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Work with a muscular armor of

When we express emotions, the resource prepared by an organism in due time is used and muscles relax. But most often we are not able to express anger or fear so that not to harm ourselves or to people, we do not want to know about these feelings and feelings of our relatives, preferring to suppress them. A body it is impossible to deceive, and the fact that we hide from others and from own consciousness, remains in it in the form of tension. Such chronic tension of muscles of a body is called “a muscular armor“. Gradually it ceases to be noticed, and the person lives, even without suspecting about it.

the Muscular armor imperceptibly does the bad serious work:

of People, loaded with energy, cheerfulness radiates, it is less sensitive to climatic changes, does not depend on weather conditions. The person who has deficiency of energy surely reacts both to a rain, and to pressure differences, and to change of length of light day. It is known that the people inclined to a depression, worst of all feel in the winter and at the beginning of spring when even the strong organism is a little exhausted.

Unproductive power consumption on maintenance of a muscular armor leads

to the fact that unconsciously the person strives for economy of energy. For this purpose it reduces the communication, is fenced off from the outside world.

of the Movement, a bearing, a characteristic look - all this is developed gradually as a result of the most often used combination of tension and relaxation of muscles which became habitual. And all this expresses our main living positions, thoughts, installations, expectations and beliefs which, in turn, cause quite certain emotional state.

the Following exercises help to weaken muscular clips and are quite available to independent performance. However they will not help if you execute them only several times. Take yourself for the rule to do them daily and devote them, at least, half an hour. Of course, you do not need to be engaged in all at once. At first do them several times. Then establish for yourself sequence in which you will be engaged in them, and master in turn. Later you will understand what occupations give the greatest effect and are more necessary for you.

we Will begin

with the top ring of clips which passes through a mouth and a throat.

1. The mouth

the Squeezed mouth blocks all transfer of feelings. But the mouth is the very first communication channel. We kiss those to whom we want to express the tenderness and love.

When we forbid ourselves to feel melancholy for love, leaning on a bitter experience which says to us that the love can bring only pain and disappointment, this deduction of needs of nature of the person is reflected in a clip of area of a mouth. The same occurs when we forbid ourselves to put into words the feelings. The squeezed mouth leads also to communication violation, and all together - to a dissatisfaction with life.

to weaken blocks around a mouth, it is necessary to carry out the following exercise systematically.

Lay down in an embryo pose, that is, lying on one side, tighten knees, put hands, having crossed them on a breast. About this pose speak still “to curl up“. Begin to do the sosatelny movements by lips. Do it as long as possible - until lips can suck. After that relax and lie down a little more.

during performance of this exercise many people begin to cry. It occurs because rises and the suppressed melancholy for caress and security begins to leave long ago. Do not restrain at all. Sobbing all over is useful. It helps to discharge the saved-up negative tension not only around a mouth, but also in all body. Children always sob entirely - from the head to legs. And then them learn to restrain.

2. Jaws, a throat and vocal chords

tension Ring in a throat corresponds to unconscious protection against the compelled “swallowing“ unpleasant from the outside. At the same time it is unconscious preservation of control over sensation of fear, protection against those feelings and reactions which, according to the person, can be condemned and unacceptable for others.

the Squeezed jaws block any sound trying to break outside. The same ring clamps also vocal chords. The sound of a voice makes impression that the person speaks tensely, it is difficult for it to give to sounding different intonations. Sometimes the voice becomes monotonous, sometimes hoarse or hoarse, and sometimes too high. It occurs because the muscles participating in sound education become inactive.

the Squeezed lower jaw is equivalent

to the words “they will not pass“. The person as if does not wish to admit to himself undesirable people, but also to release those who live in soul, do not want too. It is closed and cannot accept changes which are inevitable in life.


When to an organism needs more energy, for example, when he was tired or wants to sleep, the mouth has to be widely open for fuller breath. For this purpose we yawn. At a zevaniye the ring of tension which includes the muscles setting a jaw in motion is temporarily released, and it affects a mouth, a throat and a throat, widely opening them to pass the required air. Therefore to relax jaws, it is necessary to yawn.

Widely open a mouth and yawn. Do it in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

Blocks in jaws arise from - for the constrained desire to bite that at the psychological level means control of impulses of anger.


moderately elastic and moderately soft ball. It is possible to use the dog toys which are specially intended for this purpose. It is possible to take the twisted towel. Bite with all force. At the same time you growl, pull out a toy from own teeth, but do not weaken a sting. Enclose all rage, all anger which gathered in your soul in this process. When you are tired, relax jaws. At this time the lower jaw will fall, the mouth will be slightly opened.

