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Travel with the child. Secrets of a successful trip

Many young families after the birth of the child cease to lead active lifestyle and only with envy glance at acquaintances who risk to go with children to the most different trips and travel. And the child`s birth not an occasion to lock itself within four walls. From what age travel with the child is possible?

in principle, it is possible to go to a small trip on the car or even by an electric train and the bus and with the baby if it is convenient to you to use a baby sling. You can quietly enjoy sights, and the child the most part of time it will be simple to sleep or examine vicinities with big curiosity. If a season warm, it is possible to go to travel and with a carriage provided that it rather easy and mobile. But it to a large extent travel for mothers who were tired to stay at home, but not for the kid.

A what? Since 3 - 4 years, the child can already be interested in new places, exhibits of the museums, to pay attention to unusual houses or sculptures, to notice beauty of world around. Travel are possible and with more small children, it is only necessary to consider that they get tired even quicker and perhaps, will want to sleep in the afternoon. In this case it is convenient to take with itself a carriage - a cane, it easy, very compact also will give the chance to the child to have a sleep hour or so. Parents can quietly sit in cafe at this time or take a walk in the museums or small streets of the city. Still it is more difficult to small children to explain why in the museum it is impossible to touch anything, they begin to be capricious and lose interest. With them it is better to walk in the parks or the historian - to architectural complexes where there is an opportunity to run about, touch flowers, to sit on a small bench. In some museums the entrance with a carriage is resolved.

For a start can try to go hiking in vicinities: to go to park for the whole day, to visit the museum, interesting to you, or to go to a zoo. Do not forget to take with yourself food and juice for the kid, toys, wet towel wipes. The camera too a reasonably useful thing in long walk. Everything passed successfully? Now it is possible to prepare for the first travel with the child really.

Where we go?


For the first acquaintance to cultural values and just for immersion in new, not absolutely usual situation perfectly will suit the so-called cities of the Golden Ring. It is a route on the Old Russian cities located mainly on North - the East from Moscow. Vladimir, Sergiyev Posad, Rostov Veliky, Uglich, Yaroslavl, Kostroma and other cities in which remained in a great number of the historian - architectural monuments of the XII-XVIII centuries is many various museums. their obvious pluses that they are located near Moscow it is easy for p to reach by

them, bus excursions will often be organized there, there it is beautiful, and the child can see much what you will not see in the city. Except the museums and temples, it can be both wooden houses, and pets: hens, horses, geese. In many cities there are rivers and lakes in city line which children adore. People in the province, even such close from the center, are more friendly and benevolent, the rhythm of life is much quieter.

Travel with the child across the Golden Ring will open for him new aspects of life. Obvious minus of the Golden Ring is the low level of service: at suburban stations usually there are no rooms of mother and child, far not everywhere there is enough hotels where it is possible to stop for one night. Food - too a question serious. To find the cafe suitable for a lunch with the child, with decent level of service, the suitable menu and reasonable prices it is possible not at once and not everywhere, and with the child of an opportunity will long not choose the place of a lunch. In principle, it is possible to take with itself and broth in a thermos or to have a bite rolls with juice, to eat yogurt and sandwiches, but it is not absolutely convenient if weather on the street not really good. In advance to learn how in the city the situation with “public catering“ is, it is possible on the Internet, at city forums. Even if there this subject is not discussed if you ask a question, locals with pleasure will share with you the knowledge and impressions. And at the same time will also warn: will tell about those institutions where it is not necessary to go.

How to endure the road?

For a start should decide by

on how you will reach. It is better not to go to organized bus excursion with the child - the preschool child because he, most likely, will not be able long to listen to the guide because not all will be clear to it. New places are interesting to children, but to sit quietly in place or they therefore you will have an excursion route the will not follow in a civilized way the guide. Besides at any time you can have a need to feed the child or will go to look for with him a toilet.

If you go with group, it is necessary to be adjusted on the fact that you walk, perhaps, separately and then come to the bus. If the child transfers the road easily and will be able quietly to spend a couple of hours in the bus, then it is possible to go and so, but agree, offensively to pay for services of the guide whom you can not hear.

