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I and my cat of

Call me Alyn, I am five years old. I want to tell about the kitty, about the beloved girlfriend Mashulya. But we will begin one after another...

Once davny - long ago when mine the father and mother yet not did not even know each other, mother came on a visit to the aunt and saw a remarkable kitten, gentle and lovely, tender and tiny there. It very much was pleasant to mother, and she asked a cat to herself. A kitten, and it was the girl, Masha - a simple tender name as the girl from the fairy tale called...

Once my mother met by

the prince charming - strong and beautiful. They fell in love with each other and decided to get married. So there was our family. Mashulya was very glad because this prince was very kind and tender, he fell in love with her, took on handles, patted on a back, scratched behind an ear and sometimes indulged something very tasty.

time Went, all lived in peace and friendship, but began to seem that in a family something, is more true than someone is not enough, and decided to go to special magic shop where it is possible to take itself the little girl or the little boy. My parents chose the beautiful and most clever girl and decided to call by the most beautiful name - Alina. So there were I.

When I was born

, mother very much worried, we have in the house an animal... But all experiences were vain. Masha understood that I am a new family member, and too began to care for me. When I woke up, and mummy did not hear, Masha ran to mother and mewed - called her!

When I was put to bed, Mashenka quietly jumped to me in a bed and slept in legs. It was turned by a ball, and to me was warm and quiet.

time Went, I grew, and gradually we with Masha became the best girlfriends.

Ya I tell it the secrets, and it me - the.

Where I was, my kitty always nearby. When I play on the computer, it too always near me. She likes to drink water is direct from - under the crane. We often play together. It at us just the beauty! When I bathe, Mashulka too with me.

It we played at hide-and-seek

and hid from mother.

I am already able to read

Ya and very often I read the favourite Mashenke`s books. Most of all she loves fairy tales.

I read

Ya, and she lays down nearby and listens and only purrs: “Prrravilno - prrravilno...“. Then she yawns and with pleasure falls asleep...

then and I fill up

A, and it is not clear who whom puts bed...

When I go to eat

, Masha runs on kitchen too. Also asks something tasty. I always feed her. She eats special cat food to be strong and healthy. But most of all she loves a smetanka. When she approaches me and mews, it seems to me that she speaks:“ Give smetaaanka“.

in the Summer I went to holiday and there went to an exhibition of cats. There were many cats: big and small, black, white, red, fluffy and not fluffy. There were beautiful kitties, but more beautifully than my Mashenka I did not meet yet. We very much love it.