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… And the frost is not terrible!

Winter with its constant satellites frosts and winds - severe seasons, especially for kids. How to protect children`s skin from influence of the damaging factors of environment and, first of all, from cold damp air, to ensure it comfort and safety during the winter period?

On the of the anatomist - to physiological features the child`s skin considerably differs in

of Feature of children`s skin from the adult`s skin. The external layer, epidermis, consists of one - two layers of thin cages whereas at the adult it is several. The average cellular layer of the newborn is also much thinner, than at the adult therefore skin of the kid is more sensitive to irritation and physical impact, is vulnerable. Density of an arrangement of sweat glands at children is much higher, than at adults therefore it is more difficult for baby to control loss of moisture and temperature condition; the thermolysis is considerably raised. Thereof high sensitivity to changes of ambient temperature is observed.


Why needs to protect gentle children`s skin from cold and wind? by

On cold slow down processes of work of sebaceous glands, blood supply and food of skin. Besides, sensitive children`s skin is quickly dehydrated and loses elasticity. Shortage of vitamins and winter bad weather provoke coarseness of skin, dryness, a peeling and reddening.

the Cosmetics against frosts

is included Into group of the modern means of protection interfering influence of cold a number of foreign and domestic children`s cosmetic lines. However the high cost of foreign production limits a possibility of its wide and long use. Besides, as a rule, each firm can offer the buyer of only 1 - 2 means protecting from a frost, - the range is very limited. Therefore it is worth paying attention to highly effective means of the Morozko series from the campaign “Avanta“. The Morozko series - the first special brand of winter cosmetics which includes four most necessary means for protection of skin of the child in the winter.

--> the Morozko Series includes


  • universal children`s winter Morozko cream
  • the children`s winter Mittens hand cream
  • children`s winter cream for the person “Ruddy Cheeks“
  • children`s winter hygienic Morozko lipstick.

These means passed clinical tests and are approved by MNII pediatrii i detskoy hirurgii Rosmedtekhnology Federal State Institution

the Cosmetics for the smallest the Avanta company does not contain perfumery fragrances and dyes, it is recommended to application for children with hypersensibility of the skin inclined to allergic reactions.

of Gipoallergennost of cosmetics - here one of significant features of this brand as in recent years the tendency to an allergization of children and increase of cases of atopic dermatitis including when using creams of some foreign firms is noted.

the Line of cosmetics of “Morozko“ is available to

at the price. It is the important factor attracting more and more buyers and providing stable demand. In production of creams of this series acetate tocopherol use, or vitamin E is new (in Mittens and Ruddy Cheeks creams). It protects skin from adverse effects, is antioxidant and a source of natural reducers of a hydrolipidic layer of skin - hyaluronic acid, tseramid, polynonsaturated fatty acids, and also phytoactive connections.


by the Moscow scientific research institute of pediatrics and children`s surgery Rosmedtekhnology proved a preventive orientation of the children`s cosmetic Morozko series. Besides, when using the medical effect at the heylita and dermatitis caused by action of cold is expressed. At all children is after use of cream or hygienic lipstick significantly expressiveness of reaction to cold decreased or stopped. By-effects (dermatitis, an itch) are noted.

we Go for a walk!

needs to apply to

In 20 - 30 minutes prior to an exit to the street with a uniform thin layer cream on open parts of the body of the child. “Ruddy cheeks“ - the children`s winter face cream protecting skin from an obvetrivaniye and frostbite. At the expense of the vitamins A which are contained in it and E (antioxidants) it quickly eliminates dryness and a peeling of skin. Besides, in cold weather kids often have a cold, and mothers, wiping a nose, injure gentle skin around the nasal courses. Cream interferes with emergence of reddening and cracks around a nose. “Ruddy cheeks“ eliminate negative reactions from influence of environment and support an epidermalny barrier in integrity. skin of hands before walk it is better for p to grease

In cold days with the children`s winter hand cream of “Mitten“ , containing vitamins E and F which well soften skin and protect from adverse effects surrounding environments. Allantoin and extract of a camomile calm the angry skin, possess the healing action.


For sensitive children`s skin specially developed the universal children`s cream “Morozko“ protecting skin from wind and avitaminosis. It can also be used in addition for prevention of an intertrigo at children. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and regenerating action this means will allow to cope with the intertrigo caused by an excessive ukutyvaniye of the kid easily.

needs to apply with

Before an exit to the street on lips to the kid children`s hygienic lipstick of the Morozko series . It has a pleasant smell, it well softens lips, the obvetrivaniye, emergence of cracks and zayed at the expense of a complex of curative oils, vitamins A and F warns, and extract of a camomile provides anti-inflammatory action.

Kids at care of whom the cosmetics of “Morozko“ is used, can make long walks in the fresh air which develop ability to adapt to the changing environmental conditions in the growing organism. Kids aged about one year it is possible to put to sleep in the open at a temperature not below - 10 … - 12 °C without wind.

needs to accustom the child not to be afraid of drafts, to walk in any weather. But the good health of the child depends on that, appropriate care of gentle skin is how competently and in due time carried out.

of M. V. Besedin,
pediatrician, ssistent departments of pediatrics of MGMSU, edging. medical sciences