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Sexual interest of

the Course of pregnancy depends on many factors therefore it is very important to know what aspects of life future mother needs to correct taking into account it “interesting situation“.

knows to All that pregnancy introduces some amendments in intimate relations between spouses. Whether future mother can have sex? Whether it harms the kid? What poses should be preferred, especially on late terms of pregnancy?

Many married couples remain sexually active the entire period of pregnancy though the level of interest in sex at future father and future mother can strongly differ. At most of women decrease in interest in sex within the first 3 months of pregnancy is noted - it is just that period when the general health of many future mothers worsens. They are tormented by toxicosis - it is constant nausea, it is frequent - vomiting, intolerance of habitual, apparently, smells, a nagrubaniye and often morbidity of mammary glands, the emotional instability connected with hormonal reorganizations in an organism, etc. Well what here sex? Though there are no medical contraindications for sex at normally proceeding pregnancy.

When and why it is impossible?

of Pain in the bottom of a stomach and the raised uterus tone (it should be noted that the raised tone of a uterus can not be followed by pains), and also bloody allocations from a genital tract are complication of a course of pregnancy. The sexual contact which is followed by an orgasm (i.e. reduction of a muscular layer of a uterus and vagina), introduction of a penis to a vagina, can aggravate this pathological state and lead to an abortion on any term of pregnancy. The raised tone of a uterus is contraindication to occupations by sex during pregnancy even if it is not followed by belly-aches and/or a waist, is found at ultrasonic research.

of Pain at sexual contact also often confirm as the unsuccessful course of pregnancy (asymptomatic increase of a tone of a uterus), inflammatory changes of the bodies of a small pelvis which were available before pregnancy and also adhesive process in a small basin: solderings drag on under the influence of the growing uterus and are in addition injured by mechanical influence during sexual contact.

Violation of reproductive function at the patient in the anamnesis (infertility, habitual loss of pregnancy) that served as the reason of application of auxiliary reproductive technologies (EKO), dictates need of careful control of the course of pregnancy. In this case to the patient recommend to avoid any physical activities, including sexual contacts.


At polycarpous pregnancy to an organism of the woman impose increased requirements. All bodies and systems function with big tension. In connection with the diaphragm shift (the muscle dividing belly and chest cavities) the increased uterus action of the heart is at a loss - there are short wind, fast fatigue, tachycardia. Increase in a uterus, especially by the end of pregnancy, leads to squeezing of internals that is shown by the dysfunction of intestines which is speeded up by an urination, heartburn. Existence of the big spread placenta or several placentae quite often is the reason of a low arrangement and prelying of a placenta. Considerably more often than at one-fetal pregnancy, such complications as bleedings are observed. Quite often at polycarpous pregnancy there are wrong provisions of fruits. Sexual contact at such pregnancy can only aggravate the listed states therefore it is necessary to refrain from sex life.


of a horion on early terms of pregnancy, and also low prelying of a placenta (when the bottom edge of a placenta is located less than on 5 cm from an exit from a uterus) on later terms are absolute contraindication for occupations by sex for two reasons. In - the first, this reduction of a muscular layer of a uterus and vagina during an orgasm, and in - the second, progress of a penis during sexual contact - all this can cause an otsloyka of a horion, bleeding and to lead to an abortion.

of Contraindication for occupations by sex:

  • the raised uterus tone which can be followed by pains in the bottom of a stomach;
  • bloody allocations from a genital tract;
  • of pain at sexual contact (dispareuniya);
  • prelying of a horion on early terms of pregnancy according to ultrasonic research (a state at which horion - future placenta completely blocks an exit from a uterus that is dangerous by emergence of bleeding at sexual contact);
  • on later terms - a low attachment or full prelying of a placenta; istmiko - tservikalny insufficiency (ITsN) at which the neck of a uterus does not carry out the locking function;“ polycarpous pregnancy, pregnancy after EKO (extracorporal fertilization - conception “in a test tube“);
  • habitual not incubation of pregnancy (if the woman had 2 and more losses of pregnancy on any terms of pregnancy).

