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To escape from permafrost of

What to do if you freeze all fall and all winter? On the street a red nose, at work of a hand in a lilac setochka, under a leg blanket ice … To learn to be heated!

First of all should be convinced by

that the constant chill is not caused by some problems with health. Often people freeze:

But not less often absolutely healthy people shiver from cold. And they can be helped.

Senya, protect a hand

Ice hands annoy smokers and people with excessive active vegetative nervous system - emotional, taking everything very much to heart. Of course, it is even possible to find pluses in cold hands. For example, this excellent remedy for headache: to hold on a forehead 2 minutes, then to wait when again freeze. But ice handshake moreover at a business meeting - br - r - river. What to do?

Vessels of hands love contrast trays, it is possible with sea salt, at the same time and strengthen nails.

you do not carry many rings - metal carries well out heat. As for smoking - yes, it is necessary to throw. But hands will begin “to thaw“ only in half a year - so resistant angiospasm causes a tobacco smoke.

  1. Let are on friendly terms. Mittens instead of gloves - in the company to fingers are warmer.
  2. Is dispersed. We play sports and fitness. The movement helps to disperse blood and expands perefirichesky vessels.
  3. by
  4. It is fed up. Accept polyvitamins - nicotinic acid, iron and iodine are necessary for the endocrine system regulating heat exchange in an organism.

the Silly penguin

Not such and silly, time does not freeze to ice. Something in its organism is wisely arranged - goes to itself across Antarctica yes on paws and egg bears. For ours a foot it is simply impossible, in them there are not enough fat and muscles capable to strengthen a blood-groove, namely he also is responsible for heat. Legs can freeze:

Check the state of health on all three points for now... Refuse close footwear, hard belts and unintelligible short skirts. Mass legs in the direction from foot up; if you are not afraid of a tickling, then it is possible also a massage brush.

move More “to raskochegarit“ blood.

  1. Is tempered. The sparing way: a contrast shower for the night. The way is more rigid: always we keep a wet towel in the freezer and before going to bed we stamp on “ice“ of 3 - 5 minutes. Then we put on cotton socks, and blood will run on calves and stupnyam as from massage.
  2. with
  3. It is irritated. Dry mustard irritates the nervous terminations of skin why blood flows to small vessels. However, radio substances are emitted, only if to moisten mustard with warm water so with mustard it is necessary to thrust warm wet legs into socks.
  4. we Pepper
  5. . Anti-cellulite cream with Cayenne pepper causes a rush of blood too, there will be enough effect on all night long. Apply cream on a foot for about five minutes, the rest according to the instruction.

In parent organization

the Nose is rich with the nervous terminations and blood vessels. Therefore it sensitively reacts to smells, microbic irritants and a psychoemotional state. And answers the first cold. Ahchoo!

of the Cheek - competitors to a nose. At a superficial arrangement of vessels (the constant gentle flush testifies to it) they can freeze even earlier.

Ears freeze, as a rule, at lovers of large earrings: metal outputs heat.

Hair are not capable to freeze. But when overcooling blood supply of head skin worsens, and hair receive less nutrients: grow dull, drop out, skin hurts their roots. Wear a cap!

to go till winter without headdress that locks gracefully fluttered on wind, - the real subversive activities against own beauty.

  1. Is wrapped up. In a frost before an exit to the street protect a face fat cream.
  2. Is released. To a nose - easy points with plastic lenses (they it is less, than glass, press on blood vessels).
  3. Is dressed up. To each head - a hat!
  4. Is inhaled. To all organism - bathtubs with warming essential oils (ginger, a sage, a carnation, cinnamon, a marjoram, a sandal-wood tree). 2 - 4 drops are enough.
we Are heated by

from within