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Waiting for magic of

Sitting on a window and nestling a forehead on cold glass, we without a break considered hour snowflakes, hoping that here - here from a snow veil sledge of Father Frost will seem. Having woken up in the morning we first of all ran to a fir-tree, and there was no limit to our children`s happiness...

Years passed

, and by inheritance our children got our dreams. But present parents had more opportunities to work wonders. How to make a holiday the most unforgettable for the children? How not to disappoint their expectations? We decided to address true professionals in creation of miracles - the Volshebnik companies, to learn how they work those wonders and that can advise our readers.

And Father Frost real?

Most important in the organization of a children`s holiday, according to “Wizards“, is the maximum reliability of the events. Children the most strict critic who will feel falseness far off. If suddenly at the invited Father Frost the beard falls off or the pack of cigarettes will drop out of a pocket, for the child it can become the real psychological trauma. Besides children - the most strict viewer. If the events do not interest them, they right there will lose all interest, and it will be already very difficult to return their attention. Therefore the scenario of the forthcoming holiday has to be thought over in advance. The plot can be any, the main thing - that it was not only cheerful and amusing, but also instructive. In a game form children with pleasure gain new knowledge of the world surrounding them, study communication with each other.

to organize a New Year`s surprise to our children, today we have several opportunities:

In the Volshebnik company, for example, such fir-tree is the whole dramatized representation with an interesting plot, cheerful games, surprises and gifts. The scope of these representations can be very extensive.

the House New Year`s tale of how the granddaughter of the Baba-yaga - little Yozhka - took offense at the fact that to it Father Frost did not come to a holiday and did not give to

For kids from 2 to 6 years gifts, and stole that bag with gifts. But the bag disappeared. As well as it is necessary to the fairy tale, it comes to an end well: little Yozhka gets to children on a house fir-tree and wise Father Frost and children explain to her that others it is bad to take. Children through joint efforts help to correct Yozhke an error and on pieces and loskutochka collect this bag. It is possible not to doubt that thanks to efforts of kids all gifts will surely find the owners.

If you decided to ask for the help in the organization of a holiday, approach this question with all responsibility. At the choice of firm be especially attentive:

  • Learn everything about the company to which you address.
  • do not save time - be not too lazy to arrive to office.
  • Look with
  • at a photo - and video records.
  • In detail stipulate all conditions of an upcoming event (especially if it is about children of preschool age).
  • do not postpone your order for the last days - Father Frost for a New Year`s Eve has very extensive plans.

has to guard you with


  • absence of office,
  • low price,
  • the requirement of a 100% advance payment,
  • of difficulty of employees in answers to your questions.

For children from 7 to 12 years

the New Year`s holiday in style of the Olympic Games or travel over the countries of the world and acquaintance to New Year`s wizards of other countries. The holiday of the Olympic Games is very original according to contents - there is also a delivery of Olympic flame and flag, and it is a lot of sports competitions - snegobol, vinterbol, a trainer`s tag and many other things.

For children and parents

Main is a magic. It lives also in children`s hopes, both in dreams, and in smiles, and in snowflakes behind a window …

A can organize the whole New Year`s show which both adults, and children will be able to enjoy. Such show usually includes several types of service: performance, game program, participation of performers and circus, disco, fireworks. Such show - the real unforgettable New Year`s enchanting spectacle which for certain will not leave you indifferent.

And still the main thing is a magic... It lives also in children`s hopes, both in dreams, and in their smiles, and in snowflakes that flash behind a window... And if naive children`s eyes peer through it waiting for a New Year`s miracle, so we live in not absolutely cynical world... Means, we still have a chance to see real magic.

is Advised by “Wizard“

  1. Is unimportant, you decided to organize a holiday or to address professionals, it is important to remember one - on New Year`s Eve your child waits for a miracle! He believes that all year he behaved well and that Father Frost will surely glance to it. He waits for a holiday and gifts. Your most important task - to support faith in Father Frost in your children.

  2. the Best way to make it - to write the letter to Father Frost. In this letter your child will be able to tell about himself, to tell of good deeds which he made this year and, of course, to write that he dreams to receive as a gift. If your kid is not able to write yet, make it together with him. We in “Wizard“ even had such tradition - if you made at us the order till December 15, then your kid, will surely receive the letter - the answer from the real Father Frost.

  3. After the letter is sent to
  4. , it is time to think of how to organize everything. If you decided to be engaged in the organization of a holiday, begin with a script writing and cast of New Year`s characters between your members of household. It is important that New Year`s suits were high quality and did not give your uncle or the neighbor in Father Frost.