It is known that the vagina is populated with a set of bacteria, and their quantity considerably increases at vagina inflammations. This circumstance is of great importance at istmiko - tservikalny insufficiency - a state when the neck of a uterus is shortened and slightly opened, the lower pole of fetal egg is infected, fetal covers lose the durability that brings to an izlitiya of amniotic waters. Sexual contact in this case can promote penetration of an infection into a uterus neck. It concerns even those women who passed full inspection on an infection, sexually transmitted as against pregnancy the microflora in a vagina undergoes some changes which can lead to developing of candidiasis (milkwoman), to violation of microbic flora of a vagina and are inflammatory diseases.

Considering situation...

is not present
of Medical contraindications for sex at normally proceeding pregnancy.

women whose sexual inclination during pregnancy sharply raises Are. Besides the question of contraception during this period is removed by itself. Physiologically hypersensibility during pregnancy is explained by strengthening of inflow of blood to bodies of a small pelvis that is followed by improvement of a blood-groove in a clitoris, mucous vaginas therefore it is not surprising that many women for the first time test an orgasm only during pregnancy and during this period reach peak of sexual feelings. One of the important positive points of occupations by sex during pregnancy is the increased emotional sensitivity of the woman arising owing to hormonal reorganization of an organism. All feelings including sexual, become brighter and sensual.

Future fathers endure emotional nervousness, as well as their wives. For example, many men consider pregnancy as an essential obstacle in a way of their sexual relations with the wife. The reasons can be various: the most frequent is a fear to do much harm to future kid. But you should not be afraid: the baby it is reliably protected from all directions. Uterus muscles reliably protect the child from mechanical damages, amniotic waters will amortize more and more or less strong pushes, but at the same time it is necessary to remind that both partners have to be examined on existence of infections, sexually transmitted, and at their existence it is necessary to refrain from the unprotected sexual contacts before full treatment.

Should not think that decrease in sexual activity of the husband during pregnancy of the wife surely is a consequence of her unattractiveness. The husband worries about health of the wife, and happy end of pregnancy is often more significant, than a sexual inclination. It is necessary to consider also that future mother perceives the changes happening in her organism whereas the careful father gradually gets used to the changing shape of the wife, her new tastes and frequent changes of mood more organically. Pregnancy of the beloved usually forces to feel new responsibility, soon its status in life will change - it will become the father.

the opinion Is wrong

that sex during pregnancy can put a psychological trauma to future kid. The child is not capable to estimate actions of parents, yet however if the woman derives pleasure and tests pleasure from occupations by sex, then to the kid it only for advantage. It is all about endorphins - pleasure hormones which effect is not only in increase of mood of the pregnant woman, but also in expansion of vessels, even the smallest, increase in inflow of blood to bodies, including to a placenta that, in turn, is followed by increase in intake of oxygen and nutrients to a fruit.

When the period morning, and it is possible, and not only morning, indispositions it is successfully overcome and the attending physician did not reveal any contraindications, it is possible to be given safely to the desire which frequent just and amplifies in the second trimester of pregnancy. But the tummy which creates certain inconveniences during occupations by sex begins to grow in this period at future mother. It is rather simple to solve this problem - it is only necessary to pick up a pose, optimum, convenient for you. It is necessary to tell that in the middle of pregnancy, and also on late terms of a pose for occupations as sex it is necessary to choose the most sparing; the main condition at their choice - convenience of the woman. Thus, pregnancy creates conditions for search of the new positions for sexual pleasure, perhaps, which are not used earlier. The most widespread and convenient pose in these terms is “the pose of spoons“ at which the woman lies on one side, having nestled on the husband a back. Some poses when the woman from above, well are suitable even for late terms of pregnancy.

in the presence of medical contraindications to sexual contact and at desire everything is to make pleasant to the wife, future father needs to apply all ability and all caress to show that his woman is still desired and seductive. For this purpose there are also other forms of intimate communication - pleasant words, gentle embraces and kisses.

As for intimate relations on later terms of pregnancy, many doctors even recommend sexual contacts with the spouse, especially if pregnancy perenashivatsya. It is possible to assume that it can really help. And all the matter is that sperm contains prostaglandins which promote mitigation of a neck of a uterus, doing it to more elastic and preparing it for the forthcoming childbirth. Thus, it is possible to reach sexual harmony between spouses during pregnancy provided that future parents will be attentive to psychological and physical needs of each other.

in conclusion should telling

that if pregnancy proceeds normally, you well feel, and the attending physician did not reveal any contraindications, then you can have sex from the very beginning of pregnancy up to childbirth. However if something disturbs you, there were any unpleasant feelings, it is necessary to see behind consultation the doctor observing you.