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How to help the toddler?

Now most of parents are well informed when the kid has to begin to hold a head, to turn over, sit, creep and to go. But what stands behind these norms? What mental mechanisms start or slow down development of the kid?

Development of the child directly depends on expectations, fears and parental installations in education. If activity of the kid does not please mother and the father, and, on the contrary, frightens, irritates or leaves them indifferent, then interest of the beginning researcher is gradually turned. The skills which are not getting parental approval (in particular, crawlings) are suppressed and as superfluous are eliminated.

it is useful for p to Creep!

Let`s say the family lives on the first floor, in the apartment with a cold floor. That the kid did not catch a cold, to him do not allow to lie on a floor. Mother very much rejoices that during wakefulness the child is either on hands, or in a pure and warm bed, or in an arena. But also in a bed, and in an arena the kid can reach any subject, just turning on a stomach around himself. It has no need to creep to something.

As soon as the child will grow up and will get stronger, he will learn to get up about a side of a bed or an arena and to go along it. And a bit later it will be proud to pace on the apartment with mother for the handle and, thus, in general passes a crawling phase. And exactly creeping, the kid studies himself and experimentally establishes borders of the opportunities. This ability first of all is necessary for formation of important qualities of the identity of the child, such as:

it is very important

For formation of the harmonious personality that the child “was much crawled“. But sometimes owing to some reasons of the movement of the child can be limited, and parents have to pay attention to it.

the Practical work for the kid

How to organize conditions in order that the child learned to creep? Healthy children begin to move independently aged from 4 till 8 months. Is not of great importance, in 4 or in 7 months the kid spread, but it is important that prior to steady walking he crawled not less than 3 months. During this time necessary functional communications between departments of a brain for development of commitment and independence will just manage to be created. Crawling - the best exercises for the child at this age. It strengthens the muscular device, improves coordination, increases stability of nervous system.

Most of neuropsychiatrists recommend to lower from 4 months the kid on a floor. That is the baby has to carry out the most part of the period of wakefulness on a floor. If a floor cold or slippery (for example, linoleum or a laminate), then spread the kid on a penoplenovy (tourist) rug better. The easy house clothes which are not constraining free movements - the best option for the baby. If to the kid diapers, and in the house warmly prevent to move, then they can be removed for a while.

Spread out

at various distance of a toy (objects). They should not be too little or too much that the child did not lose interest in them. Usually 3 - 5 objects are quite enough. The child can get part of toys, turning round its pivot-center, and part - only at advance.

Sometimes the adult as if beckons the child with the toy lying in a distance. The situation at the same time has to be benevolent. At first the kid will try to keep step with a toy, to rotate on a stomach around himself and to experiment with revolutions from a stomach on a back and back. Then it begins to be shaken, being on all fours, aiming to some subject, and sometimes it manages “to dive“ forward.

the Following stage of development of crawling is crawling back. And, at last, after several months of exercises the kid masters any ability to creep in the direction necessary to it.

At a stage of independent active crawling of the child to parents needs to watch purity of a floor and to clean all dangerous and undesirable objects. Well and, of course, when parents rejoice to the new types of physical activity appearing at the baby, it helps the growing-up little man to learn to love the body, to operate it, to feel beautiful, strong and healthy.