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What to read children of preschool age.

  • 28. 2. 2000 16:5:22, Kenga
    Dear mummies! I ask you to share what books are loved most of all by your children? Interests preschool age, i.e. 3 - 6 years. Children`s classics like Mikhalkov, Bartho, Chukovsky, Marshak and other, we, of course, read and what is loved by you from not such widespread things? And still question. We read “Down now to the magic river“, and I with horror:-) understood that I do not remember all these fairy tales where Vasilisa Prekrasnaya, Koshchey Bessmertny, the Nightingale - the robber, etc. appear. How these fairy tales are called?
    • of 1. 3. 2000 0:10:46, jul
      to us nearly 3, are pleasant rhymes Chukovsky, Pushkin, old books from the My First Books series, Ostera is readable “Fairy tales with details“ are pleasant, the child was wild about “Bad advice“ (they were pleasant to me too, there was no daughter yet, and I did not think that the child can take all enclosed councils on arms). Very much books from Suteev`s series were pleasant, we love books according to Disney`s animated films. But our market does not abound with abundance of editions. To Dnipropetrovsk carry literature not expensive, commercially successful. Very much it is pleasant to play on the computer, an unconditional hit - “My First Incredible Amazing Dictionary“ - the English children`s dictionary with pictures and animated cartoons.
    • 1. 3. 2000 12:16:6, Yulya Tell
      please where you bought a recreation center - ovsky My First Incredible Amazing Dictionary? I know, in general in this series there is a lot of useful, but on sale did not see anywhere...
    • 1. 3. 2000 12:25:1, Kenga
      of m. Marxist, Vorontsovskaya St., 41, WORD / SLOVO prod. 911 - 36 - 25, 912 - 06 - 45 Monday - Friday with 10 to 17, a break with 13 to 14. To this address at them both a warehouse and shop of all their production. This publishing house the Word - the only distributor (the dealer? broker?) Dorling Kindersli at us in Russia so they anyway will tell where to buy that it is necessary for you. I did not buy SD and did not ask since the love of the child to the computer something very strongly began to strain me: - (
    • 29. 2. 2000 23:47:47, Olga Borisova would like
      Ya that my son knew the Russian national fairy tales and fairy tales of the western classics. Unfortunately, many of them are not pleasant to me. (Recently read to the son the fairy tale “Small Torments“ which in the childhood very much loved. Now I cannot understand - for what. A banal story about the idler who was lucky.) The most part of folklore - cruel stories where acts of heroes are often not motivated, is a lot of aggression, relatives - the main enemies. But their nobility everything - is necessary - popular wisdom after all, concepts of the good and evil... Probably, we up to the end do not understand importance of this information, but it is necessary. I will not be able precisely to explain why I so consider, but it is sure: national fairy tales are necessary to children. Only it is worth looking for the best samples. At Mikhalkov did not find anything that would be pleasant. Soviet style. From Chukovsky we read a little too, but “Phone“ and the introduction to “Tarakan“ (bears went...) I consider as masterpieces in own way. But it is possible to do also without them.
    • 1. 3. 2000 4:1:20, Veronika P.
      At children some other perception of fairy tales. They represent them some “magic“. I, for example, when read to Karloson`s children, to tears felt sorry for the kid. So impudently obdurivat it and this fat self-satisfied glutton led by the nose :))) And my children are in love with it and houses play Karloson and his adventures. And about national fairy tales... You are right. How it is possible to grow up the Russian child who speaks Russian without the Russian national fairy tale? Well as? It is necessary “to filter“ a flow of the Russian fairy tales really. To choose what approaches on age and a state of mind of the baby.
