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Hallo! - We look for the father! (part 2) of

Part 1 can be read here.
“misfortune“ I shared

with Milka . She, of course, sympathized with me and, having like the device of my private life, threw idea to descend for the evening “Subjects, to whom for thirty“. “Why is also not present? In life there is everyone!“ - Milka persuaded. Its arguments looked convincingly, and I gave up. Really, there is everyone, someone is lucky, maybe to me will carry this time. There - that is visible all at once and as I am already “old bird“, accumulated experience in love affairs, now - me you will not carry out. I will have not only “ears on the top“, and I all am alert. I counted the favourite dress unhappy and replaced it with a business suit, and here it was necessary to leave shoes, painfully they were good, plus “a fighting coloring“, and I am irresistible again.

the Situation at evening was quite sincere . The group consisted of sixteen people, eight women and eight men. At first we drank tea, talked, looked narrowly, and then there were dances. I took notice of the retired captain. To it it was far for forty, graying hair, stubborn scattering of dense eyebrows and a majestic bearing of the professional military. Apparently, I to it attracted too, we danced, joked, his hand smoothly slid on my backbone, it was cheerful and very pleasant. Nikolay suggested to finish evening at one “lovely“ small restaurant, where serve spiny lobsters and frog legs, and after to take a walk in the city. Certainly, I agreed without hesitation. The small restaurant actually was pretty, frog legs by miracle of culinary art, and evening magnificent. We long wandered about the central small streets. At us it appeared much in common, we looked nearby ideally and, in general, were created for each other. And small karapuzik, according to Nikolay, would make our union in general indestructible.

Absolutely incidentally we turned out

near Nikolay`s house, and it as the true gentleman, invited the lady, to a coffee cup. Nikolay inspired full confidence, and to me it was so good near it that I did not resist and, secretly triumphing, joyfully agreed.

We rose by the eighth floor, and Nikolay gallantly opened before me the door of the barchelor den. The one-room apartment which is carefully turned into studio by the imagination of the owner was arranged modestly, but with taste. In the dwelling reigned bezhevo - brown scale that pleasantly weakened and adjusted on a romantic harmony. The atmosphere was so having and cozy that at me did not remain what doubts that the tender and kind being lives in these rooms. While tender feelings gushed over me, Nikolay seemed me a big teddy bear who was almost at everyone in the childhood the most favourite toy.


It is pleasant surprised with what was seen, I for a second tarried, without deciding to enter the room and to step in shoes into a beautiful soft carpet. While I thought to remove or not to take off shoes, Nikolay decided to take the initiative. Having gently taken me under lokotochek, he sent me to absolutely other party. Very softly, but persistently my “helmsman“ brought me to a bathroom. I thought that it has to be in its purposeful and persistent spirit “to take occasion by the forelock“. Well that, determination and aggressiveness - not the worst male qualities.


Ya to see a snow-white bathtub, aromatic candles, a female terry dressing gown, anything, but only not that saw actually. The bathtub was up to the top filled with dirty things, shirts, trousers, the lower and bed linen, handkerchiefs mountains lay on a tiled floor and lianas curled on a coil. I puzzly looked at Nikolay. My captain, it is dazzling smiling, quietly, with the hidden threat in a voice, measuredly uttering each word, said:“ You will not wash yet - from here you will not leave“. Was developed and went to drink coffee.

my “beloved“ looked like “Iron Felix“, it was senseless to contradict it, and attempt to flight could bare such lines of its character from which, even at one thought, I felt ill at ease. An exit was not. Time - the twelfth hour, is a lot of washing, and tomorrow early in the morning it is necessary to manage to take away from Milki Pavlik before its leaving for work and to manage still to get in time on the, more or less respectable look.

my feelings and emotions which overflowed me in this stormy night let will remain secret. I wished only one - to finish and leave quicker. As my tyrant had no washing machine, I had to erase manually. I coped only to six o`clock in the morning. Insufferably the waist ached, the hands corroded by powder hurt, the head hooted, and I just was ready to drop from legs.“ The real colonel“ all - gave to drink me coffee, made couple of sandwiches with sausage and as it very much wanted to sleep, hurried to show the door me from the den. At parting he gallantly kissed to me a hand and, everything, is also dazzling smiling, suggested to call on still.

Devastated, broken, dejected in early hour I stood on the doorstep of the Milkiny apartment. My friend with the eyes burning with curiosity took an interest whether successfully I descended for the evening and, knowingly inspecting me, asked couple of questions of night which, judging by my look, I carried out very violently. Nothing remained to me how to tell that everything was just magnificent, but I will share impressions with it next time. Milka joyfully began to nod and somehow strange looked at my fingers on which after “stormy night“ for some reason bright spots bloody grazes reddened.

my gallant captain for a long time discouraged at me to search of the husband . I looked at all men if with hatred then with vigilance, they to me seemed a deep dark whirlpool in which sharp reefs are hidden. To rush to a whirlpool with the head to me it was ceased to want, and I did not decide to be let in silent swimming yet. Suddenly pulled me on spiritual food. I began to re-read Pushkin and even mastered “to Kreytserov the sonata“ Tolstoy. There was a wish to descend in KDS and to look at “Romeo and Juliette“ Prokofiev. All free time I devoted only Pavlika and incessantly answered his numerous, same questions in the majority.

B one of warm days of “Indian summer“ I decided to go with Pavlik to Kuskovo . I did not doubt what there will be pleasant to it. He with pleasure ran on the paths covered with gravel, is attentive and even with understanding considered statues and tried to get with legs on a satin sofa of princes Sheremetev. We stayed in the estate till the evening, walked in the park, played at hide-and-seek and played the fool. For all day the person of a pleasant look periodically caught sight to me. It seemed, he watched us, and it gave him pleasure. Several times our views were crossed, but acquaintance did not interest me. When we with Pavlik were going to leave, “the pleasant person“ caught up with us at an exit and as if apologizing, stretched to Pavlik apple. “You have a wonderful kid“, - he said in low tones and smiled. His smile was so kind and light that I could not but smile in reply...

What is it? the Gift of mercy Destiny or the next trick of Fortuna which did not want to turn to me even sideways before? And there can be it Lyubov...?