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Application of

What is application? Many mothers right there remember own childhood, the severe teacher in kindergarten who explained with a strict voice that where it is necessary to paste. From such memoirs it becomes chilly, and does not want to glue it any more.

A meanwhile, application - the most fascinating world which you can open for yourself and the children! It is the world of the imagination and game, magnificent transformations, surprising opening and magic fairy tales!

When you will become skilled in it, you will find out that any trifles can be used literally.“ From scraps, and stuff and any litter“, from what for certain will be near at hand in any house it is possible to create surprising compositions.

What it is useful to you for work?

the Thick cardboard from boxes, PVA glue, brushes for glue, salty dough, plasticine, grain (buckwheat, a semolina, corn, salt, millet), haricot of all grades, red and green lentil, buttons, any pharmaceutical herbs, buttons, threads, napkins, a crepe paper, a tracing-paper.

can Glue literally all!

On age and skill of participants depends a little what you will begin with. If you want to stick together something with children of one and a half - two years, then consider that the most part of work should be done everything - to mother, but if you can everything correctly to organize, then the kid will derive the mass of pleasure.

Here, for example, you with the kid went by pet-shop, glanced there - and long considered aquariums. The kid delighted considered small fishes, and now and speaks only about them. Well, look for houses the book with the stories and pictures representing sea inhabitants, and then safely get down to business. First of all, we need a background - for example, the sheet of blue paper, and is even better - a leaf of a thick cardboard which you together with the kid will paint with gouache in Xing - green color.

of Ur, water is ready. Farther not to do without mother. Mother draws contours of fishes, starfishes, jellyfishes, sea horses, crabs on a color cardboard. If your child is already able to cut out accurately, then let will make it, and kids will be helped by mother. So, fishes are ready - bright, elegant, all flowers and the sizes. You together drip glue and paste small fishes - a flock of violet narrow small fishes, the important yellow big fish, a white starfish, brown sea horses - all will be the place in your aquarium.

But fishes - there is more to come! Now we need to make a sea bottom - or an aquarium. On bottom edge of a leaf we pour a thick layer of PVA glue and on it we have pebbles and cockleshells (instead of pebbles with success there can be same fasolina or peas), and also a sand (which role the semolina or corn grits will play.) More coarse sand can be represented by means of millet or buckwheat.

So, fishes are, pebbles are, but something else is missing. Let`s look narrowly - and right there we will guess that we urgently need beautiful seaweed. So, we move off on the house in searches of seaweed. Well - whether there will be no something suitable in a mother`s sewing casket? Indeed! An excellent green woolen thread which can be pasted bunches on a bottom that it represented a sea grass.

Needs only to frame our aquarium and to wait until everything dries.

If your child loves Marshak`s verses, you can try to make illustrations to “The multi-colored book“. The sea blue page at us is already ready. Let`s try to make the Green page now. We can take already ready green color paper and paste it on a cardboard, and we can paint with all shades green a leaf of a thick cardboard - as it is pleasant to whom more. It is not too good to do application on a thin basis as from glue thin paper can warp.

we Will look at

what there everything begins with?

“This page of green color,
Means, on it - constant summer.
If here I could go in,
Ya on this page would lie down!“

If mother makes bold to cut out the boy lying on a grass - it is fine! If is not present - well, so we will do without it. Further transfer of any inhabitants of the Green Page follows.

of of
“Wander in a grass gold small insects,
All blue as turquoise,
Sat down, shaking, on a nimbus of a camomile,
As if the color plane - a dragonfly“

Means, the action program is clear - we cut out any bugs, worms and small insects, several white camomiles, couple of butterflies, a blue dragonfly. We can add from ourselves any other flowers, for example, hand bells or a clover. If you have though a piece of a green crepe paper, can paste from it a fringe that the grass was more volume. If you have a stock of medicinal herbs, can paste florets of “a sandy immortelle“ which is on sale, by the way, in any drugstore. The application made of different materials looks far better, and it is not more difficult to paste the dried florets, than paper.

we Will assume

, your boy adores machines, and is for days on end ready to roll them and to bibikat. An excellent occasion to stick together the city - with high houses, traffic lights and various cars, buses, trams.

