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Sweet dream! We buy a bed of

the Wooden bed executed in classical style - the best decision for kids of the first years of life. The simplest beds have stationary legs, only one level of a bed, their walls do not open and are not removed. Additional options do a bed more functional and more convenient - both for the kid, and for his parents.

the paillasse Regulated on height - 2 or 3 levels of a bed. The most top situation - for the newborn child that mother did not bend too low, stacking the kid in a bed or taking out it from there, re-making it a bed or just playing with it. It is important that in this situation height: beds remained not less than 50 cm from mattress level, then the baby will not fall. The kid tries to sit down? It is time to lower a bed bottom on “floor“ below. And as soon as he will begin to get up on legs, the bed needs to be established on the lowermost level that the grown-up fidget could not, having moved through a side, to drop out of a bed.

the Sidewall opens or falls for convenient access to the child. It is important that the mechanism of opening operated smoothly, silently and was inaccessible for the kid. For example, the option where the folding wall is fixed on a bed by means of elastics, quickly enough accustoms children that can be dangerous: having opened a bed, the child risks to drop out of it. Quite another matter, when the fixing latches are located in opposite corners of a sidewall: the kid just will not have scope of hands at the same time to press latches and to open a bed.

the Removable sidewall can be cleaned further absolutely, and the bed will turn into a sofa. It is convenient if the sidewall easily and quickly is removed without use of the screw-driver or, falling, cleans up under a bed bottom. In this case the bed without sidewall for the night can be moved up to a parental bed. The kid will sleep near mother, but at the same time separately from her - in the bed.

Vertical levels or rods of walls of a bed have to be established to

at distance no more than 6 - 7 cm that children`s handles and legs did not get stuck, and the kid had no temptation to push between them the head.

Removable laths in a sidewall - if to move away them, then the grown-up child will be able independently to get into a bed through the formed manhole. At the same time, remaining behind a protection, the kid will be still protected from falling from a bed during a dream.

the Silicone slip on the top sides of sidewalls - a useful detail for the cut child`s teeth. The slip does not give it obgryzt wood, a varnish and paint, protects its mouth from splinters and at the same time keeps appearance of a bed.

the Box for linen and toys - children`s things will always be near at hand and in a full order. The box moves forward smoothly and silently, the top cover closes its contents - it does not become dusty and it it is not visible: so the bed looks more accurately.

Self-orientating castors - the bed easily and in any direction moves on the room, including together with the child. The rubberized castors - especially for the smooth and silent movements which are not leaving scratches on a floor. If to lower stoppers, castors are blocked and the bed becomes motionless.

the Rocking chair in the first months allows to rock to sleep the child in a bed, as in a cradle. So the kid calms down quicker, falls asleep easier, better sleeps. When the bed is completed with both castors and curved runners - rocking chairs, parents can choose the most convenient for them and for their kid the mode of use of a bed, and here it is more preferable castors which easily screw on / unscrew without use of tools.

the Opinion of skilled mothers
“Is pleasant to me that the bed of my son grows together with it. The first months the mattress was lifted on the top level, and instead of legs runners - rocking chairs were established, it very much helped me as to rock to sleep the child on hands sometimes there were simply not enough forces, and in the shaking bed the sonny fell asleep quickly. When he learned to turn a little on a flank, became more active, it lulled itself(himself) as the bed rocked even from its movements. Closer to half a year when the son began to sit down, we lowered a bed bottom on the average level and screwed castors. They rubberized, with stoppers, go easily and quietly therefore it was convenient to remove a bed to get from - under it eternally falling toys, and it was still possible and to pump up the child (as in a carriage). “

“In our bed a sidewall easily falls down. As it is convenient! For the night I move a bed to the bed and I can, without getting up, to feed the baby, to correct for it a blanket, to stroke, embrace. And the daughter on the place, and we with the husband get enough sleep“.

“We have a one-room apartment therefore on the account each square centimeter. I chose a bed with two capacious drawers - now is where to place daughter`s clothes, diapers and diapers.“

One more option of a rocking chair - the pendular mechanism. If on runners clamps occur at beds very seldom, then at “pendulums“ they it is obligatory to eat. During laying and a dream the bed is shaken and when the kid is awake - fixed: so more safely. One more difference:“ the pendulum “does not shake“ with a side sideways“, and smoothly slides here and there (cross swing) or forward - back (longitudinal swing).


Choosing a bed, estimate its appearance. For safety of the child - smooth, roundish lines, there are no florid patterns acting details and acute angles, a surface smooth and well polished, without roughnesses, jags, chips and cracks. The certified beds are covered with varnishes and paints, nontoxical and safe for the child. To please the kid and his mother, beds are decorated with interesting drawings (including handwork), applications, a burning out.

the good bed will serve

to the child not one year - everything depends on the berth size. If it is the size of 120x60 cm (the standard of the majority of domestic beds) - the kid will be able to sleep on it since the birth to 3 - 4 years. The size of import beds, as a rule, of 125x65 cm - it is designed for children to 4 - 5 - summer age. Beds of 140x70 cm in size in process of growth of the child can be transformed to a couch (both sidewalls are removed) therefore they suit both newborn remains, and preschool children of 5 - 7 years.