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Reefs of the correspondence councils

News of your pregnancy any more not a secret for relatives and acquaintances? Now for certain you will have no release from persons interested to give the necessary advice. But you do not hurry to rejoice: to councils, especially correspondence, it is necessary to belong with care.

All women very different, and pregnancy at everyone proceeds in own way, but is not identical how can seem at first sight. And if some council (even given by the doctor) for one pregnant woman is useful, then another it can do irreparable harm. It is impossible to risk health - the, the future child.

Dangerous diagnoses

Sometimes from - for unwillingness to go to the doctor or lack of time of the woman travel around various websites where more “skilled“ mothers share details of course of the pregnancy and with pleasure give advice on any case. You should not rely on such correspondence councils. For example, you have an early toxicosis - nausea, repeated vomiting, on the last reception at the doctor it was talked that if within 3 days the state does not improve, it will be necessary to go to hospital. Of course, in hospital not really there is a wish. You shared these troubles in some “pregnant“ forum. Certainly, you get support and mass of the tested councils, most of sympathizers will tell that they had a toxicosis too, but about hospital the speech also did not come. Also will be right as probably at them vomiting was much more rare, there were no changes in analyses, and your doctor considered all aspects of a course of your pregnancy including the fact that the expressed toxicosis without the correct treatment can lead even to an abortion.

can Also often be heard that if the pregnant woman has spasms - it is from - for shortages of calcium in an organism, and, respectively, it is necessary to increase consumption of products with the increased content of calcium and preparations of calcium. Such council can not only not help, but also do much harm. In - the first, uncontrolled administration of drugs of calcium can be dangerous in case pregnancy proceeds with the interruption threat phenomena, prelying of a placenta (when the placenta blocks an exit from a uterus) and some other complications. In - the second, this statement is not absolutely right. The reasons of emergence of spasms during pregnancy are not so simple. One of the main - violation of a mineral exchange (a lack of potassium, magnesium, calcium, B6 vitamin, etc.) as a result of increase in need of an organism for minerals, vomiting of pregnant women, imbalance of food, illiterate application of diuretic preparations for the purpose of reduction of hypostases in the second half of pregnancy. Besides, spasms can be symptoms of various diseases, for example a varicose illness. Therefore at their emergence it is necessary to see a doctor. He will understand the reasons which led to spasms and will appoint the correct treatment.

Most of women faces

a problem of decrease in hemoglobin (anemia) during pregnancy. On this subject it is possible to listen to the mass of councils, the majority of them will consist in recommendations to lean on this or that product - someone will tell that it is necessary to eat daily almost crude liver, someone - that it is necessary to drink daily garnet juice or to eat kilogram of apples. Such councils not only will not bring benefit, but also will be harmful (eating a crude liver, it is possible to catch a food infection - and not only, the daily use of juice can lead to formation of allergic predisposition at the kid, and the kilogram of apples daily will shortly lead to full disgust for these fruit). The most important that the problem will remain unresolved: anemia of pregnant women by means of products cannot be cured - for completion of losses of iron it is necessary to accept medicines.

It is careful, drugs!

Any medicines accepted by future mother get through a placenta.

Categorically cannot self-medicate during pregnancy or to accept any preparations on the advice of familiar and “skilled“ girlfriends “. You have hypostases? Drink diuretic - and everything will pass“. Such councils are very dangerous. Uncontrolled drug intake the pregnant woman is not harmless to her and that is especially important, to a fruit.

Any medicines accepted by future mother get through a placenta and can exert impact on a fruit which is very sensitive to their adverse action. The most dangerous period are the first three months of pregnancy when there is an active cell fission of a germ and the main bodies and systems are formed.

“Escaping“ from traditional therapy, pregnant women are inclined to listen to councils of supporters of phytotherapy. It is known that during pregnancy at the woman the mood often changes, it emotionally reacts even to what did not affect her earlier in any way. To future mother can advise to make a valerian and to drink it daily, having referred to the fact that it both is effective, and it is harmless. The valerian also really is used at treatment of some complications of pregnancy, but to accept it is long is not necessary: it can lead to the perverted answer (excitement) or to accustoming. Before making soothing or diuretic tea, it is necessary to take an interest (better - at the doctor or at least to read the instruction) of what herbs collecting consists and whether their inclusion in pregnancy time is allowed. Each medicinal grass has both indications, and contraindications to application. So, the ergot is absolutely contraindicated at pregnancy as it causes increase of a tone of a uterus; the glycyrrhiza naked increases pressure, detains water in an organism, causing hypostases; the sage medicinal breaks placentary blood circulation, that is blood circulation in a placenta, providing the kid with oxygen and nutrients.

the Professional advice

On the Internet, except forums, is still online - consultations where advice is given by experts. Here, of course, probability to read inadequate council much less, than at forums. At the same time doctors, as a rule, do not give concrete advice but only they comment on situations and send to internal visit to the expert.

In most cases, demanding the help, live conversation with the doctor and direct survey of the patient by it, and also objective researches (analyses, ultrasonography, etc.) is necessary for

. Only this way it is possible to give adequately help and to make the necessary recommendations. The correspondence consultations can be useful when you cannot be defined where and what expert it is necessary to ask for the help. Besides, the Internet can be useful if you want to learn reviews of other women of this or that clinic or the doctor. But here too it is necessary to do a footnote on “a human factor“. Two different persons can describe the same situation differently. Let`s tell, young mother unflatteringly speaks of the doctor who conducted her at the time of delivery and in the postnatal period. The main argument of her discontent are the complications which arose in the postnatal period - a uterus inflammation. It would seem, her discontent is clear. But it becomes clear that else during pregnancy this now young mother did not consider it necessary to implement all recommendations of the doctor, did not treat, appointed concerning the found infection of a genital tract. This infection also served as the reason of postnatal complication. Always pay attention to what is not pleasant to such “reviewers“, and analyze, their criticism or an enthusiastic assessment is how adequate, in your opinion.

Ideally the woman during all pregnancy the same person has to observe

. In this case it is easier for doctor to be guided in the changes happening in a condition of mother and a fruit. Respectively, he will be able to make more correct recommendations and councils.

At the same time, it is absolutely quite good if the pregnant woman reads special literature, to attend courses for future mothers. It will help it to understand better the changes happening with its organism and will facilitate adoption of this or that decision. Always it is necessary to consider quietly everything that is told and advised. And of course, at the choice of any decision it is desirable to take councils of professionals for a basis (obstetricians - gynecologists and doctors of other specialties). If you want to receive an objective assessment or a question requires special attention (for example, there was a need of carrying out serious research for definition of a set of chromosomes of a fruit as any pathology is supposed), then it is better to consult at several doctors, than to listen to infinite leisure councils. it is difficult to p to list to

all councils which the woman can receive during pregnancy. Be careful: you should not trust blindly everything that you are told. It is necessary to remember and take for an axiom: your doctor has to be main “adviser“ during pregnancy. Before accepting someone`s council to action, consult with your attending physician. Only the doctor will be able to assure you that everything proceeds as it is necessary and no complications at you are observed. And if deviations during pregnancy appear, he will help to cope with them, having corrected both treatment, and food, and the mode.