    • 29. 2. 2000 10:52:57, Kenga
      most of all we love the Geographical atlas (Dorling Kindersli) and the Atlas of the person (I do not remember whose, it is calculated, in my opinion to feeling, it is rather on students, but the child loves awfully). Recently epidemic of the questions “What from What and as It Is Made?“ began and here the good book did not come across to me this subject: (I in the childhood the best-seller of years to 10 had a book which was called “From where things come“, and now I cannot find similar. Very much liked to consider the book “Atoms and molecules“ some translated, unusually beautiful, but began to read, and I with amazement learned that periodic table was opened not by Mendeleyev, and I do not remember who: - (But it is valid, interest in reference, encyclopedic books surprising, I did not even think what so happens. But as for fairy tales... I so understood that honor the Russian national fairy tales at anybody with a hit are not, I also, frankly speaking, somehow am not excited about them. But... WHETHER it is POSSIBLE NOT to KNOW THEM? How you think? And the second... I do not love Chukovsky too. Somehow to me all this “to the hare cut off legs and the doctor sewed them again“ and another, well I do not know... I am not excited. And Mikhalkov “Uncle Stepa“ something at me is direct a hand is not raised to read him. Whether it is possible to do without it how you think? Or it is necessary? And still... And what, nobody reads to Yunn Moritz? We are wild about it:-)
    • 1. 3. 2000 11:45:0, Masha A. article Very interesting somehow about children`s literature read
      where including with humour Carlson from the point of view of the adult “is displayed“. Just awful hero if to understand! And in the childhood so it was pleasant (and now it is ridiculous...). They are very necessary to children. It seems as undercover the second “I“ am this Carlson, for example. A miracle - the friend. An opportunity, reading, to participate in tricks, absolutely ugly, but there is a hope that in life the normal child these experiences (for example, a tightening in the vacuum cleaner of tulle curtains...) will not begin to carry out. Will just participate in absentia. How many myself I remember, did not make wild pranks, was quite obedient child, but sometimes there was a wish to uchudit something. Here also read Carlson, about Pippi Dlinnyychulok, pr Emil from Lyonnebergi. Generally, about terrible hooligans and prankishes... Still I very much liked to lead about Mary Poppins, a story about Mummi - trolls, Nosov and Dragoon (you remember, “Deniskina stories“). And still Volkova - all series of books, from “the Wizard of the Emerald City“ to “Yellow fog“ (something else appeared then, but I do not remember any more). I remember that very much why - its book “Seven underground kings“ toponravitsya.
    • 1. 3. 2000 0:34:29, Olga Borisova I Want to add
      still. Remembered the children`s literary hobbies with folklore sources. It seems to me that all this should be read too. These are legends and myths of Ancient Greece (adapted certainly), “1000 and one night“, Sindbad`s stories - the seaman and Alladin, the history Odyssey and Argonauts, the narration about Sadko, “the Ring of Nibelungs“, “The word about a regiment...“ and “Stories of temporary years“, ballads about Ilya Muromtsa, Alyosha Popovic and Dobrynya Nikitich, “legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table“, “Reyneke - foxes“, fairy tales of the uncle Rimus, the tale of Hodge Nasreddin, fairy tales of Bazhov and the Resident of Perm. The African fairy tales and folklore of the people of Far North, especially ideas of creation of the world are also curious. Did not read, but heard about the hero of the Chinese folklore - a monkey. It would be still good to find “biography“ of dolls from Italian “Commedia dell`arte“ - Pantallone, Kolombina, Pulcinella and Arlekina... And classics like Perrault, Gauf and Andersen do not need a reminder.
    • 1. 3. 2000 10:3:50, a_v
      Kalevala, Alice in Wonderland, brothers Grimm, the Wizard of the Emerald city, etc. books from this series, Dunno`s Adventure (however, the book “Dunno on the Moon“ in modern conditions causes the mixed feelings :), Winnie - Down, Mowgli, etc. children`s books of Kipling, Buratino, Chipolino, Rodari
    • 29. 2. 2000 20:23:39, Valery
      We very much love Yunna Moritz. To the son - 3 and 8. And from verses - Andrey Usachev and Tim Sobakin. For some reason here nobody remembered them. And verses wonderful! Chukovsky and Mikhalkov we do not read too - it was not pleasant to the son. And Bartho too. Our last “hit“ - the book “Russian Athletes“ (“Rosmen“) - the adapted transposition for children. The child was fond of athletes outright. And from “clever“ books very much I advise “The big encyclopedia for preschool children“ of Olma - a Press publishing house. There still are tasks - the simple, but opening different sides of world around very peculiar.
    • 29. 2. 2000 12:9:12, Svetlana the dorlingovsky encyclopedia the Science to you is not pleasant to
      A for satisfaction of interest about an origin of things? There any technological processes are cool described: production of glass, plastic, compact disks. And Moritz we love Yunna too, and still Deniskina stories with a bang go. And the Russian fairy tales, in my opinion already consigned to the past. They in the childhood were not pleasant to me and parents did not insist what did not prevent me to get further a good philological education :).
    • 29. 2. 2000 11:26:50
      From poetry loves collections about seasons, about the nature. Pushkin, Blok, Bunin, Voloshin, Yesenin, Kharms. Very much Zakhoder is pleasant. From modern loves Usachev (on songs everything familiarly). Moritz Ditenok listens, but we seldom read it, very much she sweet and lisps much. We try to read what is pleasant. Chukovsky I do not read essentially. Marshak, Bartho too.
