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- pregnancy and the subsequent feeding Part 1 Part 2

it is difficult for B to find a breast (the alphabet of breastfeeding) of

the pregnant woman who though edge of an ear did not hear as there takes place childbirth that it “care of the baby“ what dowry the newborn needs to prepare... At the same time culture degree in the matters can be limited to conversation with the neigbour or stretch for visit of various courses for future mothers, pools, saunas etc. All people different therefore also the relation to the events is unequal. To put it briefly, you will do something or not - changes of mammary glands during pregnancy are obvious to think, so about their “application“ after the delivery you will be able.

I consider

Ya that pregnancy in itself is so harmonious that special efforts “on preparation of a breast for a lactation“ perfectly are entered in your habitual schedule. You have a shower bath cold water? Perfectly, so additional water procedures for mammary glands are not necessary, then you are wiped by a terry towel, massaging thus nipples. You have not a shower bath cold water? It does not matter: means, to you to liking a contrast shower or just hygienic shower at the end of the day (further according to the list - a terry towel, the massaging movements etc.) .

do not forget

about convenient underwear from natural materials, good, tasty and useful, food, walks on the wood and other pleasures. Try to get rid of the habits harmful really: smoking, inactive way of life, lack of oxygen. About excessive libations and drugs I will hold back because around clever people. And here about the TV “I cannot be silent“: the blue screen - the provoker of convulsive and other adverse conditions of a brain, a source of stresses and bad mood. At least limit the stay about a telebox...

If something disturbs you

(for example, the pulled-in or flat nipples, possible cracks etc.) discuss these questions with girlfriends (it is desirable that not all them them had negative experience of breastfeeding), doctors, instructors of courses - main thing, not to be limited to opinion only of one person and not to go in cycles in a problem. Everything is solvable, believe!

during pregnancy you make the decision on that as well as where you will give birth. I do not comment on house childbirth (means, you already were engaged on courses, found the midwife to whom you trust etc.) and here choosing maternity hospital, find out the relation of the management and medical staff to breastfeeding. You know why it is important? Because many problems which in principle should not be can be designated in maternity hospital. But you be not upset in advance, in maternity hospital - that you will be only several days. And houses where, as we know, and walls help (I do not speak about the husband and the baby which not the little fool some to change mother`s milk for something else), everything will return to normal.

Thus, having connected in consciousness “three sources, three components“ of motherhood - pregnancy, childbirth, feeding by a breast, as a result you receive what experts call installation on breastfeeding.

In - everything will be good!

A differently it is simple and cannot be! You have on hands a charming kid, your small treasure with huge blue eyes and tiny patches. And you - the best mother on light, admit to yourself it without false modesty... And to be engaged in such pleasant and useful business as feeding in a breast - at all one continuous pleasure.

D - feeding duration

feeding of the kid What is the time has to last? There is no definite answer to this question - each child has “style“ of sucking which cannot be foreseen in advance.“ Gourmands“ and “idlers“ like to suck long, prolonging pleasure, they also wish to take a nap at a breast... Give to the baby, especially at the beginning, to suck until he does not release a breast itself (you should not encourage only excessively long feeding - more than an hour, in order to avoid formation of inflammations and cracks of nipples).

in principle, within the first 10 minutes the kid exhausts “norm“, all rest of the time it communicates with you, finding at a breast not only food, but also tenderness, love, tender mother`s words. When the diet though somehow was established (that is you do not feed the baby through everyone half an hour, as in the first days), duration of feeding can vary of 10 - 15 minutes, till 30 - 40 minutes.

other circumstances also can influence duration of feeding. For example, in the afternoon you leave for work, the kid is fed by the grandmother with your milk from a small bottle. Unless the small bottle can replace mother? Therefore count what in the evening and at night the “real“ feedings will be quite long - the kid needs “to be loaded“ with mother properly.

do not wean the child too early (in 5 minutes) even if it seems to you that the kid was already sated - at the end of feeding he receives the so-called late milk rich with fats. These fats are the main power source when breastfeeding.

After feeding take a breast several minutes opened, curative properties of your milk will well work and here.

of N - heredity in questions of breastfeeding

does not exist that. Your mother told that all women in a sort had problems with milk? Dare to agree with it and for the sake of experiment interrogate the close relatives - I am sure that all will have different reasons of “shortage“ or “lack“ of milk.

U you small, not “dairy“ how it seems to you, a breast? Most of your relatives did not differ in “dairy abundance“? Eventually, any of girlfriends - coevals did not feed the kid longer than 3 months? All this has no value! Production of milk does not depend on a form or the size of a breast, the mythical hereditary reasons.


About - an eructation

Such, frankly speaking, word which is not caressing an ear, designated one important action: after each feeding it is necessary to take the kid vertically (“column“) that the excess air taken during feeding by a breast came out. If not to make it, “the air lump“ in a stomach will create discomfort - the child will be capricious, will not be able to fall asleep.