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Geranium. A live charm of

During an uncomfortable autumn and winter time when behind a window snow, a rain, is the plants ready to please us with bright paints and gentle aroma a little...

At one time the geranium was considered as nearly petty-bourgeois flower, but, thank God, those times passed. And our wise ancestors considered a geranium as a symbol of a cosiness and heat in the house. It is valid, difficult to present window sills in the Russian room without geranium.

By the way, according to astrologers, plants of a geranium extinguish any negative energy in the house, protect from “evil eye“ and power vampirism.

This flower is considered a charm, it extinguishes quarrels and will protect the house from invasion of uninvited guests. The geranium does people kinder and more tolerant to each other.

its aroma strengthens nervous system and helps to get rid of a depression. If to put a pot with a geranium in the room where the geopathogenic zone is located, the plant neutralizes all its harmful actions.

our houses are often located

A not in places, very favorable for the person. So the geranium on a window is useful to much.

the Geranium can help

and in love - for this purpose the geranium with scarlet flowers needs to be presented to object of the tender passion. In order that the beloved (or the beloved) reciprocated, the geranium has to remain in the house.

the Geranium can grow at

not only in the room, but also in a garden, in park. There are only about 300 types of a geranium. In our country not everyone, of course, is grown up.

the Botanical name of a room geranium - Pelargonium - came from the Greek word pelargos (stork) from - for similarities of fruits to a beak of a stork.

A the real geranium - absolutely other plant almost not similar to a geranium.

It is considered p that for the first time the geranium was found on in the 17th century by John Tradeskant (1570 - 1638), the botanist of the king Charles I on the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. The house geranium appeared as a result of crossing of different types.

For Russia the geranium became a gift, as in direct, and figuratively words. Among other plants the English king George III sent it as a gift to Catherine II for a garden in Pavlovsk in 1795.


I now it is available to all fans of flowers. Russia christened a geranium “a crane nose“. As a rule, at a house geranium a stalk, quite high for houseplants, - to 60 cm. It all is covered with a gentle down. At a geranium beautiful roundish leaves, a variation on color from light-and it is bright - green to dark, there are leaves to a border. Some geraniums have the trimmed leaves.

Leaves of a geranium contain essential oil to be convinced of it, it is enough to rub a leaflet fingers. Especially strongly oil is emitted in the summer for the sun. Thus the plant is protected from an overheat. They say that if the geranium is landed on the street, then in dry hot weather on a sunset over a geranium it is possible to notice a luminescence. Just the essential oils which are actively emitted by a plant give this effect.

the house geranium practically during the whole year Blossoms. Flowers have coloring from snow-white and is gentle - pink to purple and claret.

the geranium seeds and layers Breeds. Layers quickly give roots in water and well get accustomed. The pot is filled with mix of sand, the turf and sheet humus.


the Geranium is subject to rotting therefore it is necessary to water it carefully, in process of drying of an earth lump. It is possible just to pour water in the pallet, and the plant will take it as required.

Still to a geranium the sunlight and a good drainage is necessary for

. In all the rest this plant is unpretentious.

Leaves of a geranium are not loved by flies, a moth and other harmful insects. The geranium recommends to rub pets for disposal of insects and for a rashcheniye of dense healthy wool.

the Geranium can be used for treatment of colds and headaches. Scientists established that the plant purifies air, killing harmful microbes. It is better to feel, it is enough to sit minutes ten daily near a plant for 15 days.

For air clarification, especially during epidemics, it is possible to use geranium oil that is on sale in drugstores. There is enough 3 - 4 drops in an aromalampa.

Oil of a geranium regulates a hormonal exchange. It also relieves of unfortunate love. And if you want that the love was happy, drip 5 drops of oil of a geranium in an aromalampa during a romantic dinner.


Especially the geranium is useful to the people with weak nervous system suffering from sleeplessness, a hypertension, warm and zheludochno - intestinal diseases. The geranium gives essential help at a sore liver and a gall bladder. The leaf of a geranium attached to a sore point kills pain at radiculitis, otitis, a toothache. National doctors recommend not to take at a toothache a leaf of a geranium in a mouth, and to tie from outer side to a cheek. At radiculitis leaves are crushed and put to a back as a compress. The same compress becomes attached to a hand (where pulse) at an elevated pressure.

the Geranium which is simply growing in the house according to healers, prevents emergence of any tumors. And parapsychologists claim that the geranium levels the biofield of the person broken by an illness.

In France once pinned on a breast a geranium flower for attraction of happy destiny.

Anyway, having lodged in the house a geranium, you will get pleasure as a hobby and hearts, and also wellbeing and the world for the house.