    • 29. 2. 2000 14:10:15, Tatyana M.
      to us, to everything is higher (and) listed below E. Uspensky`s book “Instructive stories about the boy Jascha“ is pleasant.
    • 28. 2. 2000 23:52:26, Veronika P.
      Only classics. For the night mother re-read already everything “Three stories about the kid and the karlosena“, “Winnie-the-Pooh and everything, everything, all“, “Buratino`s adventures“, volume of the Russian national fairy tales, Charles Perot, brothers Grimm, Adersen, downloaded from And now - not that Nosova, we read... With identical interest listens both senior and younger, the truth younger usually fills up without having waited for the end:-) It is independently read any illustrated trifle in the afternoon - rhymes, humourous catchphrases, thin books with one fairy tale, the story. on “Ur“ there are any children`s encyclopedias (taken from acquaintances:-)). Pushkin in verses - “The tale of the dead tsarevna and seven athletes“, “Golden Cockerel“, “The tale of the tsar Saltan“, “The tale of a priest and his worker Balda“ etc. is well read. We read every day on a page, we consider and we dream on illustrations. we have very good edition - a three-volume edition to 200 - to the anniversary since the birth of Pushkin (From - in “Samovar“, 1998, the artist In Nazarchuk, all fairy tales of Pushkin in verses are collected, och - Chen - but I recommend). One more opening - D. Tikhomirov`s abc-book (nuclear heating plant - the Press, 1999). The abc-book is about 100 years old, was republished 160 times! Excellent illustrations, after letters go the short illustrated stories. Very kind, available. There are several fables of Krylov, small verses of the Russian poets - Derzhavin, Fet, Pleshcheev, Zhukovsky, Koltsov... The main emphasis in the abc-book is placed on country life: field works, national holidays, life. At us, thanks to this abc-book, the lexicon was fine enriched. Too very much I recommend (to me more to liking the edition of 1999, in the edition of 1998 all illustrations others and the text is a little changed). Bianki, Mamin-Sibiryak was read (not everything was smooth, small still probably:-)) Well still? All listed above by you owls. poets, though I personally do not love K. I. Chukovsky “and everything one after another gives a chocolate, both puts and puts him thermometers... Brrrrr...:-)) But my children “Phone“ in roles for memory read. From modern children`s poets 28 likes G. Oster, V. Stepanov and V. Lunin
    • . 2. 2000 22:24:19, Ksenia
      to us 4,5, and our reference book - “Station the Moon“ some year one of the edition. The book about satellites, is written as the adventure novel, very well and interestingly.
    • 28. 2. 2000 22:4:3, Borisova Olga
      U us (to the son there were 2. 6) remarkably the history “Niels`s Travel with Wild Geese“ went. Bright characters, dynamic action, simple language. The son listened without moving. Passed to Mummi`s company later - trolls - too it was interesting. However, not all moments were clear to the child, these fairy tales it is a little for adults:) ) National fairy tales something not really are pleasant to us, probably, in them too much the ciphered symbolics. We read encyclopedias only with pictures so far - Dorling Kindersli`s books, for example. reference books with pictures, the structure of bodies of the person, animal and so forth especially interests
    • 28. 2. 2000 21:17:30, Nyush
      Best-sellers (5,5 years) - “The big encyclopedia of animals“ in verses, “The reference book on history for preschool children“ (“reference book“ - it is very strongly told, the statement of history of Russia which is simply adapted for preschool children with pictures and portraits), “MEGA - the encyclopedia“. Very much loves any different atlases and Favourite books - “scientific“. In evening asks “Wheels and Wings“ about transport, “Things and cars“ - the miniencyclopedia. On each subject - a rhyme and a story about a thing origin. About everything: toys, pillows, pins, equipment. Dorling Kindersli`s encyclopedia. Nearly an every evening we read these books.
    • 28. 2. 2000 16:50:54, Mummy And
      From fairy tales - “Fairy tales of the uncle Rimus“, “Three from Prostokvashino“, was fallen in love recently by Ostera. Read “Petka - a microbe“ and “The fairy tale with details“. Loves the English stikhshka. I read the English option and the translation. Stories about animals. National fairy tales went “not really“. I have an old three-volume edition of the Russian national fairy tales. Characters pass from the fairy tale into the fairy tale, plots repeat. and pictures of any:)