Here two more ways to remove stress in the lower jaw.

  1. Lower the lower jaw. Press on chewing muscles at a corner of the lower jaw. If muscles are strongly strained, it can be painful. Regularly press through, a prominayta these muscles that promotes their relaxation.

  2. Push a chin forward and hold it in this position within 30 seconds. Move an intense jaw to the right, to the left, holding it pushed forward. Then open a mouth as it is possible more widely and note whether you will be able to open it so that between teeth three middle fingers of a palm were located one over another.

during performance of this exercise you can feel alarm or the increasing anger. It is good. Many people do not decide to unblock the emotions from - for fear not to cope with the gushed feelings. But emission of feelings in special conditions (for example, when performing exercises) does it process safe and very useful. At many people tension of muscles of a chin does not allow them to open a mouth widely.

are energetically connected by

of the Jaw with eyes. Tension in the lower jaw reduces inflow of energy to eyes and reduces visual opportunities. Expression “extinct eyes“ makes literal sense: the lack of nutrients, in particular from - for blocking in a jaw, influences an eye cornea, and it becomes less brilliant. And in the opposite direction: chronically constrained crying leads to tension in a jaw. That is why performance of exercises on release from clips often is followed by crying.

From - for the constrained desire to shout from pain and fear blocks in vocal chords arise. Therefore the best way to unblock clips in a throat - loud and long shout.

If you have an opportunity to shout with all the might (for example, in the wood or at the dacha when nearby there is nobody), shout. You shout of the sufferings, of the anger and disappointments. It is not necessary to pronounce words at the same time. Let it will be the uniform sound with a force leaving your throat.

Often such shout turns

into sobbing. It occurs from - for unblockings of emotions and it is very useful. Many people are not able to afford shout - conditions do not allow, or clips are so strong that shout is impossible. Then you can carry out the following exercise.

Place a thumb of the right hand of the lower jaw one centimeter lower than a corner, and a middle finger - in similar position in other side of a neck. Support continuously this pressure and begin to make sounds, at first it is silent, and then increasing loudness. Try to support a high-pitch tone.

Then move fingers on the middle of a neck and repeat long sounding of average tone. And then repeat the same, having squeezed muscles at the neck basis, at the same time make low sounds.

However only one exercises for a throat cannot relieve

of all blocking caused by keeping of emotions. The following belt of muscular clips is at the level of a breast.

3. The thorax and breath

At many people a thorax does not move together with breath. And breath - superficial and frequent or superficial and uneven. There are delays on a breath or on an exhalation. Alexander Louen said that protrusion of a thorax is a form of a call, disobedience as though the body speaks: “I will not allow you to approach me“. At other people the thorax is squeezed and never finishes completely. In language of a corporal metaphor it means:“ I am suppressed and I cannot take from life what it offers me“.

Clips of a chest belt cause breath violations. And any difficulties in respiratory process also cause fear. When the person does not realize the true reason of fear, he becomes disturbing and looks for this reason in world around.

to check whether you have trouble breathing, execute the following exercise.


In a sitting position on a chair by the usual voice:“ And - and - and“, looking at a second hand of hours. If you are not able to hold a sound within 20 seconds, it means that you have trouble breathing.

can Weaken a muscular ring around a breast by means of a breathing exercise. Such way of breath is called by the name of Louen - the psychotherapist who developed a lot of various the technician of corporally focused therapy. There is a special chair for such breath. But in house conditions to carry out louenovsky breath it is possible and as it is described in exercise. Experience showed that from it it does not become less effective.

Lay down across a sofa so that feet without footwear stood on a floor, and buttocks slightly overhung. Under a waist put the roller (for example, it is possible to curtail densely the roller a wadded blanket) so that the thorax was most developed, the head and a back - are lower than a waist. Put hands over the head palms up.

