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You want to speak beautifully? This it is possible! We everything dream to tell

beautifully. But ability to convince, improvise or at least clearly is allowed to express the thoughts from the birth not to all. And, if you often had to hear the alerted question “And What You Want to Tell These?“ it is necessary to work on itself.

Contrary to the known proverb, we meet new acquaintances not only on clothes, but also on ability to speak. The one who accurately expresses the thoughts seems to us self-assured and successful. And the one who is confused in words gets in bores and losers. Ability to speak relieves you of a set of problems and saves time. And, though not each of us can brag of eloquence, you should not despair. Beautifully to explain to ability and it is convincingly possible to learn at any age. The first what it is worth paying attention to, are technicians whom professional actors use.

Try equipment “Yes. and“

This equipment assumes that, having heard words of the interlocutor, you agree with it, try to continue a subject and at the same time furnish to it the clue to conversation continuation. How it works? For example, behind a family dinner your mother-in-law speaks:“ I am going to bake apple pie“. You could just tell: “Fine“, - and then at a table the expressive pause would hang. But you will use actor`s equipment and will tell: “Fine! I will never forget how I the first time ate your pie when I came to get acquainted to you“. After these words the mother-in-law is let in pleasant memories, and the objectives are achieved: you kept up the conversation and gave the chance to the interlocutor to develop a subject.

As to work as

on it? Imagine that in the company of friends you met the man who drew your attention, and he asks you a question: “How there passed days off?“ If you answer simply: “Perfectly“, - that conversation at once comes to a standstill and you lose chance to get to talking and acquainted closer. But, if you issue the developed answer which will help the man to continue conversation, everything will go differently.“ Remarkably! - you speak. - I spent almost all Saturday in park. Took with itself the Labrador, and it pulled down a toy at the kid who played nearby. It was very ridiculous“. Now the interlocutor has enough information to continue conversation. For example, he can ask: “You love dogs?“, or “That for park?“, or “To me would not prevent to get out more often to fresh air too“.

the Actor`s equipment helps

also during not too pleasant talk. Present that your daughter declares: “I nenavizhukhimich - ku! She is a silly woman!“ You could answer: “Nonsenses!“ - or to heave a deep sigh, but it will not lead to anything. And if you use equipment “Yes. and“, conversation will look approximately so: “Yes, you hate it. And I remember that in the same way you hated the teacher on English until she began to put to you the five!“ - “But the himichka never puts to me the five!“ - the daughter will be indignant.“ So let`s think what to us to make that everything changed“, - you will tell. And the objectives will be achieved: instead of quarreling from - for school estimates, you with the daughter became allies and can think together over a solution.

Simple councils

  • Psychologists claim that most of people subconsciously likes a low timbre of a voice - both man`s, and female. For this reason to the man who talks an impressive bass listen more attentively, than to the owner of a falsetto. It is quite possible to work on a timbre of a voice. For experiment try to sing along with that singer (or the singer) whose voice is pleasant to you. Try to repeat as much as possible all voice features, and after a while try to speak with intonations of this performer.

  • Try to imitate the television announcer or the radio host. Record his speech with the cartridge, several times listen carefully, and then try to copy intonation and a timbre of a voice. Of course, it will demand long training, but efforts are worth it. Psychologists noticed long ago that ability to adapt to a manner of communication of the interlocutor is a safe reception which allows to come into contact quickly. During training always pronounce phrases aloud. In 2 - 3 months of occupations your speech will become more melodious and equal. And the fact that you learn to do semantic pauses is not less important.

  • Try the game “Five Minutes of Fame“. For this purpose you need the partner who wants to work on equipment of the speech too. Game is rather simple. First of all you need to set time limit. If you hardly express the thoughts, it is worth beginning from 2 - 3 minutes. Then one of you offers a subject: for example, bank of cherry jam. And the second has to speak exactly 2 minutes on this subject coherently and interestingly. Then you change roles. After a while the task can be complicated and spoken on the set subject 5,10 or 15 of minutes.

Follow the first motivation

you for certain noticed that professional TV hosts even on the air very quickly react to words of the interlocutor. Of course, such people differ in enviable eloquence and the mere mortal to them is very far. But matter not only in it. Commentators and leaders never think for a long time of that as as it is necessary to tell. They perfectly understand that when the account goes on seconds, it is better to say the first that will come to mind, than to make a pause and to carefully consider the answer. They have no time to count pros and cons, it is necessary to react as soon as possible, otherwise dynamics of conversation will be simply - naprosto is ruined. And, strangely enough, most often the first thought which comes to your mind turns out not such bad.

As to work as

on it? Try to get rid of a habit to carefully weigh each word before to say it. While you very much reflect over the “correct“ answer, the significant silence which usually very much irritates the interlocutor hangs.

