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We and our children of

this year our family solemnly sent the child to kindergarten.

Waited for this day with horror, believed that the child will not want to go to a garden for this reason in advance made the mass of efforts on the choice of kindergarten and an opportunity to get according to the choice that, you see, is hard presently.

the Choice was small

- or in beautiful, well-groomed with the despot - the manager`s extortioner (actually therefore it and beautiful), or in ragged and kind. Thought and decided that infinite change of tutors within a year from the aggressive manager is not necessary at all, and here the personnel working for 20 years at one place is that “the doctor registered“.

we Go to this garden with pleasure, the child has a hysterics if the garden has to be passed, the group was selected remarkable, and tutors with the nurse good fellows, one “but“ - parents.

It is just that stumbling block which you do not expect at all, especially when the child the first, and you face these questions for the first time.

the Manager of our garden - very clever person with legal education, she does not suit any requisitions, by own efforts does repair according to the allocated funds. Generally, all as at communism. The type of a garden is, respectively, a little simple, there are huge old, wooden windows. In a toilet in a good shape of a seat mat, but they wooden, and on them children cannot sit, the elementary children`s game furniture in the minimum quantity. In the territory of a garden of steam of hills, steam of cars of times of our childhood and steam of sandboxes. We were lucky - in the street territory of our group there is a swing, a small lodge and a sandbox.

Looked at

on all this, decided that parents will be absolutely agree with what to children in group has to be good, they are all day there. It is actually important! Raised a question that as the garden violently does not raise money, and we pay only for food, it would be quite good to buy ourselves - what is the most important in group. Actually, it is the most successful option when the group independently is engaged in purchases, money does not leave on windows in the hall and in the physician`s office. Collected, bought, and all are happy.

But that is curious, nobody wants to hand over. From 27 people money handed over 12, and all understand that soon New year, it is necessary to give gifts to personnel.

We all want

that we were met by the kindest nurses and tutors, plowed up hands to our children with a tender smile, accurately wiped them noses and buttocks, did not raise on them a voice and at the same time worked for idea.

All of us perfectly understand

and we know that a salary of the nurse it is insignificant is small that on such salary there are or on circumstances, either fans, or loonies. We need fans, loonies absolutely are definitely not necessary to us. But as these people, fans of the business, on such salary which is eaten by journey will long keep if, God forbid, it is necessary to reach before work. All of us understand it, we see everything, as required mournfully we nod and we go on the affairs, and then if suddenly it turns out that the tutor leaves, in horror we rush to phone, with indignation we find out how it is possible.

kindergartens do not collect collecting at a rate of 250 rub on protection therefore several initiative parents offered, monthly to collect by

this year this sum independently on surcharge to the nurse and tutors. And what you think? Persons interested from all group 5 people were taken!

All paradox that when you come to establishment and you are presented with a fait accompli collecting you pay

them without reflecting because so it is necessary. And when you have to make the decision to steadily give the money, independent such decision, problems begin. We begin to think, as - that we go to a garden not often and at all not that is the sum, nothing it will help, but for these 250 - 300 rub it is possible to buy, for example sausage half a kilo, and even kilogram if is cheaper and if in a year to calculate, then it is the whole tank of gasoline … So why to pay, the child and so, it seems, goes, glanced - everything normally and what there where and well to think of it, well will think, seat mats wooden why to them new soft or plastic without acute angles?

Parents, regain consciousness! Your children communicate with the nurse who did not sink into a faint due to starvation only thanks to food in a kindergarten, your children go to a toilet, change the shoes on a cold tiled floor and play under windows from which not just blows, near which carries away in spite of the fact that they were stuck. These are your children daily from 8:00 to... communicate with people whose earnings language does not rise to call a salary, and at the same time we demand from them oho - go what. They have to understand ours position, and we it is not obligatory, why, as - nibud itself will manage.

Here it, our Russian line - perhaps. Therefore it is necessary to push gifts individually and what to do if it is organized, with due respect and with gratitude it is impossible …

I do not tell

Ya about the parents alone raising children or about parents having many children, - their minimum. If to us to spit on the children and people who work with them from early morning to late evening 5 days a week what else can be told? We long ago in crisis, only our crisis in the head and education rather in its absence.