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SAMOSPA. For beauty and pleasure of

For the sake of a relaxation and the general advantage for health and finance it is necessary to arrange himself house SPA. Ordinary house products will be useful, it is a little time and patience. And the most pleasant - similar procedures give not only beauty, but also pleasure, them if to reflect, it is impossible to divide.

the Tray steam for the person + clarification. Before procedure face skin needs to be cleared of cosmetics. We take an old teapot, we pour in it hot water (not boiled water not to burn), we add (at will) essential oil (a rose, orange, ilang - ilang). The big towel and the weakening music is required. It is necessary to cover the head with a towel and to breathe warm steam. The person sweats, a time reveals. After a steam tray we start clarification of the person. It is possible to use a usual srub or to prepare the, from bran and grits.

the Srub from bran. we Fill a quarter of a cup of the bran mixed with porridge, and we fill in with warmish water before formation of dense gruel, we allow to be drawn a couple of minutes and we put on a face soft roundabouts. Bran peels all superfluous, porridge softens and bleaches. Skin becomes smooth and elastic. It is better to do this procedure for the night, after - to grease a face with nutritious cream, to go to bed and wait for result.

Wiping by ice. to Skin needs a tone, skin has to know that care for it. In the morning, for example, instead of washing by simple water, it is much more pleasant to wipe a face with an ice piece. Skin will be refreshed, will wake up and will begin to shine. And ice can be made of grass broth, the camomile, for example, disinfects and bleaches. It is possible to freeze also tea, black - calms, green - tones up. And ice from coffee should be used as natural autosuntan. At desire and readiness ice all body can make rubdown as result - elastic skin, cheerfulness and feeling of a fulfillment of a small feat.

of Arom - a bathtub by candlelight. the Wonderful weakening water procedure and for a body and as a hobby. Water has to be not really hot, and pleasantly warm. We add fragrant oil - enough several drops. We light candles - the main thing to establish them so that they did not fail and did not go out. Also the surrounding atmosphere is important - better to choose a moment when nobody disturbs, to switch-off phone - and to forget for an hour about everything.

the Bathtub with oranges. the Same, only instead of oil we take oranges. Whole, round, red, three - four pieces. Water for a start has to be hotter - that oranges steamed out and let out the essential oils. Oranges float, heat up and smell. Small happiness, a reminder on the South, the sun, wind in leaves of citrus trees. And then oranges can be eaten. Directly there, sitting in water.

Milk pan. we Take three packages of not skim milk. We warm up milk, we pour out in a bathtub. At desire it is possible to add a honey half-cup (if there is no allergy to it) and a little cinnamon - for aroma. Skin becomes smooth, humidified...

the Bathtub with sea salt. needs to dissolve 250 - 350 of sea salt and to take a bath of 10 - 15 minutes. Later it is good to arrange a peeling of a body with addition of vegetable oil to moisten skin.

the Srub from coffee, cinnamon, oats and coconut oil. For preparation of a srub needs the made coffee (3 tablespoons of coffee on small to the Turk), two tablespoons of coconut oil, a glass of porridge. Coffee to cool, filter, to mix a thick with porridge and oil. On a consistence dense gruel has to turn out if it is necessary - to add the filtered coffee (to freeze the remains of coffee - and there will be ice for washing). To add a little cinnamon, to stir, apply on a body with easy roundabouts and to wait for minutes ten. To wash away warm water. Skin will turn out smooth and shining. Right after a bathtub it is better to put on some house dressing gown for which it is not a pity because oil is absorbed not at once and will remain on a body even after a shower. But for skin it is good. The noticeable effect can be reached if to do such peeling at least once in a week within two months.

Oat mask. Needs porridge ordinary and warm water. To calculate quantity of a mask that it was enough for all itself at least a thin layer. To wet porridge for 10 minutes. It is necessary to put a mask in a bathtub, before it properly warmed up because it is necessary to spend there at least 15 minutes. It is better not to wander about the house - the mask will begin to dry up and be showered. The effect will be pleasant to you - skin will be tightened, will become more elastic.


A as daily small SPA will suit washing of the person warmish tea or mineral water - quickly, and advantage huge.

I as result: the more attention we pay to ourselves, the others begin to pay us more attention.