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Cheerfulness charge: three options of morning auto-training

Many people consider that the most right and checked way allowing to get rid of a somnolence is instantly to rise from a bed when the alarm clock rang out, and to go to a bathroom to get the awake state under a stream of cool water. However not everyone manages to apply it in daily practice and not all such rise does well.

Unpleasant feelings in this case are easily explainable

. Your sharp rise can have at that time (phase) of a dream when heartbeat becomes frequent and respiratory function is broken. During such prosypaniye of people feels a fast rhythm of heart, but also - weakness in extremities, an easy indisposition, dizziness.

First that needs to be made, feeling that it is time to wake up, is, to relax surprisingly, more precisely, to get rid of negative emotions and impressions, and the most important - in advance not to pump up itself thoughts of complexity of the forthcoming day at all.

Morning psychological training - the most important and defining as that state with which the person gets up in the morning, affects throughout the day. Morning auto-training is the specially developed complex of mental, physical and breathing exercises which need to be carried out daily. He uses the main ways of self-control and helps to master new qualities of character and perception, as allows subsequently the person not just to wake up and get up, and to take of new day a maximum useful to itself. By means of morning auto-training you will be able to develop in yourself a condition of steadiness, endurance, a lucidity of mind, and also constructibility of thinking, ability in time to relax and gather, and also to reach high performance.

When we mentally relax, our body too physiologically relaxes. There is a continuous communication between thought and a body, between our intentions and the actual actions. The model of psychological training is based on belief that it is possible to acquire new cogitative skills and to change old stereotypes of behavior. Your thoughts precede your actions.

Option 1

before exercises clean from - under the heads a pillow, lay down on a back and slowly execute the sipping movement, having raised hands up and having extended socks of legs.

Then rise from a bed (you can take a contrast shower) and execute a set of exercises:

  1. Get up directly, legs together, put palms before a breast. Make a slow and quiet breath.

  2. At the same time with a sigh raise hands up and, without bending legs, cave in back.

  3. On an exhalation bend forward and put palms of hands on a floor at legs or bring closer them to a floor as far as it is possible. Try to touch by a forehead knees. Having finished an exhalation, nestle on knees even more densely.

  4. Transfer weight to hands and with a breath set aside the right leg as it is possible further back. The left leg all foot costs on a floor between the hands which are also densely pressed to a floor. The head is raised.
  5. Exhale

    , put the left leg near right, the trunk and legs have to make one straight line. Body weight keeps on the straightened hands. You look before yourself. Inhale.

  6. With an exhalation bend hands and fall by a floor, leaving a basin slightly raised. In this situation the body touches a floor 8 points - stupnyam, knees, palms, a breast, a forehead and a chin.
  7. Inhale

    , straighten hands and cave in back.
  8. Exhale

    and lift a basin so that the body made a triangle. Ideally palms and feet have to be densely pressed to a floor, and the head - to be between hands.

  9. Get up directly, bend hands in elbows (elbows down) and send to a palm to the viewer. Take noisy, short, rhythmical breaths a nose and at the same time squeeze palms in fists - do the hvatatelny movements.
  10. Make

    in a row 4 sharp, rhythmical breaths a nose (“slip“ 4 times). Then lower hands and have a rest 3 - 4 seconds - a pause.
  11. Make

  12. 3 more short and noisy breaths, and again a pause.

  13. Get up directly, hands are squeezed in fists and pressed to a stomach at the level of a belt. At the time of a breath sharply push fists down to a floor, being as if wrung out from it (shoulders are strained, straight arms, reach for a floor). Then return hands in a starting position on belt level. Relax shoulders - the exhalation left. Above a belt do not raise hands. by

  14. Make in a row not 4 breaths any more - the movements, and 8. Then rest for 4 seconds - and again 8 breaths - movements.

  15. Get up directly, legs slightly already, than at shoulder length. Make easy bow forward (hands reach for a floor, but do not concern it) and at the same time sharp, short breath a nose in the second half of bow. The breath has to end together with bow.

  16. Slightly rise, but do not become straight, and again bow and a short noisy breath from a floor. Present that you pump up car tires. Bows become rhythmically forward and easily, low do not bow, bow to a belt suffices. The back round (but not a straight line), the head is hung.

  17. Get up directly, legs slightly already, than at shoulder length. An inclination forward - hands reach for a floor - a breath. And at once without stopping, having slightly caved in in a waist, an inclination back - hands embrace shoulders. And too breath. Bow forward - lean back back, a breath from a floor - a breath from a ceiling. The exhalation leaves in an interval between breaths itself (do not detain and do not push out exhalations).

it is useful for

to do Above-mentioned exercises right after rise from a bed when the person already woke up. It is necessary to do such respiratory exercises by all means everyone in the morning all that who leads an inactive life, is engaged in sedentary work, etc.

