, the dog understanding in fields felt sorry for me, behaved well, and helped with bogs even!

Gave birth quickly to Thumbelina - 2700 gr., 49 cm. “Well, we will start feeding!“ - I solved and, having consulted to a lot of pediatricians, nutritionists and just mummies, courageously refused what can cause concerns of the baby in the form of an allergy, tummy pains and to that similar “pleasure“. And if is more concrete - from everything... red, orange, yellow. Generally, color, tinned, sweet, fat, fried and all “not inspiring trust“. As after maternity hospital “debt“ obliged me to come to service and, without having refused breastfeeding, I diligently decanted milk, sadly sighing and observing as my brothers on shoulder straps with inspiration absorb the pies bought in CHPOKE. And my resolved diet represented the following: apple green 1 piece a day, meat of chicken or beef boiled, sometimes low-fat fish, low-fat cottage cheese of a half-pack, 15% sour cream, milk (kefir can cause swelling and a rash in a lyalechka), porridges dairy (rice, buckwheat), baby food (apple puree), a handful of nuts since morning (for fat content of milk and development of brains of the baby, the main thing is no more than a handful, differently milk will be too fat), cookies unpretentious and invariable tea with milk! In total! On all this I perfectly lived, grew thin, and milk at me was - though for sale!

everything would be wonderful

I if not constant stresses. I got divorced from husband, on a nose state exams, training in a zone, mother did not help, the father is only material. And, managing the help only of girlfriends, I was depressed natural and normal for all given rise, and... at me milk was gone. “There now... At you as always not as at all...“ - the father stretched, and I wanted to cry - how now to be? Gallop in the next drugstore: “We need the best mix!!“

Solemnly we bear creation of Nestle firm home. All stood, the drumbeat - eats!! Thank God! Thanks to all, applause. To the baby was slightly more than a month. But we steadily gained weight, slept all night long and ate only at 6 in the morning, got stronger, but here an ill luck - began to crap badly! Bought acidified milk formula - in a tummy as by request again!

time to eat “big food“ Came, and we parted a squash in a small bottle, but here meat food there are we flatly refused.“ Greene Pis“ exults! Being going to hear from the authoritative father “the prigovorny phrase“ about “as always“, we resorted to cunning, and with porridge began to add to a small bottle on a spoon of meat mash … And about a miracle - our Miracle it eats!

Now we big and strong, beautiful and remarkable. We eat everything - to us year, and here the little sister, rhythmically smacking the lips, eats the mother`s milk and extra kilos which are carelessly gathered during her careful incubation!! Nurse and be beautiful!