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You eat, not that you will turn gray! You know

why recently young people so often turn gray? At all not from stresses at work: quite often diets and vegetarianism are guilty of a gray hair.

the Gray hair does not love blondes

asked Kant Once: “What women are most faithful to spouses - blondes, brunettes or brown-haired women?“ “Gray-haired“, - the philosopher answered.

A it is valid, than ladies of different color differ? Quantity of the painting pigments. They dispose of a natural hair color. Such pigments a little:

the Combination them among themselves determines by

our unique color of a head of hear. More intensively people with dark hair and skin turn gray and the gray hair at them is more noticeable. Blond turn gray much later. It is connected with the fact that more intensive reaction is necessary for maintenance of dark color, and with age its rates begin to decrease quickly.

The the head of hear is lighter than

, the hair-dye will longer not be required.

Emergence of silver threads in ringlets is programmed by

genetically, the trichologist Vladislav Tkachyov says. After 30 years, and even earlier, pigments it is developed less. If the healthy person is predisposed to a posedeniye, it is impossible to correct or stop process - before the modern science did not grow yet. However quite often it happens that emergence of “snow“ in hair is not connected in any way with when your grandfather turned gray. whether

the diet Can add years


Usually hair turn gray not all at once. As a rule, the gray hair ubelyat whisky, passes to the top and then gradually extends to all head. Sometimes the sudden posedeniye can cause influence of tireotropny hormone - for example, at diseases of a thyroid gland. As soon as work of a thyroid gland is adjusted, hair will gain normal color again.


established connection of a posedeniye with anemia, diseases of nervous system, activity of endocrine glands, a vitamin deficiency and long stay on the sun. Blame for an early posedeniye besides heredity is laid on viral diseases (herpes, a streptococcal infection) and autoimmune (pernitsiozny anemia, albinism).

Very often early posedeniye causes deficiency of iron in an organism. Then hair become thinner, drop out and intensively turn gray. But if to provide an organism with enough this microcell, they will become a thick and will darken. whether

Can turn gray for one night? Similar cases are difficult explainable
. It is considered that the pigmented hair cannot instantly lose color. In order that hair turned gray, in an organism there has to be a set of the reactions influencing synthesis and an exchange of pigments. But some experts consider that a gray hair is less sensitive to a stress, than pigmented. Therefore in case of the ultraboundary tension when the person loses many hair, at it pigmented hair, and gray-haired as more resistant, remain and become more noticeable drop out.

A a case most widespread today - an unexpected gray hair from - for a lack of an organism of protein of a tirozin. It contains in the basic in products of an animal origin therefore quite often the gray hair traps vegetarians and those who grow thin on a low-calorie diet. At such poor diet the organism has not enough tirozin and copper which participate in production of the painting pigments. And here the lady, only - only dumped several kilograms, faces a new problem - begins to turn gray sharply. Most often it happens to the women who gained weight during pregnancy, and after the delivery grew thin for short term. As a result young mother becomes “grandmother“ - loses many hair, and remained turn gray.

Interesting feature: if excludes animal protein from food of people of middle or advanced age when the metabolism goes more slowly, it does not affect a hair color in any way. But if young people pass into vegetarianism, not to avoid problems with hair.

the Limit reasonable

Of course if you all - navsy observe fitness - a diet (you reduce consumption of proteins in days of trainings), an early posedeniye does not threaten you. The main thing that in other days you received enough proteins and nutrients. Hair slowly react to changes in an organism therefore neither short-term diets, nor small systematic stresses significantly influence their state. Only serious long stresses or excessive hobbies for diets, vegetarianism and starvation are dangerous.

Fortunately, the premature posedeniye of hair caused by copper and proteinaceous insufficiency it is possible to correct. The main thing - as soon as early silver threads in hair noticed, hurry up to the doctor. Already general blood test will show, whether all as it should be with minerals. For more exact diagnostics it is necessary to check composition of proteins of a liver.