Therefore it is the most convenient to p to get acquainted in advance with that city where you go according to books and guides, to buy on the place the card and on anybody not to depend. Such option in general is rather convenient: you watch that to you interestingly and it is so much how many it is necessary, you should not think constantly of delay for lunch or on the bus, you are free and enjoy new impressions.

Anyway you will spend by

to ways not less than two hours therefore it is worth taking care of that travel with the child from the very beginning was successful. To the road it is necessary to stock up with a big set of children`s entertainments and patience. Can be useful: children`s books and magazines which it is possible to read or perform in them tasks, small toys including understanding or clockwork, handles and notebooks, balloons, puzzles and other useful trifles. The part of time can be devoted to riddles, to verbal games, drawing of one picture in turn, to the composition of fairy tales and rhymes, guessing with what word the letter (useful game on development of phonemic hearing) etc. begins. Still some time the child can be taken with supervision over a landscape, calculation of the passing cars or food (if it does not rock to sleep in transport). To croutons, bananas and apples do not forget wet towel wipes.

It is possible if you before a trip get up earlier, than usually, then on the way the child can have a sleep, but practice shows that often collecting so excites the child that parents do not manage to fall asleep to it. Respectively, too.

With what to begin



Choose the city which it is the most convenient to you to reach because the exhausted dear child will not be glad to adventures and will quickly be tired. Therefore for a start, the closer, the better. Sergiyev Posad, Pereslavl Zalessky, Alexandrov, Suzdal, Vladimir … In all these cities will be what to look: In Sergiyev Posad it to Sergiyev`s Trinity of laurels and the Museum of a toy, in Pereslavl - Spaso - the Preobrazhesky cathedral, the museum of engines. Each city of the Golden Ring has the highlight.


That with the child managed travel, do not set the purpose to bypass all sights which are interesting to you. Be adjusted on the fact that, perhaps, you will not manage it. But your task to show to the child new places, to change scenery, to see something curious, and it anyway will be. Therefore relax, stock up with tranquility and just derive pleasure from a trip and rejoice for the child.

Consider interests of the young traveler. Small children are seldom inspired by such purposes of travel as “to look at architecture“, “to take a walk in the city“, “to visit the temple“. Their interests are more concrete. To go to the museum “to watch guns“, to go to watch the real carriage, to climb on the engine, to wet handles in the fountain, to see how those lived “the grandfather yes the woman“ from the favourite fairy tale - much more inspiring purposes.

Small children are not capable to wander long grandly about the museum, to look at show-windows (what there was inside) and to listen, interactivity and change of activity is important for them, to abuse them for mobility and everything to touch aspiration is useless. In some museums carry out the master - classes, show how to spin, will organize game programs or performances. All this promotes storing new and, of course, leaves the most favorable impressions of a trip.

Be prepared by

in advance

In advance try to learn about the place to which you go, as much as possible. Look in library or on the Internet at information on sights and on how to reach them, talk to those who there already were. Write out addresses of those museums which would like to see that it was simpler to you to find them. Locals with pleasure will prompt you the road, but it is better to make secure and buy the tourist map of the city on the place. On such cards not only sights, but also cafe, stations, bus stations and other necessary objects are usually specified.

to keep courage, be ready to surprises. Travel with the child can take place not according to the scenario planned by you: the electric train will be late, the child will be tired quicker than you think, some of the museums interesting to you will be closed … There is a miscellaneous therefore if something goes not so, do not consider travel unfortunate, and find in the incident and the good parties.

I finally one more council: if the child was tired, possibly, he will be encouraged by rest and having a snack or visit of a playground. It is surprising, but change of activity and new emotions give to children a huge number of energy. For example, recently we all family were in St. Petersburg and walked there for days on end with children of 4 and 6 years. Very useful was an activity change: came into the museum, then took a walk, then sat drank juice … Even tired children, having appeared in a public garden at a playground, having a little had a rest, begin to climb and rush as though just left the house. Give to the child the chance to have a rest and digest new impressions.

That travel with the child was remembered by

for a long time and the young tourist fell in love with such trips, you need good mood, a charge of optimism and confidence that everything will be good. If it is interesting to you, it is pleasant to see new places, you are full of energy and curiosity it will surely be transferred also to the child. Successful to you travel!