Begin to breathe deeply and seldom. Often it is impossible to breathe, it will be already other technology of breath which is carried out only with the assistant as there can be side effects. You breathe so within 30 minutes. If suddenly you begin to cry, either to sob all over, or to laugh - be not confused. It is the good reaction demonstrating release of the suppressed emotions blocked in muscular clips. When muscular clips relax, energy is released and seeks to leave. That is why it is so important not to constrain the arising reactions, and to allow them to proceed freely. If you constrain them, they will not be otreagirovana again and again form a muscular clip. At you the head can be turned - lie down quietly after exercise performance until dizziness passes. At the beginning you can want to sleep after performance of this exercise - fall asleep if there is such opportunity, but only after exercise performance. Your feelings or reactions can change. There can be prickings, twitchings and other feelings in hands, legs, a back. Perhaps, you will want to knock legs. Generally, feelings and reactions can be the most different. Do not resist them, just watch them.

Do this exercise every day during the whole time of your self-therapy. After a while you will feel what positive impact is made by this technology of breath.

4. The diaphragm and a waist

the Following ring of muscular clips settles down around a diaphragm and a waist. This ring splits a body of the person on two half.

the Diaphragm is a muscle which participates in breath; it is reduced every time when the person feels fear. If the fear becomes chronic, the diaphragm is in constant tension, creating problems of breath and provoking emergence of predisposition to experience of fear. Thus there is a vicious circle. The fear gives rise to a diaphragm clip, and the clip generates uneasiness.

the Diaphragm is located

over a waist which connects a thorax to a stomach and a basin. Muscular clips in this area create hindrances for passing of a stream of blood and feelings to genitals and legs, causing alarm which, in turn, leads to breath violation. And further again same vicious circle.

the Conclusion from all this only one: it is necessary to weaken chronic clips and to release the collected fear.

to check, your waist is how clamped or free

, do the following exercise.

Carry out this exercise standing. Put feet in parallel, knees are slightly bent, weight of a body is a little displaced forward. Raise hands with the bent elbows against height of shoulders. Brushes freely hung. Turn a body as much as possible to the left and keep in this position about a minute. Then turn a body to the right and about a minute remain in such situation. Pay attention to tension of muscles of a back and waist. Can you inhale in such situation the lower part of a stomach?

If breath is broken by

, and muscles are too strained or you feel pain in them, so around area of a diaphragm and a waist you developed a muscular armor.

For removal of chronic muscular tension in a waist in the best way is louenovsky breath which technology of performance you already know. Besides, it is useful to carry out the following exercises systematically.

  1. Lay down on a floor on a back, hands in the parties palms up, legs together. Bend legs in knees at an angle 90 °. Turn both legs at first to the left, so that the lower (left) leg completely laid down on a floor, and right lay on it; legs remain bent in knees. Then similarly turn legs to the right. At the same time the back to a waist remains pressed to a floor. Repeat exercise to 10 times.

  2. carry out the previous exercise Now, having complicated it. At turn of legs turn the head to the opposite side. Too carry out this exercise to 10 times.

  3. Get up on all fours, knees at an angle 90 °, you hold hands on which you lean straight lines. Bend a back in a waist down as far as it is possible, and then as much as possible curve a back up. Do up to 10 such movements.

  4. Get up on all fours as it is described in the previous exercise. Then slowly extend the straightened hands and the case forward, sliding on a floor until they almost entirely do not lay down on a floor. Your pose will remind a pose of the stretching cat. Stay some time in such situation and slowly tighten hands in an initial position. Do this exercise several times (so much how many you will master).

  5. Sit down on a floor, legs are slightly bent in knees and a little placed. Put palms on a nape. Incline a trunk to the left, trying that the elbow approached a floor as much as possible (ideal option if it concerns a floor). Stay in this situation some time. Then slowly become straight and repeat the same to the right side.

In spite of the fact that these exercises help to remove clips around a waist, for release from “congestions“ of impulses of their fear is not enough. The fear can be released only through release of the blocked anger. Work on unblocking of the emotion of anger which is the most condemned in society causes special fears in many people. What if she escapes outside an uncontrollable stream? What if consequences are repeatedly heavier, than emotional depression and a depression?

Actually emission of anger outside does in the special ways to

it safe as it is not saved any more, and is in due time discharged. The blocking belt of clips around a waist breaks integrity of the processes proceeding in a body, does it divided. Top and lower speak rapidly as if belong to two different people. At one upper body it is well developed, and a basin and legs small as if unripe. At others a basin full roundish, but the top half of a body small and narrow. Or the top half can be rigid and elastic, and lower soft and passive. Such development of a body speaks about inconsistency of the “top“ and “lower“ feelings.