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The season of colds

Pregnancy lasts 9 months and takes at least three a season. The summer is short, fall and spring slushy, winter long. Risk to catch cold increases in cold weather which accompanies considerable part of pregnancy...

To catarrhal diseases are carried by acute infectious diseases of the top airways more often - the sharp respiratory viral infections (SRVI). The top airways consist of a nasal cavity, a throat, a throat, a trachea and bronchial tubes.

during pregnancy the organism of the woman is reconstructed by

due to hormonal changes. In a different way the immune system begins to work. Future mother and a fruit - two genetically different organisms. That the kid was not perceived as the alien agent, immune functions of mother are suppressed. Against decrease in immunity the probability of catarrhal diseases increases. In the first trimester of pregnancy (from conception till 12 - 13 weeks) infections can cause pregnancy interruption threat, spontaneous abortions, the stood pregnancies (death of an embryo in a uterus), rough malformations of a fruit. In the second trimester of pregnancy (13 - 27 weeks) cold can cause threat of premature birth and small anomalies of development of a fruit. In the third trimester (from 28 weeks) the postponed viral and/or bacterial infections cause much - and lack of water, a syndrome of a delay of pre-natal development of a fruit, placentary violations, pre-natal infection of a fruit.

the Reasons of cold. Viruses there are much less bacteria by the sizes, quickly extend in air, easily cause cold. Bacterial diseases have big duration, in comparison with virus, cause complications more often. Infection is possible not only from the sick person, but also when using objects of personal hygiene, ware.

catarrhal diseases Are more often than

of Display of an illness begin with “the prodromalny period“. These are illness harbingers: weakness, fatigue, perspiration, decrease in working capacity, a headache, feelings of irritation in a throat and in a nose. This period lasts 1 - 2 day. If you noticed these signs at yourself and remembered contact with the sick person, then can use illness prophylactics: Arbidol - after consultation with the doctor, tea with honey or raspberry, good rest and a dream.

If all of you - got sick with

, then these measures will reduce weight of a course of disease. Then the “crisis“ period of an illness begins: cold, cough, dacryagogue, temperature increase of a body, headaches, an ache in bones and muscles. This period lasts on average till 4 - 7 days. If in the beginning the virus was the causative agent of a disease, then in 3 - 4 days the bacterial infection can join that extends and makes heavier a course of disease. At yourself you can notice it on second “outbreak“ of an illness: repeated temperature increase; allocations from a nose, before transparent, mucous, become greenish and hardly separated; cough becomes frequent, with a phlegm. Then there comes recovery: there is a reduction of all displays of cold, there is a weakness within several days, perspiration, drowsiness, fatigue.

How to avoid a SARS

Infection it is possible not only from the sick person, but also when using objects of personal hygiene, ware.

First of all, it is necessary to reconsider a diet. Exclude from the diet smoked products, products containing preservatives, dyes, flavoring additives. The listed factors are agents who “irritate“ immune system, forcing it to produce protective proteins instead of building defense against external causative agents of diseases and not to give the chance to be activated in an organism to the chronic centers of infections. Surely consume enough proteins: meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs. Proteins and their components - amino acids - the main construction material for new cages, including for cages of immune protection.

can be allocated to

Among the vitamins recommended for prevention of cold: a pyridoxine (In 6 ), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), pangamovy acid (In 15 ), vitamins A and E. All necessary vitamins contain in special vitamin complexes for pregnant women.

Salutary impact on an organism phytoncides - the phytogenesis substances possessing anti-inflammatory and anti-biotikopodobny properties possess. There is a lot of them in onions, garlic, a garden radish. It is desirable to eat these products in the raw as a food additive. It is possible to place in the period of epidemics of catarrhal diseases on the apartment of a plateau with small cut garlic, periodically changing them.

Among the actions useful to prevention of a SARS, - a hardening. This procedure not only strengthens immunity, but also tones up skin, normalizes a tone of vessels, prevents aging. The daily tempering procedures can include 5 - a minute contrast shower. Pour alternately warm (38 - 40 °C) and cool (20 - 22 °C) water for 30 - 40 seconds completely over all body (if you did this procedure before pregnancy) or only a leg to knees (if decided to try for the first time). Finish procedure always with cool water.

also walking barefoot on a floor, in the summer - on a grass and sand Is useful to

. If you never did it, then can begin at any time, on any term of pregnancy if you have no pregnancy complications. The earlier, the better. Over time gradually reduce temperature of cool part of a contrast shower.

of Walk can be carried to the tempering methods at all seasons of the year. Walk has to be first of all in pleasure. Walk whenever possible more, it is better - in a park or country zone, it is good to walk after a rain, the moistened air is a prophylactic of a lack of oxygen of mother and a fruit.

Air the room. You sleep in well aired room (about 30 minutes of airing to a dream or the slightly opened window leaf on all night long on condition of absence of draft are necessary).

If the flu epidemic began

, use Oksolinovuyu ointment. You apply it with a thin layer around nostrils on skin and on 2 - 3 mm inside on mucous a nose.

Avoid contact with infections during pregnancy. Public places with a large number of people (shops, movie theaters, policlinics) - not the best place for future mothers during flu epidemics and a SARS. If not to do without visit of populous places, do not hesitate to be masked.


At a slight cold can use

house means. Surely see a doctor, consult to him concerning use of these means. It is desirable for p to limit to

physical activity during an illness and during recovery to avoid additional loads of the weakened organism.

After the postponed disease is recommended to make the general blood test, biochemical blood test, the general analysis of urine, to make the electrocardiogram. From 30 weeks of pregnancy it is necessary to estimate a fruit condition by means of a kardiotokografiya method. After recovery in 7 - 10 days it is necessary to repeat blood tests and urine. In 2 - 3 weeks after the postponed infection it is desirable to pass ultrasonography. Possible complications have the remote character, in this regard the postponed cold - a reason for regular visit of the doctor.