Present to

that you came to interview to get new job. Of course, you prepared for conversation in advance and prepared answers to many questions. You can list by heart strong and weaknesses, to tell about what did not suit you in old work, to coherently depict the career expectations, and also to explain why you are ideally suited on that post for which you apply. But for certain during interview will ask you also such questions which you did not expect at all. For example, the potential chief speaks:“ Really you really want to work in this mad company where people stick days without a break and every day there are new tasks?“

Listen to an internal voice. Trust in it. Also begin to speak! And at the same time do not criticize about yourself each word.

of People, got used to weigh each word, time for certain will try to win: “Nuuu, is, of course, very interesting question. To answer it it is difficult, but I all - will try...“ So far you will pronounce all these useless words, the interlocutor will lose interest in your candidate. Instead of it listen to an internal voice. Trust in it. Also begin to speak. At the same time do not criticize each pronounced word (from - for internal criticism and doubts in our speech interjections appear: to a nuu, mmmm, here and - terrible - as if). Perhaps, you will tell: “And why you work in this mad company?“ Of course, it is not the ideal answer, but will quite fit. Or you will say: “I think if work is pleasant, do not pay attention to the rest“. Or exclaim: “Days without a break work for you? Honestly, mentally ill people!“ In the latter case the potential chief will burst out laughing, and ice will be broken. The main thing in such approach - to trust intuitions. And that the internal voice did not play a dirty trick with you, training is necessary. Try to work over ability to answer quickly and without deliberating.

Include favourite series and choose for yourself any role. Try to accompany the actor, participating in dialogues. Asked your actor a question? Try to answer it. Demand explanations from it? Too express. Safely you say what comes to mind, but try not to be beyond a plot. Let your words will be ridiculous or absurd - do not hesitate. Nobody will hear you, and such exercise perfectly helps to fulfill skill of the spontaneous answer.

Strain for 3 seconds all body - hands, legs, a face, a press, even fingers. Then relax. And properly remember this condition of rest!
If you want to tell

interestingly and convincingly, it is necessary to realize one very important thing. Without interlocutor you - a blank space. Isn`t that so, this thought seems obvious? But nevertheless during conversation by much of us it does not come to mind at all. We try to be in the lead in dispute, to impose someone the opinion, to show eloquence. But, if you have no interlocutor, it is possible to forget about all above-mentioned simply. If you have nobody to talk, then there is no sense coherently to express the thoughts. The more validly you treat the interlocutor, the more comfortably he feels during conversation with you, the result will be better. Do not forget about it, and soon enough you will notice that it is not less interesting to ask the interlocutor, to comment on his statements, than to be in the lead in conversation.

As to work as

on it? Anyway give to the interlocutor the chance to express. Imagine such situation. You came on a visit where people with whom you are not really well familiar gathered. Certainly, during conversation you feel not really comfortably. Guests discuss the book which was read recently. You can tell in detail about your impressions and in details sort a plot, trying to keep up the conversation. And you can explain shortly why the book was pleasant to you or it was not pleasant, and then to add: “Couple of days ago Olya very fine told me about this book. Ol, tell everything that you think!“ It turns out that you killed two hares at once: in - the first, you got rid of need to be the soloist in the unfamiliar company. In - the second, gave the chance to express also to other person that he for certain will estimate. Do not try to prove to people around that you it is the cleverest on light, and it will become much simpler to live at once.

A now toast!
In New year very few people from us do without congratulations. You for certain should speak before public even if this public will consist of your husband, children and the immediate family. How adequately to cope with this task, Olga Hodakova, the teacher of equipment of the speech and art of communication tells image - The Guide on Style companies.

First of all accurately define
  1. as to whom you want to tell. If your performance or a toast has a clear aim, you will speak well and interestingly. And if you know that improvisation - not your fad, be prepared for performance in advance. Write down theses, speak your speech, be trained in front of the mirror. And everything at you will turn out!

  2. Remember that the beginning of performance - the most important part. If you draw attention of interlocutors at once, will listen to you. And if you, on the contrary, begin to mumble and will tighten the introduction, to you will lose interest.

  3. Pay attention to how you speak. At the person who worries and it is held down, the face and a neck are strained. Observe how actors keep before public and leaders - they speak fluently. Therefore if you have to act with congratulations or just to tell toasts at a New Year`s table, first of all relax a face and a body, you breathe freely. Thereby you will already make impression of the self-assured speaker. To learn to relax, try two exercises. The first: raise shoulders, press them to ears and a postoyta several seconds, and then lower them and relax. The second exercise is called “the iron little man“: it is necessary to strain all body - a face, a press, hands, legs, even fingers. You hold tension 3 seconds, then relax. Remember feeling of the relaxed body. In such state it is also necessary to speak.

  4. the Correct breath is very important
  5. too - it has to be equal and deep. Make some of very deep breaths at which races the stomach and intercostal muscles shoot up. Exhale through a mouth, at you the sound “p - ff“ has to turn out. It helps to calm down and assess a situation.

  6. is Very important
  7. a voice. When you have to act, present that your voice goes from a stomach bottom. And you will notice that the voice will become deep, saturated and convincing.

  8. you Watch the direction of a voice. You do not mutter to yourself under a nose, we speak with ourselves, and with someone, and us has to be well heard.

  9. be not afraid to do pauses. Do not chatter! The person who worries often speaks too quickly as soon as possible to finish. As a result you swallow words, and even the whole offers, you begin to be asked again, you lose thought and are confused even more. Therefore try not to hurry, do not forget about semantic pauses - they do the speech impressive and draw attention to words.

  10. Train as much as possible. Choose any short text and several times to say it differently. At first speak it, addressing a window which is directly before you. Then address a tree for a window, then - some subject further away. You learn to regulate the loudness of a voice and a message.

  11. Try articulation gymnastics. Present that hands at you are tied, and to you the mosquito sat down on the person, and, moving lips, you should banish it. Still it is possible to smile the closed smile, without showing teeth. And it is possible to extend lips a tubule several times in a row. All these exercises very effectively train muscles of language and lips, so, your articulation will become better.