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That children`s teeth were healthy

Strong, healthy teeth of the kid - dream of each mother. But how to save fragile first teeth of the child from caries? There are simple rules, following which it is possible to keep teeth of the kid healthy.

Rule 1. As long as possible you nurse the kid.
the Dental plaque - the most dangerous enemy of enamel. In it bacteria which waste product is acid breed, and from it, as we know, caries develops.

not only high-quality toothbrushing can Protect

from a raid. Breast milk supports squirrels laktoferrin, and also enzymes to lactoperoxydase and a glyukozoksidaz. These substances not only have antibacterial effect, but also split a raid even if the child so far does not clean teeth at all. By the way, the same substances contain in all children`s pastes and skins of SPLAT Junior. Therefore even if the child cleaned teeth not really carefully, these “clever“ assistants will make enamel smooth and pure. It is possible just to apply paste on a surface of teeth - and in a few minutes the raid will disappear.

Rule 2. Clear an oral cavity of the child every time after meal.
of the Bacterium - one of the main reasons of formation of caries. After each meal they get additional support and actively develop. If toothbrushing is impossible, use special cleansing foam, a conditioner or a napkin. If there is no such opportunity, rinse an oral cavity clear water.

Rule 3. Remember: sugar - the biggest enemy for enamel! Limit to
the use of sacchariferous drinks and products. And do not give to the child products with sugar or honey before going to bed at all. The food with the high content of carbohydrates leads to weakening of solid tissues of tooth and caries.

Rule 4. Help the kid to purify correctly enamel, and in case of need finish cleaning remote surfaces every time after independent toothbrushing.
Teach the kid to the main movements of a toothbrush: horizontal, vertical and circular - with prevalence of the vertical “sweeping-out“ movements.

Rule 5. Maintain a pause between meal and toothbrushing.
Tooth enamel becomes softer and sensitive after the use of fruit, fruit juice and aerated water therefore wait 30 minutes before cleaning teeth.

Rule 6. Make the first visit to the stomatologist when the child is 1 year old.
At the one-year-old kid the doctor can already estimate correctness of a bite and a condition of enamel. Besides, it will help to pick up correctly paste and, in case of need, to cover enamel protective fluorine - is delicious.

Rule 7. Pick up to the kid toothpaste which will help to restore quicker and more effectively damages and to avoid caries. by
Choose toothpastes which are intended especially for children. And attentively read labels!

Rule 8. Toothpastes have to be not only effective, but also safe for a children`s organism. Begin to use
the SPLAT Junior toothpastes. Depending on age choose paste for kids from 0 to 4 years or for children from 3 to 8 years. The unique composition of these pastes will allow not to worry for purity and health of children`s teeth, and also for safety of use of pastes for a children`s organism.


If your kid already leads “active lifestyle“ - goes to a garden or school or together with you is frequent “stops by at cafe or guests“, surely put in a handbag absolutely new means - Magic skins for SPLAT Junior oral cavity . As well as pastes, they contain natural substances which split a dental plaque, maintain local immunity of an oral cavity and provide antimicrobic, antikariyesny and antibacterial protection. it is very simple to p to Use

a skin. Two pressing a dispenser form a cloud of fragrant foam which parts get even into the most hard-to-reach spots in a mouth to remove a raid and to split the food remains. The skin does not demand a spolaskivaniye water and is safe at casual swallowing.

It is important for health of your kid: all means of SPLAT Junior do not contain triklozan, laurt sulfate and sugar, are safe when swallowing for 100%.