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All children are geniuses of

All children are born geniuses. Just genius there are different, and we, the parents who are not able to understand and accept it. Especially it is difficult for us to understand it and to accept if our child - another, than we, his parents. And - alas! - not all so ingenious parents as their children, and therefore not all parents can consider, distinguish and develop genius of the children, creating for this purpose all conditions. For children it is simply fatal that their parents considered and understood in what their children`s genius consists.

Genius practical or genius “Clever fingers“. your child perfectly works hands since they at it “are inserted“ by that end to what it is necessary. And nothing from these clever fingers falls. Such children best of all study in practice - doing, making, making something the hands, making practical experiments and participating in concrete affairs. Their motto:“ It is more than business, it is less than words!“ It is simple to explain them something orally, giving long lectures, it is almost useless. They study and develop, working, being directly involved in practical affairs. Let`s give to such children the rank “Handymen“, or “Jacks of all trades“.

Genius scientifically - academic or genius “Gold brains“. your child perfectly studies, without having special problems with assimilation of the training program. However, can not always put the gained knowledge into practice and in life. Such children acquire knowledge for the sake of knowledge and education for the sake of education. Their vital motto: “There is less business, it is more than words!“ since they perfectly study at traditional Russian lessons and lectures in the mode “listen to the teacher, remember, repeat on a template“. Let`s give to such children the rank “Academicians“.

Genius zhiteysko - household or “The person who is able to live“. your child, perhaps, and studies not really well, but perfectly is guided in life and in life. Such children are irritated by knowledge which cannot be put at once into practice though at early age they can it and not realize. Such relation to education, to knowledge acquisition arises, most likely, at the intuitive level. They do not understand why it is necessary to study something if it has no immediate practical exit. Such children acquire only that knowledge which corresponds to the principle “learned - applied in life“. Their motto: “There is more life, it is less than words!“ Their best teacher - life and the most ordinary everyday situations. Such children do not love subjects and knowledge which are idealistic and hardly applicable in practice. They are more inclined to practical knowledge which best of all acquires and right there apply in life. Let`s give to such children the rank “Handymen to live“.

Genius it is sports - physical or genius “Gold muscles“. your child is an excellent athlete, it is successful in many sports and sports. And the speech does not go that it will win the Olympic medals. At all not. Simply to it comfortably to move. These children not only are successful in physical culture and sport, they also are stately, brought up, have excellent coordination of movements and in general look beautifully. Their movements are measured, gait is fast also a pruzhinist, their back - a straight line, the head is highly raised... To sit at a school desk six lessons and does not move - torture for them. Their elements - the movement. Their vital credo:“ It is more than movement - less words and sitting!“ They perfectly study in the course of sports occupations and trainings. Let`s give to such children the rank “Athletes“.

Genius creative or genius “Gold imagination“. your child to any, commonplace, approaches creatively. He something creates all the time, dreams, invents. Such children study best of all in the course of creativity. For them sample tasks and the same tasks - melancholy mortal. Their vital credo: “There is more creativity, it is less than boring identical words and affairs!“ We will give to such children the rank “Creators“.

Genius artly - artistic or genius “The gold artist“. your child is successful in different types of art. Such children best of all develop and study, being engaged in different types of creativity. Their motto: “There is more art, good and different!“ Let`s give to such children the rank “Artists“ (option “Actors“, “Sculptors“).

Genius emotional or genius “Gold feelings“. the Child not always knows and understands, but almost always feels, sympathizes and accepts. Vital credo of such children: “There is more feeling, it is less than words!“ They best of all study through feelings and emotions, through experiences and empathy, through sincere communication with other people and sympathy to these people is sincere. They do not need long verbal explanations. They feel a lot of things intuitively. They easily communicate with other people. Let`s give to such children the rank “Owners of the sixth sense“.

So, dear parents, all that glitters is not gold, and still that gold that thinks, moves, feels, works and creates.

