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Call “03“

“To call an ambulance crew!“ - it is the first thought which arises at us when the health suddenly worsens. During pregnancy of the reason for concern arise even more often. What can become a reason for the appeal to this emergency service?

Reasons for a call of an ambulance crew are the obstetric states demanding hospitalization, “a sharp stomach“ and pregnancy, exacerbations of the somatic diseases which are available for future mother, of course, “ambulance“ needs to be called also in unambiguously emergency situations, but we will stop only on the listed states as in similar cases the woman has more often questions of how to behave: to wait until pain passes, most to go to the doctor or to cause crew home.

the Emergency obstetric states

Obstetric bleedings - pathological release of blood from a genital tract during pregnancy, childbirth and in the postnatal period. Bloody allocations can be various intensity and duration, can accept character of bleeding. Depending on the reason and the term of pregnancy bleeding can be followed by such symptoms as pain, weakness, dizziness, violation of physical activity of a fruit.

of the Reason of bleeding at pregnancy:

Existence of bloody allocations from a genital tract and/or sharp pains in a uterus is the indication for the emergency hospitalization in a hospital. At the expressed bleeding hospitalization is carried out in the next obstetric hospital only on a stretcher. The pregnant woman is transported through a reception of maternity hospital with transfer to the doctor on duty.

Separately wants to tell about not really intensive allocations from a genital tract, so-called botched work. Such allocations in the first trimester of pregnancy can not pass into anything more serious, however nobody can give any guarantees therefore such allocations should be considered as a reason for the address to the doctor too. If the woman of the house not one, can accompany or give a ride to her someone in a maternity welfare unit, then it is possible to address and there, but also in this case you should not consider the appeal to “ambulance“ as reinsurance.

Before arrival of “ambulance“ should be gone to bed, having adopted the provision on the left side, after an urination to put ice on a stomach bottom.

of Pain. During pregnancy of pain can be felt rather often. In the first half of pregnancy (till 20 weeks) the short-term pricking or aching pains in the bottom of a stomach, lumbar area can be connected with growth of a uterus, stretching of the copular device, a meteorizm or a lock which arise on early terms of pregnancy owing to hormonal reorganization. The mild aching pains in the lower departments of a stomach or a sacrum without bleeding can be manifestation of the menacing abortion. In the second half of pregnancy when load of muscles of a back, feet increases, pains in lumbar area can develop. Emergence of pains in the lower part of a stomach, in lumbar area, hypererethism of a uterus is told about possible signs of premature birth. What to do in similar cases? Even if pains not strong are also not followed by bloody allocations - do not postpone visit to a maternity welfare unit. If pains became more intensive and frequent, bloody allocations from a genital tract appeared - it is necessary to cause “03“. Before arrival of “ambulance“ it is necessary to lay down, reception of spazmolitik (But - shpa, Metatsina), sedative preparations (Extract of a valerian, Tincture of a pustyrnik) is possible.

have to Guard with

the woman a headache, is more often in occipital and temporal areas, disorder of sight, a veil or flashing of “front sights“ before eyes, than pain in the top half of a stomach, nausea, vomiting, excitement or, on the contrary, a depression, along with it is increase of arterial pressure, high convulsive readiness (twitching of face muscles, necks, the top extremities), loss of consciousness, a spasm. All these symptoms or only one of them are signs of a gestoz - a pathological state which is shown only during pregnancy and, as a rule, disappears after its termination or in the early postnatal period. The described symptoms appear at critical forms of a gestoz which demand a fast rodorazresheniye, it is necessary to refer existence in the second half of pregnancy of the main clinical symptoms To reliable signs of a gestoz: proteinurias (a squirrel in urine), arterial hypertension (increase of arterial pressure), hypostases and their combinations.

What to do before arrival of “ambulance“? First of all, it is necessary to create indoors lechebno - the guarding mode: to exclude noise sources, to draw curtains, not to leave the pregnant woman alone, to give her situation with the raised head end, to keep in readiness the spoon which is wrapped up by a gauze (for introduction to a mouth and restoration of passability of the top airways when developing spasms), to monitor the act of breath. Reception of the means lowering pressure appointed by the doctor is possible. If earlier the woman did not accept hypotensive means, then you should not listen to councils house, familiar about reception of this or that preparation.“ The ambulance“ will arrive quickly enough, if necessary to the woman will enter necessary medicine. In all cases of a gestoz hospitalization in an obstetric hospital is obligatory. At not heavy current of a gestoz the woman is placed in office of pathology of pregnancy, at heavy - in obstetric intensive care unit.

