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Parachutists of

If your child has many friends, or in a family it is more than one child, - purchase of a game parachute can be fine investment of capital. It is a remarkable way to drive round dances and just to play all together.

the Parachute is suitable

both for game in private with the kid, and for the noisy companies. The parachute perfectly proved with autistic children who are usually difficult for involving in group games and with timid to kids. Games are generally not competitive, rather a participation, than a victory is important. Games with a parachute are good still the fact that they develop imagination when players “turn“ into animals, and a parachute - into a tent or a needle.

the Dome of a parachute is usually sewed by

from multi-colored segments, in the middle - the small opening closed by a grid on edge of a parachute - handles to keep. Let out parachutes of different diameter - from three to seven meters. The choice of a parachute depends on the room size where you usually play, and also from quantity and age of children. or on the beach it is good to p to play

On a lawn with a big seven-meter parachute. The small three-meter parachute can be bought for games indoors, and four - five-meter are suitable both for the house, and for the street, for the companies of the average size. There are parachutes from 600 to 3000 rubles.

of Game of young parachutists

Went, went...

Resembles for kids of 6 months, but most of all it will be pleasant to the peanuts who learned to stand on the own two feet. Put the child on the put parachute, undertake the center of a parachute and pull it as on the sledge. The child`s task - to keep balance. Will be suitable for this purpose pass - a parachute, a parachute of small diameter. It is good if the second adult helps to insure the kid behind that he did not hit. Ability to hold balance very much is useful to the kid in life.

the Loaf - a loaf

With a parachute can drive round dances around the kid, on his birthday, for example. Put the child in the center, lift a parachute highly - highly, lower on the head. Most likely, the baby it will be ridiculous. If he is frightened, postpone game for a while, let will grow. It is possible to go around the kid and to sing: “As on Mishino the birth we baked a loaf, here such height (you lift a parachute), here such nizhina (you lower a parachute) etc. One more remarkable round:“ Be inflated a bubble, be inflated big and do not burst“. When I eat this song, we disperse from the center as though we inflate a big bubble.

the Rainbow - the arch

is the best of all to teach the two-year-old to distinguish basic colors in game! Put a parachute on a floor, you go together around and call every color: yellow, red, blue, green. Ask the child to get up on red, to jump on yellow, to reach a hand green.

of Op - la!


For this game to you needs a parachute and a beach ball. Put a big inflatable ball in the center of a parachute. Let the kid will undertake one end of the parachute enclosed several times, and you - another. It is excellent game on coordination, you have to act synchronously.

Trade places

This game is suitable for children of 7 years. They stand in a circle, hold parachute handles. At first counting rhyme: on the first, second, third etc. pay off! Then you lift a parachute over the heads of children and cry out number 4 and 6, for example. Boys and girls with such numbers have to exchange with each other under a parachute and so that not to be knocked by the head. The trick is that it is necessary to make it until the parachute does not fall by the earth.


Undertake parachute handles all together. Lift it sinkhonno, now lower, try to walk around. Now try to move so hands that “to lift waves“. As soon as you learned to do it, it is possible to throw a ball in the center of a parachute and to play volleyball by means of a parachute.

the Hide-and-seek

All hold a parachute, close eyes and one jumps down team of the leader (make it imperceptibly). When all open eyes, it is necessary to guess most quicker who hid under a parachute.

Take the place

It is game like a musical chair. Put a parachute on a floor. Now let everyone will get up on the sector, turn on the music, let children run round. Now clean one sector (put it under others), let children run round again while music plays. And as soon as it will stop, it is necessary to take any empty seat. Who lacked the place - leaves game.

Whose boot?

Pay off on “the first - the second“. Now let the first numbers will take off the boot and will throw it under a parachute. The parachute rises by the account of times, it is necessary to find the boot. It falls again, two - rises by the account, and falls again, on three - the last attempt to find the lost boot.


All sit on the earth, legs under a parachute. A parachute at the level of a breast. One of children creeps under a parachute - it a shark. Its task - to choose the victim and to pull it for legs under a parachute. So in game there are two sharks. They hunt remained. Very suitable game for “Halloween“.