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Winter walks: how to protect the child`s skin in a cold season?

are Even necessary for the smallest kids walks in the fresh air. But how to protect gentle skin of the kid in the winter?

Knows Influence of cold on skin that the cold and wind have the destroying effect on skin. Under the influence of wind there is a fast extraction of moisture from skin, the strengthened oxidation and drying of skin fat and as result - drying of skin. Besides, from cold air hypodermic vessels contract, there is an irritation of the nervous terminations, and there are developments of stagnation. Besides drying of skin, stay on a frost and wind can provoke a holodovy allergy. Its most common forms - the holodovy small tortoiseshell and Holodova dermatitis which are shown in the form of reddening, a peeling of skin and even emergence of blisters. The frost causes vascular reaction with the subsequent hypostasis and an itch in some. Allergic reaction, as a rule, happens after stay on a frost, in 15 - 20 minutes of stay in the warm room.

Gentle skin of children which in much bigger degree, than skin of adults, is subject to influence of aggressive factors especially strongly suffers from

from a frost and wind. In old times before an exit to a frost skin was greased with various oils, including pork or goose fat. And today are difficult to protect skin in weather conditions special protective creams help.

What creams can be used on a frost?

All creams from the physicist - the chemical point of view represent an emulsion. Distinguish two types of an emulsion - direct and the return. The choice like emulsion is defined by purpose of means.

the Majority of the creams which are especially moisturizing are direct emulsions. In a direct emulsion each molecule of oil is surrounded with several molecules of water. There is a lot of water in direct emulsions - often such funds for 80% consist of water part. Creams on the basis of direct emulsions, as a rule, have an easy consistence, are well distributed on skin and quickly absorbed, without leaving a greasy luster. However such creams categorically cannot be used on a frost as the water phase freezes and only aggravates aggressive impact of cold on skin.

other type of an emulsion - the return emulsion is necessary for

For the creams used on a frost absolutely. In the return emulsions the smallest droplets of water are disseminated in the oil environment. Here the oily component is big, it can reach 60 - 70%. For this reason there is no freezing of the water which is contained in cream at interaction with subzero temperatures and consequently, there is no traumatizing epidermis. As a rule, such cream have rather fat consistence and leave a protective plenochka which protects skin from excessive loss of moisture and fat. The creams prepared on technology of the return emulsion possess good protective properties, activate effect of water-soluble and oil-soluble substances, promote deduction of moisture in skin.

the Complex of protection against a frost and bad weather for children of Masque baby aqua

In the line of funds of care of children from the birth of Masque baby aqua is created by

a special complex of protection against a frost and bad weather which consists of two means:“ Children`s cream from a frost and bad weather “and“ the children`s warming cream“.

Children`s cream from a frost and bad weather of Masque baby aqua is intended to

for protection of children`s skin against a frost and wind, it can be used from the first days of life of the kid. Cream is made on difficult technology of the return emulsion therefore does not freeze on a frost and protects skin from moisture loss, forming a thin protective layer, permeable for air. At the same time cream is enriched with natural oils and vitamins.

the oil of avocado which is a part is vitamin-rich

and possesses the regenerating properties, restores normal structure of epidermis. Oil jojoba has the anti-inflammatory and moistening effect, and Shi (Karita`s) oil is natural UF - the filter. The unique component hitozan creates the air-permeable (breathing) film and promotes healing of microcracks. F and E vitamins increase regenerative ability of epidermis, strengthen membranes of cages.

But important not only to protect skin from cold and wind, but also to avoid overcooling of the child in the fresh air. If the child nevertheless froze, then children`s the warming Masque baby aqua cream will help to be warmed . You apply cream on handles and legs of the kid before walks for prevention of catarrhal diseases. Cream is adapted for sensitive skin of kids, has the fast warming effect without burning (which usually arises at the use of medicinal ointments) and without irritation of skin. The warming effect of cream is reached thanks to carefully picked up complex of natural vegetable oils. The oil of cinnamon which is a part improves blood circulation, reduces hypostasis, redness, oil jojoba has the strong anti-inflammatory and moistening effect. Shi (Karita`s) oil and soy oil possess the regenerating properties, restore moisture-holding properties of skin, and oil of rosemary possesses the all-strengthening action.

We got acquainted with a complex of means Masque baby which will help to protect the kid from a frost and wind. Under Masque baby brand also other interesting products for the smallest are issued. So, for fight against an intertrigo not only cream under a diaper, but also children`s liquid talc which is alternative to dry powders, and also the calming gel with extracts of medicative herbs is created. Among means of hygiene, besides wet towel wipes and the disposable absorbing diapers, there are such unusual products as children`s disposable tooth brushes and disposable waterproof bibs . There are also products for a summer season - a special series from mosquitoes. All these means will become irreplaceable assistants to parents, and will provide gentle care for the kid.