Ya noted only some, perhaps, the main of children`s genialnost. And their actually huge number. And, besides, each of the above-named genialnost has on some types and subspecies … Let`s tell, the genius scientifically - academic can be different: humanitarian, mathematical, it is natural - scientific, linguistic, etc. And, for example, the genius creative can be shown in any field of activity of the person. And our children who are born with different color of eyes and type of hair in the same way bear in themselves different, put in them since the birth, abilities. But whether they will carry them to the adulthood - it already depends on us, parents. It is quite possible that as a result of illiteracy or laziness of adults these nurseries of genius will be lost, and, maybe, and are crushed, trampled and killed at some stage or some stages of a big way of the growing person.

the prevention Is simple
: “Adults, carefully! Children`s genius!“

I it only means that we, adults, did not watch, did not consider, did not understand, did not accept, did not develop, did not create necessary conditions, and, maybe, at all and congenital talents of own children killed.

Of course, we, adults, can seat all children for identical school desks and on identical chairs. We can teach all of them everything identical, forcing children to listen to our lectures being silent, at the same time having quietly put hands and listening spellbound to the lecturer. To us, adults, so more simply and more conveniently. And we, of course, can organize process of training of children it exactly in the way. And we do it! But it does not mean at all that all children at such educational process really will learn something. Many of them to study as we offer them, just will not be able. How people enter different programs into computers, and different abilities are entered by genetics (and can be, God or the Universal mind?) in our children.

Different children have different brains. They differently process information arriving to them from the outside world. And to demand that all children processed information equally, of course, it is possible, but it will be related to the requirement that all children were born, say, blue-eyed, fair-haired and curly. You represent what is necessary the child with one genius when rigidly demand genius from him absolutely of other sort?!

Certainly, it is necessary to give to the child all opportunities for harmonious development, but to enter standard standards and to demand from all children of identical genialnost is too! And at the same time almost not to pay attention to development of other genialnost.

Should recognize

that our Russian school not really copes with development in children of different abilities. Yes she, by the way, and not really - that deals with different types and types of children`s genialnost. Therefore business it lays down completely on our parental shoulders. You can make it at the present stage and only you have to. You are simply obliged to distinguish, learn, understand genius of own child, and then to carefully nurse them, to foster and develop.

Main, we have to understand and accept that all children different. Each child at the birth has some genius, or even several: the handyman, the academician, is able to live, the athlete, the creator, the artist (actor), the sixth sense.

Understand what your child? That is simple to understand it not so-. It is especially difficult for parents to understand and accept the child if they, parents, and their children - people of absolutely different types that in real life just and very often occurs. To the parent - the academician to understand and accept the child - the athlete, and to the parent - the financier - the child - the creator not so - that is simple. Our children can us, the parents and not understand, but we, adults, are simply obliged to understand and accept them with their children`s genialnost. But often, unfortunately, it does not occur. In our parental heads sits some defined (determined by ourselves, fashion, time, someone else?) ideal. We, for example, by all means want that our child became the successful businessman or the financier, or the lawyer, and he by the nature, on a genotype, on psychotype, on genius, in it since the childhood put, - the artist or the creator. Well not its this business! But we, parents, want to hear and understand nothing. We is annoying - stupidly we want to remake, melt, reforge, and somewhere and imperceptibly for itself to break the growing person, bringing up him to the parental desires, aspirations and ideals. Passionately we want - and all here! “I want that my child seized English in perfection!“ - many parents speak. The child has to it abilities or not - it is not important! I want - and all! How many children`s genialnost broke against this stubborn parental “I want“, “I want“ genialnost which did not correspond to this parental.

We cannot, we have no right, should not cut to pieces and cut children at own will and to a discretion. We should not create them on own image and similarity too. Someone is engaged in it without you another or something else. Otherwise life rigidly revenges for such cuttings and cuts. And we, stubborn and illiterate parents, receive lessons of cutting and life for the obstinacy and illiteracy. Life provides us and our children the cutting, the deal and the breed. It is a pity that we, adults, do not understand it, and it so hardly reaches us as a result of severe lessons if reaches in general. It is even more a pity that our children who lost during the childhood and youth own congenital genius suffer from this adult misunderstanding, turning into the dull ungifted adults executing ideas of the parents and who are going about not the own business, from what unsuccessful and deeply unfortunate.

Main that we should understand, the adult that all children in their childhood - gold. And if this children`s gold grows dull over the years (though how gold can grow dull?), or it is worse than that, the direct fault of parents regenerates in some other metal, in some other substance, in that.