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We wait for you, the most brave kid!

We - the most ordinary family: the father, mother, and the little son of 8 years who is called Daniyal, we call him differently Danik, Danek, Daniil. The author of the story am I is a head of the family by the name of Yerzhan.

Spring larks brought me a news about addition in family. Of course, the pleasure of all members of household, and also relatives and friends, was not a limit. A year ago our mother transferred extra-uterine pregnancy which result was a removal of the left pipe and section of a corner of a uterus, but the hope and my support helped it. The intuition prompted to me that the miracle will come true, it was necessary to believe in it. And here I am happy for the second time, I bought the test, the first saw two treasured strips and a morning kiss for the second time woke our mother. The first kiss I woke her for passing of the test. She did not hide pleasure and shared it with all: relatives, friends, girlfriends and colleagues.

to overcome morning toxicosis, to gain strength and energy, I suggested the wife to move to the dacha which is in the most picturesque place - mountains of Zailiysky Ala Tau. The wife on the 5th month of pregnancy, from the first day of pregnancy we selected its clothes together: jackets of gently pink, beige and blue color on the coquette, with ruches, trousers of a special cover with a knitted insert on a stomach, footwear leather, without high heels.

But in life only white strips do not happen, we were convinced of it in the hot July morning of the ninth. Nothing portended trouble, except bark of a dog who ran out on the platform in front of the house where my iron friend - the Nissan Mistral jeep of green color was parked. Having taken a warm shower under a canopy of densely green foliage of an old hazel grove, I entered the house to wake the wife.“ Good morning, darling,“ - sounded her answer to my gentle kisses. In half an hour, having drunk a cup of tea and having eaten sandwich, I came to the platform where found unscrewed the nipple of the right back wheel. It was necessary to come back home behind the pump and a table knife to correct misunderstanding. I was busy with a wheel, the wife stood nearby and tried to phone for work, to warn that we will be late. From South side two in black clothes came nearer, I took them for the Uzbeks building the house to our neighbor and continued to potter with a wheel. In several seconds from a back I felt a blow to the head a heavy subject and fainted. One, the second, third... The consciousness slowly clears up, slowly I recover, but from where shout why my wife so strongly shouts and calls to the aid? I see before myself an indistinct silhouette, I get on feet and I fight back hand to hand, I take several steps and I cover with myself the wife from the stranger beating by her bat. Now I beat off both at once, but forces are unequal: at them both bits, and knives which in turn get into my body. I beat that is forces... Fight is complete, strangers left, relatives, ambulance and militia are called.

Two weeks I stayed in hospital, received an extract with the conclusion “multiple koloto - cut wounds, brain concussion, etc.“ A month more was observed at the neuropathologist and the therapist, treatment and medicines. Physicians could not give to the wife help in view of its special situation, and wrote out for the second day with the diagnosis “closed cherepno - a brain injury, brain concussion, a fracture of bones of a nose“. Its treatment continued three months in house conditions. More precisely, the self-treatment including editing of the head by doctor Vasilyeva`s method, healing of a nose with application of an urinoterapiya, timalin and mummy. The main thing - our kid is live and healthy, his development is not threatened by danger what I thank God to this day for!

We addressed to Committee of national security of RK which staff professionally and quickly caught not only attackers, but also intermediaries. The unemployed who are earlier made responsible for terrorism and participation in gangs - formations in the territory of the Russian Federation were them.

Motive of a crime and customers are in development of komitetchik now.

Relatives of attackers filed claims in Hague Court, Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, initiated a meeting with human rights activists and try to put pressure upon a consequence, bribe experts who recognized a state, our with the wife, after attack as “lung“.

Now to our kid of 38 weeks, it has to be born any day. Tremblingly and pleasure I wait for the half and our second kid, the most brave and long-awaited kid in all Universe.