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Kuzya was an inventor and the visionary...

of Kuzya - the passenger

Those who read about our cat Kuzyu the first two stories, could be already convinced that our cat possessed resourcefulness, mind and special cat`s ingenuity. Kuzya was an inventor and the visionary if it is only possible to carry these words to cat`s family. He tried to paint somehow the world, and, it is necessary to tell, he managed to make it on “perfectly“.

Somehow in the summer we kept

in a shed of hens. Hens were impudent, cocky, with eternally uneasy hungry eyes. As soon as somebody came into a shed, hens began to ask to eat. They shouted at the same time awfully. It seems to me, they were heard by all inhabitants of our amicable yard.

Somehow I pottered on a flower bed and heard bloodcurdling screams from a shed. There was something unclear. Hens shouted as abnormal.

Ya was opened by a door. Yes, the picture was not from boring! Hens rushed on all shed. And in a corner Kuzya quietly sat. Only eyes at it suspiciously shone. Aha, I thought, here did not do without Kuzka, and decided to look, what will be farther.

the Cat got on a regiment, hid and began to wait. Strange all this looked. It did not catch mice. What does he wait for?

Here one of hens stopped directly under the shelf, and our cat literally fell down it. Laid down across, relaxed and hung as a rag! Chicken, naturally, from a fright began to run on all shed, and the cat quietly rode her, as by a taxi. Then he snatched the moment, slipped from the stunned chicken and again got on a regiment.

Ya laughed loudly to tears. Kuzka is the passenger! I cannot still understand how he could guess before. Whether it incidentally fell down chicken, and it liked driving process, whether he thought up all this... Generally, it is boring for us with Kuzy never was!

As Kuzya had dinner

Kot Kuzya was, of course, a madcap. But we loved and forgave him many trick. The cat did not recognize any forages from bags and jars. Above all he loved eggs, cottage cheese and fish.

Happened, Kuzya in the room sleeps. You will cover a door leaky that it could run out, you will go to kitchen, you will pull out a small egg from the refrigerator and quietly so on a tile in kitchen - a bale! Lo and behold, and Kuzya already here! Spins, in eyes looks and purrs as the refrigerator.

in Some way he guessed that in the refrigerator its favourite products lie, and then to descent was not to anybody. Once you went to kitchen, he ran afterwards and began to beg. Grabbed legs, climbed on knees, rubbed the head, to put it briefly, expressed the feelings as could. Naturally, in such days there could not be also a speech about any soup! Kuzya defiantly did not eat from the plate, fell before us, did sad eyes and ridiculously sneezed. As here was to resist! Of course, we went on kitchen and gave it everything that Kuzya asked.

But once we decided to draw

on the. It was somehow offensive to follow the tastes of a cat.


were elicited by cottage cheese, “dug in“ soup in the pan, showing the full contempt to it, endlessly turned about the refrigerator. We were resistant.

Kot took offense and went to sleep to a chair.

to me was required to get

something from the refrigerator. The door slapped, the cat was thrown as a lightning, but desired cottage cheese he was not given.

plaintive shouts were heard After a while. I could not understand long time from where Kuzino miaow reaches. Went on rooms, called him - without results.

At last, the turn reached also kitchen. I opened the refrigerator, and Kuzya jumped out from there. How he managed to dive there in several seconds, so far the door was open, - a riddle! Kot shivered from cold, but his happy muzzle spoke for itself! Probably, he did not linger! All his “beard“ was covered with sour cream, moustaches were in cottage cheese. Well and that we had to do? Of course, to get the remained cottage cheese and to give to a cat! As they say, deserved!