B one and a half - two years not only boys, but also little girls with pleasure will paste wheels and headlights, will help you to make the truck with the trailer.

If one of the first words of your child was “tractor“, then it is possible to try to stick together the picture about building: cranes, tractors, trucks. You can even make lamps along the street and paste small pieces of a foil as bulbs! Heaps of sand which trucks bring on building as we already know, can be represented, having filled a little corn grits, pipes on building can be replaced with macaroni or vermicelli, and asphalt on the road can be represented a satin ribbon of suitable color.

If you only wish

, any cardboard box can turn with your help into garage for cars or a lodge for a doll. It is worth pasting over garage outside with suitable paper, to make doors (and if it is a lodge, then except a door also windows are necessary). If you want to give in passing developing classes, you can make for the blue machine garage of blue color, and for the red machine - red though, the right, it is not obligatory at all.

Can do to

application not only by means of glue, but also by means of plasticine or the salty test.

Mother cuts out a template of a small fish from a thick cardboard in advance, then they together with the kid close up all small fish with the test - and stick scales, that is biserinka.

can make by

A salty dough color, for example, blue, having added to it a little blue gouache, then dough at us will represent the sea. Thick flat cake of such tinted test can be plopped on a paper plate and to thrust the same cardboard small fishes, starfishes, pebbles, cockleshells, grass bushes. The aquarium, but absolutely another will turn out.

can stick together the most various pictures from autumn leaves in the Fall. It is possible just to dry up leaves of a birch, a maple, a mountain ash (or in the book, or to iron through the newspaper the iron), and then to paste them on the sheet of blue paper - the leaf fall will turn out. It is possible to draw on this blue leaf trunks of trees in advance, and then already to glue leaves. Trunks of trees can be drawn with gouache, and it is possible more interestingly: for example, to drip on paper black ink, to incline a little a leaf that the drop, flowing down, formed a tree trunk, and then to blow on an ink drop through a tubule from juice. Ink will spread according to a leaf, forming cunning interlacings of thin lines - branches. It is possible then except dry leaflets, to paste still the dried berries of a mountain ash and a chernoplodka.

If you want

simple means to make beautifully, then application for this purpose very well approaches. Let`s assume, you love birdies, then you can try to stick together such picture: you fill in a nest from a thick cardboard on the plane with PVA glue, and on glue you spread thick woolen threads which represent branches and sticks. It is necessary only to place a nest on a branch of the drawn tree, and in a nest to paste mother - a birdie and couple of chickabiddies.

A can cut out a contour of a birdie from a cardboard, to stick around it plasticine or the salty test, to make a tail of threads, ribbons, and bright rags of fabric, scraps of color napkins, plumelets from beads, spangles or grain, eyes from a black bead or a pea.

the cardboard flowers and hearts decorated with different grain and natural materials Very beautifully look. In general, application on a figured basis - for example, on round, or in the form of an asterisk, turns out especially well. If on a blue circle to fill month and stars, the night sky will turn out. (By the way, there is a vermicelli in the form of asterisks, and there is also a confetti!)

Or a green round lawn with flowers. Or a round blue aquarium with small fishes and starfishes. Try, solve! At you surely it will turn out!

as a round basis you can take

ordinary paper plates, fill in them with glue and decorate at your discretion. It is possible to make a landscape, and it is possible - a portrait, everything depends only on your imagination! Let`s assume, you distribute to all guests on a paper plateau and ask everyone to make a portrait of the clown. As eyes figured macaroni, a nose from a half of a skorlupka of a walnut, companies from the rolled napkins, hair from woolen threads and tapes can approach. If you manage to persuade not only children, but also adults, then the gallery of clowns will be very interesting and unusual, and will for a long time be remembered to all of you!

