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Councils for successful breastfeeding of

Feeding of the child a breast is predetermined by the woman`s nature. However to neglect process - means, to make a mistake.

is Commented by Elena Reztsova, the candidate of medical sciences, the associate professor, the pediatrician of the highest category.

Each woman is individual

in functional abilities of mammary glands, and everyone is allocated with ability to fully raise the child. As it is correct to feed and what problems can arise is the first main issues in life of mother and kid.

Good nutrition, the day regimen including a day dream, walks in the fresh air, absence of stresses, positive emotions, support of the family of people for you - it can be taken as a basis of full and long feeding. Also you will be helped by some simple councils and products checked by time.

Mother needs to be trained by

in technology of breastfeeding. Though at the child the sosatelny instinct is also developed, he waits that mother will teach him to suck a breast correctly. That is why the role of other skilled mothers and public consultants in training of concrete couple “mother-the child“ is so important.

Exclude all types of feeding of the newborn from a bottle or in a different way before mother applies it to a breast that at the child installation on any other feeding, except chest was not created.

needs to refuse frequent control weighings of the kid. The most significant indicator of whether the child of milk suffices, work of its secretory system, i.e. number of urinations in days is - them there have to be not less than 10 (it is considered by quantity of wet diapers).

“To feed with

on demand“ means: in response to any concern of the child to put it to a breast and to feed until the kid himself does not release a breast. Maternal milk is not only food. Feeding by a breast - process of communication of the child with mother. And the kid can demand communication with mother more often than food.


additional decantation of milk after each feeding. The breast produces milk constantly - so much how many it is necessary for the child. The more you are decanted, the more milk remains the unclaimed child. It causes problems with a lactation and various diseases of a breast. Decantation is necessary in case of involuntary separation of mother with the child (for example, at mother`s exit to work).

As the feeding mother you need as well full-fledged drink, for example, in the form of fruit juice and the HiPP Natal tea drinks as feeding by a breast considerably increases your need for vitamins and mineral substances.

in case of reduction of amount of breast milk (gipogalaktiya) at you, including during the periods of laktatsionny crises, we recommend to use tea for nursing mothers of HiPP Natal. Extracts of herbs which are natural stimulators of a lactation are a part of tea: anise, nettle, fennel, caraway seeds, melissa. it is very convenient to p to take

the packaged HiPP Natal as it is possible to calculate the exact number of bags In trips and not to carry superfluous.