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The best plaid of

the Fluffy, warm, soft plaid is associated at us with homeliness, heat, a sweet dream or rest. Especially these associations amplify with cold weather approach when it is so pleasant to take cover a woolen plaid, sitting in a chair in front of the TV.

Plaids cover with

furniture - sofas, chairs. Plaids use instead of a cover on beds, as blankets therefore in each house there is couple of favourite plaids. But they have too the term of wear therefore from time to time there is a question of purchase of a new plaid. And here is how to choose it that it served long?

In - the first, thanks to a variety of coloring, needs to choose a plaid so that he fitted into an interior, for example, was in harmony with curtains, furniture or wall-paper. If in your room prevail bright tone, then it is better to choose for a plaid the muffled tone, and even, monophonic.

the Sizes of a plaid can be the most different - how you plan it to use. For a small sofa, a sofa or just to take cover, the plaid of 150 by 200 cm in size best of all will approach. For standard beds (160 on 200, 180 by 200 cm) the size of a plaid has to be more - 220 by 240 cm. If you want to use a plaid as a cover moreover so that its ends reached the floor, buy the biggest, 240 by 260 cm in size. For small, for example, children`s bed 100 - 140 cm wide the plaid of 170 by 240 cm suffices. If you need to cover massive chairs, then magnificent fur plaids of 130 by 170 cm in size

Very important of what material the plaid is made will go. For a nursery, for children it is the best of all to choose plaids from acryle. They are soft, easy, warm, very strong, practically do not burn out on light, long keep a look, are not electrified, poorly attract dust (unlike natural fur), have resistance to bacteria, microbes and allergens. The choice of coloring - on all tastes, and it is very simple to look after such plaid - to put in the washing machine enough and to wash in not hot (not higher than 30 degrees) water.

Are practical

and practically do not concede on quality plaids from the mixed fibers - acryle, cotton and viscose. Such plaids are very convenient in use too, are well erased and quickly dry, are comfortable.

For country trips, for giving and picnics by the best option. Plaids from cotton do not differ in durability, quickly lose a look after washings, and here the plaid from cotton in combination with acryle is convenient, comfortable and will long please you.

I, of course, cannot ignore plaids from free wool - it is even possible to call them medical! Wool stimulates blood circulation, reduces back, joints and muscles pains. She keeps a body in dry heat, absorbing moisture (to be exact sweat, neutralizing its harmful components) and allows an organism to breathe.

In a cold season, at cold or other diseases the cozy, warm woolen plaid will be the reliable assistant in disposal of an illness.

the Most valuable plaids from raw by dyes and chemicals of wool are considered as

. Camel wool is easier and stronger sheep, it keeps heat more reliably, protects from moisture. But plaids from camel wool cannot be dried on the sun - better to take out in cloudy damp weather “on will“ for airing.

Cashmere plaids gentle, soft, easy, warm does not cause an allergy. Now cashmere is mixed with artificial materials. Fine products, excellent quality and not such high price as purely cashmere turn out.

But if you decided to buy cashmere plaid, then the best goods make in Mongolia and in China. Them plaids follow from India, Iran, Afghanistan. Woolen plaids it is better for p not to erase

, and to give to dry cleaning. It is possible to clean such plaid and independently. For this half-cap of shampoo shake up in a small amount of warm water (no more +30th hail.) before emergence of dense foam, evenly distribute it on a woolen cloth of a plaid. When foam a little dries up, clean it the vacuum cleaner by means of a plastic nozzle. The fabric moistened in clear water wipe the processed surface and carefully comb, pile damp so far. Then spread out a plaid for drying. It is possible to take out it on a pure snowball in the winter, to beat out serially from two parties and to dry indoors, having spread out on a plain surface.

also electric plaids Exist. By means of imperceptible heating elements such plaid not only will warm you, but also will dry up, will warm up your bed. The electric plaid is not afraid of humidity, well it develops, evenly distributes heat on all body. It is good to use such plaid for those who often catch a cold or have diseases of joints.

Well should also mention

about fur plaids. Cover with such plaids chairs, sofas, beds, they perfectly fit into interiors, magnificently look, but demand the corresponding leaving and are very dear.

of Successful purchase! Let your plaid will be the most beautiful, soft, warm and cozy.