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Framework and Montessori`s inserts geometrical

I Suggest you to get acquainted with the developing games developed and described by the remarkable teacher and the FATHER from capital letter - Boris Pavlovich Nikitin in the book “Intellectual Games“. If you did not read this book, insistently I advise - esteem.

the First game available to the kid - “Framework and Montessori`s inserts“ . 16 frames with inserts in the form of geometrical figures are a part of game. It: circle, square, triangle equilateral, ellipse (oval), rectangle, trapeze, rhombus, quadrangle wrong, parallelogram, triangle isosceles, hexagon correct, star five-pointed, triangle rectangular isosceles, pentagon correct, hexagon of irregular shape, triangle versatile.

They can be made by you independently of a cardboard as it is described in Nikitin`s book, or are bought in shop. Now on sale there are sets made of plywood and of plastic.

If to use game a little bit not as there it is recommended, it will be possible to begin to use game slightly earlier, than it is necessary, for example, in 10 - 12 months.


with display of inserts. Take a circle, an oval, a square, an equilateral triangle, show them to the kid, call. It is better to show, without holding in hand, and spreading on one figure on a monophonic surface (not on a color cloth or a carpet, and at least on a sheet of paper). Having shown on one figure, give them all to the kid for independent regard and manipulation. At the same time you can offer a box or a jar in which he will be able to put them and back to pour out. It is so possible to make not once. You will gradually get acquainted with all 16 - yu set figures.

show to

After preliminary acquaintance to inserts a framework. Calling a figure in the form of which the opening is done, it is possible to speak differently: “Look, here a hole in the form of a circle“ or “Here a round hole“.

Third stage. Take one frame “circle“ and the corresponding insert. In the face of the kid close “window“, then open it again, commenting on the words “the window is closed, the window is opened“ or “mother closes a window, opens...“ . Then, having left a window closed, suggest the kid most to open it. Perhaps, he will not understand at once what he has to make and as. Then you direct its handle to a frame, help to grasp and open it together. Then again close. So repeat several times. The next day take other frame. The kid will be able to open any of them, and here will not be able to close, perhaps, any yet. He should master this business in the next months.

we Learn to close “windows“. Classes are given at first with one frame: you take out and put an insert, suggest the kid to take out, then to try to close. In case of failure you close and again you allow to open.

Gradually at the child all figures will begin to turn out. Then offer it two frames at the same time. Let will try not only to close, but also it is correct to pick up an insert to a frame. If the kid cannot make it, do not point a finger at once what where it is necessary to put, talk to him. Tell: “it is a circle, it needs to be put in a round window; where it?“ . Let the kid will try to find it according to your hint. If absolutely it is impossible, it is necessary to tell not “let me close“, and “let`s make together“. Also direct his hand in the necessary direction.

In the following occupation suggest the kid to try to cope with a task independently again.

When the kid easily learned to cope with the choice from two very simple frames (a circle and a square), simple and well familiar add one more to one - more difficult. The task will be the same: the choice from two frames. Having passed in such a way all framework, begin to offer three at choice, then four. More than four it is still difficult to kid to capture about one and a half years a look, long they will not be considered by him too and, most likely, will just refuse such complex challenge.

Very gradually you approach

closing at the same time 6, 8, 12, and then and all 16 frames.

the Same framework can be used for preparation of a hand for the letter and drawing: to draw figures, leading round in a framework. At the kid, of course, it will turn out not at once. At first at it in general nothing will turn out. He will understand not at once what it in general should do. Therefore begin all. Take a frame “circle“, lead round. Give a frame to the kid, take another, for example, “oval“. Continue to lead round on the leaflet. The kid will try to draw a circle on a frame, but at first the pencil will move down in the middle of a frame. You do not say that it is impossible to it. On the contrary, praise even if the kid just got a pencil in a frame.

For one occupation is enough to be tried once. Do not do all this by tiresome lessons with an obligatory obvedeniye of the set quantity of figures. And, above all, only process is important for the kid now: what interesting new game - to lead round a frame a pencil, but not result: what turned out on paper. Do not demand care, accuracy, diligence, at all demand nothing. Gradually everything will begin to turn out.

If at the kid manages to turn out to lead round figures in a framework, let will try to paint over figures. At first it can be done, directly without removing a frame from paper then you will not get out for edge. But only the frame should be held so that it did not move down therefore help it to hold a frame. When he understands how to paint over (will not learn to paint over accurately but only will understand that he means to drive a pencil in a figure), draw to it figures on a framework and let will try to paint them. You can do it together (to paint one figure). Demand from the child to get out for edge, to paint over up to the end etc. He will learn it much later.