Rus Articles Journal

Our pets of

the Rabbit Kapotik

U me are a rabbit by the name of Kapotik. It has black ears, and a trunk white. Kapotik very amusing and ridiculous.

A it appeared at us absolutely incidentally. We came into pet-shop and saw rabbits. They were different flowers: both white, and black, and red. Here I noticed very beautiful is black - a white rabbit and persuaded the aunt to buy it.

Once we all family watched TV, and let out Kapotik to run about on the house. This prankish climbed for the TV and pogryz wires. All, of course, became angry, began to abuse it. Kapotik as though took offense. He ran away into a corner and sat there until he was forgiven.

the Mumps

you will not believe

, at me there lives a little pig. It - sea. Call her Bonaqua.

This cheerful little animal who means to me much. Bonaqua is similar to a frog - the traveler because I always take it with myself - to the grandmother, to the street. But most of all it was pleasant to it at the sea. Of course, she did not bathe there, and swam in a bathtub. My Bonaqua very cheerful also does not love loneliness. We speak different languages, but I always understand it.

Kot Ryzhik

At my grandmother in the village is a cat Ryzhik. Called it so because it all red from ears to a tail. I very much like to watch it.

Once the grandmother cooked porridge and put on the street to cool down, and on the yard hens walked. They got on a table and, pushing each other, began to peck porridge. Ryzhik, having seen it, crept and with victorious shout jumped on a table. Hens began to run away from a fright who where, and since then steer clear of a cat.


U me Murk`s cat is.
Very clever it.
the Tail greyish and ears,
Ya is happy with it wholly. I will pour

of the Milk to it in a bowl,
With pleasure is drunk by her. still it I will give to
A “Wiskas“,
That was healthy.

“my Murochka - Muryoshka!“ - Sometimes I call
and so.
C to it I sit, I look in a window, I do not abuse
for a trifle.

generally, we, I will tell you honestly,
From Murkaya the best friends. it was interesting to
to Listen?
Well, “thanks“ will be told by me!
of Meringue Alesya (9 years)