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Food of the gods. A persimmon of

Late fall on counters of our cities appear brightly - orange, yellow and reddish fruits of a persimmon. It is possible to regale on them usually about the Newest year.


the Persimmon - Diospyros - is translated from Latin as “food of the gods“. China is considered the homeland of a persimmon, from there it extended to Japan and to other Asian countries. The persimmon with black pulp and a green thin skin grows in Mexico, it and is called - a black persimmon. Indians of North America long since ate a wild persimmon which was to the taste not to the first immigrants. Despite it, further this persimmon began to be called a wild American persimmon. Fruits at it small, a little similar to grapes also have strong astringent taste. Indians removed it late fall and used most often in a dried look.

So far the persimmon did not ripen, it contains a large amount of tannin which, actually, and gives it viscosity. In process of maturing tannin disappears, and the fruit gains sweet.

Japanese or kaki which is so loved now around the world to America was brought in 1855 by the American admiral Mathew Perry from Japan which at that time was in voluntary isolation from other world.


knows about 500 types of a persimmon Now. The most part from them grows in tropics and small part - in a temperate climate.

the Persimmon is a tree from family Ebony, reaches ten meters in height. The persimmon usually with the first frosts ripens. Some botanists and gardeners compare a persimmon fruit by the form to a tomato. The weight of one fruit can reach up to 500 g

We most often eat a persimmon which is cultivated in the Crimea, in the Caucasus and in Central Asia. “Regulus“ - a grade which practically never knits enjoys the greatest love.

the Persimmon is widely used in cookery for preparation of yogurts, stuffings for pies; it is added to salads, do jelly, jam, kissels, compotes, fruit jelly of a persimmon, added to ice cream.

In Japan a persimmon is used at preparation to Saca. In other countries on its basis prepare beer, wine, cider. But generally of course, eat fresh for a dessert.

Fruits of a ripe persimmon not only are tasty

, but also are very useful to health. They consist of water, proteins, carbohydrates. Contain organic acids, tannins, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron. From vitamins B to a persimmon there is a vitamin C, B1, B2, PP, pro-vitamin A - carotene.

the Persimmon since ancient times was considered as a dietary product. From - for contents of pectin traditional medicine recommends it at diarrheas. The persimmon possesses bactericidal action - destroys hay and intestinal sticks.

the Glucose and fructose which are contained in a persimmon it is simple

- balm for “cores“. The high content of natural sugars feeds a cardiac muscle. And nutritionists say that the persimmon helps to lose excess weight. However to “sweet people“, that is sick diabetes, it is not necessary to abuse a persimmon, though it is considered that the persimmon does not increase the content of sugar in blood to dangerous line. But all - is better to be kept.

But the use of a persimmon protects kidneys: the persimmon possesses diuretic action, removes calcium salts. It is recommended and for prevention of colds.

recommends to rinse

At throat diseases, cough a throat solution from water and juice of a persimmon: 1 tablespoon of juice on 1/2 glass of warm water. It is not necessary to swallow liquid. Besides, the persimmon helps to keep working capacity in the gloomiest and dank season. If to eat several fruits in day, then it will be difficult to flu “to cling“. And at anemia the persimmon is simply irreplaceable!

Contained in a persimmon a beta - carotene keeps for many years good sight and interferes with aging of an organism.

Use a persimmon and in the cosmetic purposes. The small fruit or a half of big are cleared of a peel and seeds, kneaded, add a half-teaspoon of lemon juice and put on a face for 10 - 15 minutes. Then wash warm water, rinse cold and apply nutritious cream. After a course of such masks skin considerably looks younger, is poured by elasticity and freshness.

the Persimmon well transfers a freezing. For example, my husband cannot reconcile that after New year the persimmon disappears from counters, and fills fruits the refrigerator so we regale on it both in February, and in March.

I did not try to Dry a persimmon. And cooked jam - just from interest. It turned out quite tasty. (Large) cleared 8 resung fruits of a thin skin and seeds, kneaded, filled up with 2 glasses of sugar. Left for 1 hour. Then put on fire, brought to boiling and cooked on slow fire of 40 minutes. It is possible to try the same as usual jam, - to drip on a saucer. Does not spread - means, it is ready. A cover I did not close, stored under paper from November to summer.

Some gardeners - fans grow up a persimmon in house conditions. In a pot with store soil the sunflower seed which is washed out, dried and processed by a growth factor which sprouts approximately in two weeks is put. For successful emergence of a sprout the pot is placed in a cellophane sack and put to the warm place. Shutters at a persimmon seed dense, and sprouts fragile therefore it is necessary to help sprouts, to be exempted from shutters, but it is necessary to do it very carefully. In house conditions the tree does not grow more half a meter. It needs a permanent care in a look podkormok and cuttings - formations of krone.


I still to me likes in a persimmon the fact that she long lives. They say that in vicinities of Beijing still grow 500 - summer trees. So to live! Eat a persimmon on health and live long.