If you want to make by

a big overall picture with participation of many children, then application is a good exit. It is possible to be engaged in it, for example, on children`s birthday or at the dacha in rainy weather. Take a leaf of a Whatman paper or just a piece of old wall-paper, charge to the senior children to draw a background: earth, sky, roads, grass. Then you can give to each participant the cut-out figures, and let paste below - lodges, cars, florets, in the sky - the sun, clouds, birdies, planes and td. It is possible to represent animals in the wood, and let one paste birdies on the sky and on a branch of trees, butterflies over a grass, and others will be engaged in animals, florets, mushrooms and bugs. In the end it is possible to paste below pebbles and a sand.

Kids till 2 years cannot make a small speck of glue yet - means, we smear with glue all basis, and then we fill it. PVA glue is very convenient for work, but it inedible therefore with the most small children it is better to use flour or starched paste.

If you work as

with the test or with glue, prepare in advance and put a rag or wet towel wipes for a wipe of hands nearby. Many children at this age are very fastidious, and very much do not like “to soil hands“ therefore some children do not like to mold at all.

Designing from pieces well turns out with children not more young 2. 5 - 3 years when children already well speak phrases. With such children you can make traditional pictures: a snowman from 3 circles of the different size, a lodge, the bus with wheels and windows - to children it usually is pleasant. And it is possible to make a snowman and in a different way: mother draws glue on color paper a contour of a snowman, and the kid fills a semolina or small scraps of white napkins on glue. Very snow snowman turns out!

Can make a magic trunk - to paste over a box from - under footwear pieces of color paper, a foil, a film, fabric, napkins. Similar occupations it is good to p to select

according to weather. In the fall if the winter does not come in any way, it is possible to glue leaves in a pool or snow and dirt - from cotton wool and tow. It is possible to add lodges there, and between houses to draw or paste paths.

it is good to p to glue a basket with vegetables, compote in bank, a hedgehog with mushrooms and apples in the Fall.

Can glue a miracle - a tree with boots and stockings, boots and slippers, and it is possible - an apple-tree with apples and leaves.

can make by

very beautiful stained-glass window Of a color tracing-paper, or to paste over a glass jar. And it is possible to enclose between two layers of an ordinary tracing-paper, say, a dry leaflet, and then to insert all this into a beautiful window from a cardboard.

Can impose on paper a template - for example, the leaf of a maple - and over it to splash a liquid water color or gouache by means of an old toothbrush. Then we remove a leaf - it remained white, and all the rest in specks. Children usually like to splash paint on paper, but consider that paint at the same time will get not only there where you would like.

it is possible to paste on a big blue leaf snowflakes in the Winter from thin paper which children cut out with mothers together.

For application it is good to p to use raznofakturny material - a crepe paper, fabric, tapes, a foil, a cardboard.

Work with scissors

If you are engaged in application, then not to do you without scissors! Very much children like scissors “zig-zag“, them it is possible to cut out any jewelry, grass, seaweed.

Scissors which you give to children have to cut well paper, without rumpling and without having a snack on it, besides these scissors have to have the rounded-off ends, and it is convenient to lie in a hand.

Work with scissors is very useful to

to development of small motility. Parents usually are afraid of scissors, and long do not give them to children though in 2 years kids can gradually learn to cut. And in three - four years children can perfectly cut out and paste!

How to teach the two-year-old to cut off paper pieces? At first mother holds the tense paper strip, and the child takes scissors two hands, and cuts a strip on small pieces - for example if for a lodge it is necessary to make a pipe or windows.

it is important to p to use keywords, for example: “Kus!“ Or: “Chick!“ It is possible to cut tapes, threads and to do of them nests or a grass. When the kid masters scissors, he can be fond so that he will cut up not one leaf! Well, apply the imagination, and think up as it is possible to stick together together from these pieces something beautiful and unusual!