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, there is in the world more perfectly no miracle when the kid is born, there is no happiness more fullly, than a unification of three loving hearts. And if suddenly life does not develop, and the father with mother cannot live together? Really the small being is fated to grow in one-sided, though full-fledged love? Over any mother who was left with the child without father`s support, a sword of Damocles indisputable hangs - - the child needs the father. Sooner or later mother “is, as a rule, let“ on searches of the new father. Someone finds the happiness, and someone is not present. But anyway “searches“, as a rule, leave a bright and indelible mark in fragile “poor memory“. And being not deprived of spirit of adventurism, I too “came for hunting“. However, the hunter from me turned out unimportant, but, at least, is what to remember in the long winter evenings. Maybe at you it turns out better, and my unlucky experience, only the joke played by fun-loving destiny?

my son Pavlik was born i Four years ago . And almost exactly in four years my life turned into a nightmare. The question “And where My Father?“ became same habitual for me as “Mother and what you do?“ or “And why...?“ . We divorced Pavlik`s father almost a year ago, did not get on together, too different people. The only thing in what we completely met, so it in love to the son. My ex-husband could potter for hours with the son, constantly inventing new games and entertainments, with pleasure drove it in circus and on Kuklachev`s cats, bought to it sweets and bananas, and at all this was for the son a final authority. Pavlik answered it with full reciprocity therefore he took our divorce especially painfully. The son long could not believe that the father will live separately from us now, and sees the father he will be able only on days off as on weekdays the father is overloaded with work. Apparently, the kid did not understand what really happened, and perceived absence of the father as the compelled temporary need. The son waited for the father from work nearly every evening, incessantly asking me when he comes. But the father could not come so often, now he had a new family and new life. It was inaccessible to inquisitive mind of my little man.

But in the opinion of the son I turned into all-knowing bureau concerning existence of the father on this earth. Therefore questions: “And when the father will come?“, “And what the father does in the evening?“ poured in buckets. Moreover, Pavlik for some reason decided that honor to all he did, the father has to have if not direct then the indirect relation. If Pavlik went by bicycle and suddenly fell, then he by all means found out and whether the father in such situation cried, and, having heard the negative answer, courageously pursed a lower lip and, sobbing, and tried to constrain “girlish“ tears from all forces; and, having learned that the father would never get into a pool barehanded to get a piece of green glass which, of course, very beautiful and necessary, Pavel “on the adult“ easily refused a subject necessary for it. And if we walked on a zoo, then I as the person informed, had to know: and whether the tiger father is afraid? and whether the father will be able to overcome a bear? and whether the cheetah father “will catch“? etc. “Father, father, father...“ - it the word sounded at me in ears daily, hourly, every minute. No, not only we lived in the small apartment with the son, with us still the former daddy, his shadow, and his spirit lived. Even after a year I did not manage to get rid of its “presence“ in my house. Moreover, this “presence“ created by my son became intolerable. And I thought, - “And why to replace irreal the daddy quite real?“ .

How to realize the decision, I had no the slightest concept. It is inconvenient to ask for the help acquaintances, to ask in marriage through parents, there is no special desire too, and get the novel at work can be and it is fraught. There was, however, an old “antiquated“ method - acquaintance through the newspaper according to the announcement. At careful studying of offers from a heading it became clear to “Ladies from gentlemen“ that to establish a family with the lady and hers “the second series“ dream no more than six percent of potential grooms of middle age. From them one appeared “... almost the impotent man, without any problems...“, but very tender, eager to have the child 11 years, another are not more senior - “... cancelled, not rich, without the intimate past and special problems, normal appearance...“ and the third needed any baby, and at once three or four “... for creation of a strong and close-knit family“. I cannot tell that some of the above-named offers it seemed to me tempting. Though what only you will not make for the sake of the beloved child....

I, at last, found

In several days of persistent searches more or less acceptable candidate . The man “in the blossoming of forces“ forty years, besides without problems which “will be glad to children of future spouse“ was him. It is impossible to tell that the announcement differed in informational content, but how to be told, “half a loaf is better than no bread“. And I ventured to throw a rod. Pismetso, a couple of phone calls, and - an appointment is made.

While my friend Milka entertained Pavlik, I managed to make manicure by appointment and two hours to stay at the hairdresser. I got into the favourite dress, having kept to a cruel diet three days new the varnished shoes on a very tall hairpin bought specially to this case gave to confidence, and a French perfume did me magic. My potential husband was not so bad: the employee of private firm earning “a living is enough“, nice appearance, versatile, and, above all adoring children.

Being the lady romantic, I decided to admire the alleged owner of my hand and heart published that in silence and rest completely to satisfy curiosity. And, thank God! In Gogolevsky Boulevard, around a monument, rhythmically swinging three red carnations, nervously - measured steps “It“ nursed.“ It“ appeared absolutely uncertain age, is one head lower than me, ““ reminded rather curling hair framing with a semicircle a brilliant oval of a bald head, than the sickly hilenky little body which is carelessly draped in linen sails of trouser-legs of blossoming of forces and is pale - a blue flag of a shirt, generally, all this shape did not create image of the person having a salary at least on that “hardly to make ends meet“ at all. I decided not to tempt destiny, and having sadly developed, went according to Big Nikitskaya is proud ticking heels. Evening was quiet and silent. But it was restless at me at heart. Of the unlucky gentleman I was reminded even the whole week by my legs rubbed that evening to water callosities.