Option 2

the Second option of morning auto-training does not demand as - nibud significant efforts as exercises are carried out in a bed right after the person woke up. Everyone can carry out the same gymnastics in that case when laziness to get up, but it is necessary to bring quickly to a working condition all muscles, to stir up the organism.

  1. Lying on a back, try to pull in strongly a stomach, then stick out it. Repeat the movement from 10 to 20 times. Thanks to such exercise in an organism stagnation of bile and blood is liquidated. by

  2. Make a deep breath, let out the air from lungs. Present that together with the exhaled air you are exempted from all negative thoughts and emotions.

  3. For several minutes strain muscles of fingers of hands and legs, then relax them. Inhale air, count to ten and slowly exhale.

  4. Concentrate on feelings in the relaxed muscles. Repeat the second and third stages on 3 times.
  5. Put

    into a muscle work a foot, shoulders, hands, brushes, a neck, the person - all body: stretch, shake by extremities, press them to a body, and then widely part aside.

  6. Lying on a back, sharply bend a leg in a knee and bring up her to a breast. Try to hit with a heel on a buttock, and after that sharply straighten a leg and lower it. Carry out 15 times each leg.

  7. Raise the head and sit down in beds, lower legs on a floor. Put the left leg on right and a palm of the right hand mass it 20 times. Change position of legs and mass 20 more times. This exercise will adjust work of heart.

  8. Sitting on a bed, make the lock of fingers of both hands. Put them on a nape and massage it 10 times, having leaned back at the same time back. This exercise improves blood circulation in head tissues.

  9. Sitting, densely press palms to ears and knock with finger-tips of hands on a nape.

  10. Try to work as face muscles: close and open eyes, straighten forehead folds, look at a nose tip, and then smile a wide smile. Open and close a mouth, unclench jaws, place a tip of language on border between upper teeth and gums. And then relax.

This easy charging will surely affect your health - you by all means will feel cheerfulness in all body, clarity in the head, will be able without efforts to open eyes and to get up.

Option 3

Morning auto-training is a psychological training, a peculiar way of a relaxation. Its purpose - to raise a mental and intellectual state, to be loaded with positive emotions. You can carry out this auto-training not only lying or sitting in a bed, being in a semi-drowsy state, but also, for example, taking a contrast shower. This training does not demand the serious intellectual tension therefore it can be seen off, combining with any lung which is automatically carried out by morning occupation whether it be washing, a combing, clothing, etc.

So, smile to yourself and tell aloud: “I woke up (expert), I have a rest, I am quiet. My nervous system in a full order, all my muscles, all my organism come into action, begin to work, my brain, my thoughts come to a balanced state and please me. I am full of forces, energy and desire to live, work, think, rejoice and to please others“. Having a little taken rest, continue to inspire in yourself the following thoughts convincingly:“ I have a rest, I slept (expert), now I am quiet, pacified and at the same time I feel cheerfulness, activity in all body. I not in forces to lie more in a bed, I do not want to sleep more, I am cheerful, I am vigorous, I in an excellent form, I perfectly feel. I have a remarkable mood, and I am ready to share it with all that adds to me even more pleasure, self-confidence and desire to live and work“.

After such primary recharge continue to convince yourself that from a dream there is no trace left also:“ I finally recovered (expert) from a dream, my bodies came to a working condition, my pressure, breath ipuls were normalized, I feel ease and freedom in the body. I feel surplus of forces and positive energy. I sweep aside away all problems. Now I start day with a clean slate, I am absolutely free for fears, from foreign influence. My new day, my life are filled with joyful events, pleasant impressions, unexpected situations of which I only dreamed earlier. All my dreams come true, everything that it was impossible earlier, now occurs by itself. I am lucky, I enter in new day without fears, without any doubts that it will pass unsuccessfully that someone will do much harm to me and will overset my plans“.


that each offered phrase sounds not in future time, and in the present - you the auto-suggestion exclude any possibility of a bad course of affairs. Auto-suggestion is one of the most important steps of morning auto-training as by means of words strengthens your belief that you are able to fulfill the wishes, to realize all the abilities, forces, life experience, to execute all you are led by intuitive thinking to.

your auto-suggestion is a clear statement that the success is possible that you woke up not for nothing and new day will become better, than yesterday`s, is more considerable, more interesting, more fruitful for you. The words turned to themselves strengthen belief that you are able to achieve goals or one large purpose, and specify the direction in which it is necessary to go. They force your brain to concentrate and to participate actively in achievement of the purpose.

Any of the offered phrases repeat

several times, do it not mechanically, and concentrating on the thoughts, trying to present clearly in the imagination all that good what you speak about and you think.

Always you remember

: suggestion is the positive statement formulated as something already existing in the present.