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The nurse of

I heard this Story in a suburban electric train about twenty five years ago. The impression remained for the rest of life. Why? I do not know.

Revival. The people from a platform smoothly flow in cars, are pushed, takes seats on benches. I sit close to an entrance and at once I notice the tall woman of years of forty. It it is careful as if the aquarium, will carry a wattled basket in both hands, looks around at an empty seat. I clean the bag on a regiment, it sits down nearby, forces a basket to the knees. From a basket the weak povizgivaniye is heard. To me at that time sixteen years. I am not indifferent to children and animals also now, and then...
- Is possible? - Watch

the Woman (later it was presented by the aunt Katya) carefully shifts a cover. And I see a black moist nose, eyes - beads and all charming shchenyachyyu a muzzle.
- the German shepherd, - sighed the aunt Katya. - To the Vovka I carry, to the son.
- is good to it, - without having thought, I sigh in reply. - I too a sheep-dog want, parents against.

the Aunt Katya somehow strange looked at

on me, and I understood that I told something not that.

It, probably having caught my confusion, or perhaps she just wanted to be uttered, quietly said:
- the Son at me came from army. Wounded. In Afghanistan served. And here our Nurse died. Waited for it and died. This Nurse to us as native was. There is it, happens...

Katya told

I to me here about what.

Long ago when there were to her son only five years, was brought by it to the house of a puppy. Commonplace. Mother in bayonets, the grandmother in tears. The father helped out, having promised to walk and clean. Thanks to it the puppy remained to live in a family, and after a while turned into not really eksteryeristy, but splendidly clever and devoted dog.

Girl. Breeds German shepherd. Probably, its external shortcomings did not allow owners to sell or retain this miracle. Men with firmness walked her in turn. During daylight hours - the son, in dark - the father. There was no case that it broke on a cat, a puppy, weaker dog. Especially on the harmless person. The conflicts with large dogs did not happen too. But once (there was fashion time for dog caps), two guys tried to take control of a lead. Vovka lifted shout, it was flung away in bushes. But a one-year-old doggie, having dodged, snatched one by a hand, and another for a nose so that on their shouts ran together the half-yard. Guys were hardly on the lam. Vovka got out of bushes, but could not go. Hardly limped to a bench. Nayda (then she was called so) sat next and not well ôsmiledô to everyone who tried to approach her little owner. Also growled. The dog decided that hooligans attempted upon the boy. It was necessary to follow Vovkiny mother. Since then the dog could not stay at home if the child left somewhere. It accompanied it everywhere - in school, in sports section, on walk. The benefit, the city small, in buses went infrequently. Gradually Nayd`s nickname by itself turned into another. Nurse. This care was a burden on Vovka not, (other of the first class grandmothers took away), and mother blessed that day when the destiny sent to her son such bodyguard. Need to hold an animal on a lead by itself disappeared. Mind, internal discipline, adequacy soon made a sheep-dog the favourite of school and domestic children. She allowed kids to get to herself on a back, dragged on snow the sledge with children, Vovkin accompanied a class in different sorties.

Years went, the guy grew up, in his life the girl appeared. The nurse learned to keep at decent distance (probably, and animals have a feeling of a step). But once he got into the car and to go, the dog ran behind the car while there were enough forces. Refused such experiments. When other boys could not in the evening and put a nose to the neighboring area, Volodya saw off the girl on other end of the city without special concern. Of course, aim to do much harm any gang of villains to them, it would be made easily. But popularity of a phenomenon and sympathy of all town for unusual friendship probably kept ill-wishers from negative manifestations. The nurse independently ran in shop and a drugstore (if the owner stayed at home). The bag attached to a collar, a purse with money and a note in teeth - it, probably, is possible only in a small town where all know each other.

there Passed thirteen years, but the Nurse still looked vigorously, thought quickly, was in time everywhere. Now, from height my more than forty, I understand that this strength was given to it by that Lyubov who gives sense of any life.

Once everything ended with

. Vovka was taken away in army. In those days, I do not know as in the capitals, and in the province any evasion from army service both on objective, and for the subjective reasons caused in people around or contempt for the coward, or a gossip about inferiority. Strange, the dog as if understood need of separation - during noisy wires she sat quietly in a corner and did not tear off a look from the owner. It was necessary to give to drink her light sleeping pill. It was the only chance to leave the Nurse at home. Then long days of expectation began. The dog brought to herself on Vovkina`s rug bedroom-slippers, ate a little, came for walk of times a day, the rest of the time lay, having hung the head on slippers. In a year she strongly grew old, got up hardly, moved slowly. It as if fell into long hibernation and quickened only when letters from Volodya came. The dog impatiently sniffed at everyone. Whining, waited until it is read, sniffed again and saw eyes to a desk box where letters were stored.

a year Later the letter similar on former, but not Vovkino came. Wounded Vovka in a leg. The wound was serious, but doctors made everything that they could. The guy hardly went, one leg was shorter another, but he was living, and it is the main thing. The father left and soon returned with the son. It was at first sight clear that the guy changed it is irreversible. War, losses of fellow soldiers, impossibility to forgive itself for something not made cleaned serenity from his eyes forever.

I do not want to Describe pleasure of a meeting - all and is so clear. The girl Volodya waited, for him at that time it was the main thing. And what Nurse? And the Nurse, as usual, brought to the owner of a slipper and settled near his bed. In the morning it found dead. According to Katya, the dog smiled.

in the Morning Vovka buried her in a front garden, and in the evening mother for the first time saw the son is deranged drunk. Then preparation for a wedding, young people of the power began promised the one-room apartment, the guy worked and studied on correspondence. First there were problems with alcohol, but the bride put a question point-blank, parents pressed on the other hand, former friends seemed yellow-beaked baby birds... In a word, terrible this bowl passed the fighter so far. But maternal heart sensitive. And Katya decided to fill with the gift the formed niche. I do not know whether it managed to it to make it, in life, as a rule, nothing repeats...

What was then how they endured an era of the ninetieth where they now? After I did not meet Katya though while studied, stormed the same electric train three more years. We forget a lot of things, but this story to me was remembered. Why? I do not know.