Childbirth. The beginning of childbirth emergence of regular labor pains or premature izlity amniotic waters is considered. Labor pains - rhythmic reductions of muscles of a uterus. Regular contractions go at regular intervals. In the beginning fights alternate each 10 - 15 minutes and last for 10 - 15 seconds. Subsequently fights become frequent and become more long, and intervals between them gradually decrease so in 10 minutes there are 4 - 5 fights.

When to call “ambulance“? As soon as it became clear to you that regularly repeating belly-aches are fights or if amniotic waters departed even if there are no pains in the bottom of a stomach.

What to do before arrival of “ambulance“? Check documents: do not forget to take the passport, the prenatal record, the birth certificate, the insurance policy and/or the contract for childbirth, do not eat food, it is possible to drink juice, a fruit drink gradually. Take off jewelry, cut nails, tidy up hair, completely depilate by means of the safety razor from a crotch (on a situation) or capture the disposable safety razor in maternity hospital. And the main thing - keep calm and belief in the forces.

“Sharp stomach“

If pains became more intensive and frequent, it is necessary to cause “03“.

the Term “sharp stomach“ unites big group of diseases of the abdominal organs which are sharply arising and life-endangering that demands an urgent call of “ambulance“. Main symptoms of “a sharp stomach“:

can be connected by

of the Reason of “a sharp stomach“ at pregnant women with gynecologic pathology (extra-uterine pregnancy, a rupture of a uterus on an old hem, pereknut also violation of food of a cyst of an ovary, violation of blood supply of miomatozny knot, etc.) and pathology of abdominal organs (an acute appendicitis - an inflammation of a worm-shaped shoot, sharp cholecystitis - an inflammation of a gall bladder, sharp pancreatitis - a pancreas inflammation, etc.) .

At emergence of bloody allocations before arrival of “ambulance“ needs to be gone to bed, having adopted the provision on the left side with the sublime provision of a basin.

Perforation of stomach ulcer or duodenum. So call formation of an opening in a wall of a stomach or a gut in the field of an ulcer. At perforation of an ulcer pain has dagger character: it is very intensive. Such complication can arise if earlier the woman knew that she has an ulcer, but can be its first manifestation.

What to do before arrival of ambulance? At “a sharp stomach“ at pregnant women urgent hospitalization is necessary. It is impossible to eat and drink, it is necessary to accept a convenient pose, for simplification of pains we will allow reception of spazmolitichesky preparations (1 - 2 tablet But - shpa). The depletive, enemas, analgetics (anesthetizing preparations) as they can cause short-term deceptive improvement of health are categorically contraindicated, shade signs of irritation of a peritoneum and by that very much to complicate diagnostics.

Somatic diseases

Somatic diseases are various diseases of internals against which there came pregnancy. Pregnancy often makes heavier the course of these diseases.

Bronchial asthma. The reason of a call of “ambulance“ - the bad attack of asthma caused in whole or in part by a reversible bronkhoobstruktion (obstruction of bronchial tubes). Main complaints: the noisy, whistling breath, short wind with the extended exhalation, concern, sensation of fear, heartbeat, pristupoobrazny cough. What to do before arrival of “ambulance“? During an attack it is necessary to provide free breath: to undo a hard collar, to facilitate inflow of fresh air. Situation - with the raised head end, whenever possible sitting with an emphasis for hands (for connection of additional respiratory muscles). Hands and feet of legs can be lowered in hot water or to put to them mustard plasters. It is possible to drink very hot tea from cowberry (from leaves and berries, fresh or dry): it promotes fluidifying of a viscous phlegm. Find preparations which you usually use. It is more preferable to pregnant women to use inhalation forms as they create high concentration of a preparation in airways at a minimum of system effects. Usually for knocking over of an attack there are enough 1 - 2 breaths of a preparation. Application of high doses can lead to emergence of undesirable action: to a generalized spasm, arrhythmia, tachycardia, sharp deterioration in a state.

Renal colic. It is the attack of pains caused by emergence of an obstacle for outflow of urine from a kidney lokhanka or a mochetochnik. Main symptoms: pain - sudden, constant, skhvatkoobrazny, lasting from several minutes till 10 - 12 o`clock, localized in lumbar area and/or a podreberye. More often razvit ivatsya against the urolithic illness, chronic pyelonephritis proceeding before pregnancy it is hidden, and during pregnancy of the leukocytes which are shown emergence in urine, blood. At pregnant women the urolithic illness almost in 80% of cases is followed by pyelonephritis: stones, injuring uric ways, facilitate distribution of an infection and promote development of this disease. What to do before arrival of “ambulance“? During a painful attack it is impossible to accept liquid. At sharp pain we will allow reception of spazmolitik from the home first-aid kit { But - shpa, the Papaverine, Eufillin), and also Tsistenala - the preparation possessing spazmolitichesky, bacteriological and sedative action (accept 4 - 5 drops on sugar).